What is consistency in a relationship

The Only Love Advice You Need: "Be Consistent!"

what is consistency in a relationship

Everything is fresh and nothing is predictable. That's dating. Dating is the thrill of the hunt. But once in a relationship, consistency is crucial for. Consistency of others in our personal relationships matters because understanding and predicting their behavior is important to the extent that. Consistency is crucial. Think how animals are compared to man. They are consistent and have been that way since the beginning of time. Man is so inconsistent.

It will also give you a better understanding of your relationship and why things are the way that they are. Here are the 11 traits of a guy who is inconsistent in a relationship: He will always make sure that things will always get off on a good start.

He will get you to trust him at first.

what is consistency in a relationship

He is a master at strong starts in relationships. He will be able to establish a kind of palpable spark and chemistry with you that will make him seemingly irresistible. He will shower you with an endless supply of compliments. He will do this by delivering an endless supply of compliments your way and you will eat them up because he is so good at being believable. He will lead you to believe that he is a very busy man.

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He will lay the groundwork for all of his disappearances and inconsistencies by leading you to believe that he is a busy man. He will drop subtle hints that he always finds himself having to really manage his time effectively because he has so many things on his plate. He will want to take full control of all conversations that you have.

He will not want you to get a word in. He will be showing signs of selfishness and egotistical behavior by trying to make every single conversation that you have about himself. He will rarely ever show up in the times when you need him the most.

He will never want you to feel like he is wholly invested in you to the point where he would come running whenever you call.

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He would never want you to believe that you can fully rely on him. He will make you feel like he trusts you by asking for your advice and opinions.

I appreciated that he noticed which flowers that I liked the best and made sure that the next bouquet included my favorites.

what is consistency in a relationship

I smiled whenever I looked at them. I liked him for many reasons, but the flowers were the icing on the cake. A few months into the relationship, I realized that I hadn't received flowers in a long time. The last bunch I remembered had long since been dried and used as potpourri. Granted, once a week was a bit excessive, but he started it, and I missed the feeling of receiving them.

I casually brought it up one day and he laughed and told me that he brought me flowers in the beginning because he was wooing me.

Once we'd been dating for a while, he didn't feel the need to woo me any longer. One of the things that I really liked about him was his tendency toward thoughtful acts of kindness. As it turned out, his act of kindness was merely an act to get in my pants.

what is consistency in a relationship

Keep in mind that relationships are intricate, and actions always cause reactions. If we stop doing the things that our boyfriends or husbands appreciated or relied on, we should expect a negative reaction.

All I Really Want From You Is Your Consistency

Ladies, we also need to be on our game. For example, in the beginning of your relationship you might have hooked him by cooking special meals on Sundays and giving him regular backrubs.

He thinks he's hit the jackpot. A woman who's attractive and whose company he enjoys, also enjoys pampering him? Fast forward six months. You no longer have time for massages or cooking, and you can't understand why his behavior has also changed.

what is consistency in a relationship

He no longer does those cute, thoughtful things that you loved in the beginning. He pays less attention to you. Pretty soon, neither of you are getting what you want and the relationship is in jeopardy. You might look back on your fallen relationship and wonder what happened.

11 Traits Of A Guy Who Is Inconsistent In A Relationship

Here are a few key tips to ensure consistency in your relationship: Don't start behavior patterns that you can't maintain. If you can't keep it up, don't set the expectation.

what is consistency in a relationship

Don't pretend to love anything that falls outside of the realm of your natural behavior.