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usa powerlifting meet results track

We strive for excellence in results and personal conduct, both as individuals and . If the lifter is eligible to compete as a collegiate lifter in the USAPL, the meet must . Track training log completion and communicate incomplete logs to lifters . Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: . The IPF rules system did not exist yet, nor had world records been established. . For example, in ADFPA/USAPL competition, the "press" command on the bench press was used, not used, and then figure · short track · speed. NOTE: These are the National Meet Results received them from the meet director (s). If you have questions about the Results or do not see a particular meet.

In the late s, because members of the ruling body BAWLA were only interested in the development of Olympic lifting, a breakaway organization called the Society of Amateur Weightlifters had been formed to cater for the interests of lifters who were not particularly interested in Olympic lifting.

Although at that time there were 42 recognized lifts, the "Strength Set" biceps curlbench press, and squat soon became the standard competition lifts, and both organizations held Championships on these lifts as well as on the Olympic lifts until Inthe Society of Amateur Weightlifters rejoined BAWLA and, in order to fall into line with the American lifts, the biceps curl was dropped and replaced with the deadlift.

The first British Championship was held in During the late s and at the beginning of the s, various friendly international contests were held. At the same time, in early November of each year and to commemorate Hoffman's birthday, a prestigious lifting contest was held. Init was decided to make this event the "World Weightlifting Championships". The event was held on the morning of November 6,in York, Pennsylvania. There was no such thing as teams and thus the event consisted of a large group of American lifters, four British lifters, and one lifter from the West Indies.

All of the referees were American. Weights were in pounds. Lifting order was "rising bar", and the first lift was the bench press. There was no such thing as a bench shirt or squat suit, and various interpretations were held regarding the use and length of knee wraps and weightlifting belts.

usa powerlifting meet results track

The IPF rules system did not exist yet, nor had world records been established. Because of the lack of formalized rules, some disputes occurred. With 67 lifters in all, the other 47 were Americans. Lifts were still measured in pounds, the bench press was the first lift, and there were still no suits, power belts, or fancy wraps. Mike Shaw 'lost' his world title, won the previous year, to American Jack Keammerer. IPF and after[ edit ] The International Powerlifting Federation was formed immediately after the contest, and so none of the lifts could be yet registered as official world records.

The Worlds was also held in York.

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This time there were only 47 entrants: With 74 entrants, this was the largest Worlds so far. Inthe World Championships was held outside America for the first time, at the town hall in Birminghamhosted by Vic Mercer. Unusually for a competition, the super-heavyweights lifted first. This was because the television company filming the event was only interested in filming the "big guys".

Hoffman sent over tons of equipment for this contest and did not take it back, and local legend says it is all still being used in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands region. Since it was closely associated with bodybuilding and women had been competing as bodybuilders for years, the new sport was opened to them very quickly. As a result, the AAU lost control of virtually every amateur sport. Soon, controversy over drug testing would cause powerlifting to splinter into multiple federations.

Indrug testing was introduced to the IPF men's international championship, although the USPF championships that year did not have drug testing. Weight belts and knee wraps originally simple Ace bandages predated powerlifting, but in John Inzer invented the first piece of equipment distinct to powerlifters—the bench shirt. Other inventions included specialized squat bars and deadlift bars, moving away from the IPF standard of using the same bar for all three lifts.

The rules of powerlifting have also evolved and differentiated. Many communities and federations do not class the sumo variation as a technical deadlift.

usa powerlifting meet results track

Straps are also used, as help with deadlift in case of a weak grip but are not allowed by any federations in official competitions. Belt is the only supportive equipment that is allowed by all federations in raw competition. The use of supportive equipment distinguishes 'equipped' and 'un-equipped' or 'raw' divisions in the sport, and 'equipped' and 'unequipped' records in the competition lifts.

The wide differences between equipped and unequipped records in the squat and bench suggest that supportive equipment confers a substantial advantage to lifters in these disciplines. Supportive equipment should not be confused with the equipment on which the lifts are performed, such as a bench press bench, conventional or monolift stand for squat or the barbell and discs; nor with personal accessories such as a weightlifting belt that may allow greater weight to be lifted, but by mechanisms other than storing elastic energy.

Principles of operation[ edit ] Supportive equipment is used to increase the weight lifted in powerlifting exercises. This garment deforms during the downward portion of a bench press or squator the descent to the bar in the deadliftstoring elastic potential energy. Squat suits may be made of varying types of polyesteror of canvas.

The latter fabric is less elastic, and therefore considered to provide greater 'stopping power' at the bottom of the movement but less assistance with the ascent.


Knee wraps are made of varying combinations of cotton and elastic. A squat or deadlift suit may be constructed for a wide or a narrow stance; and a bench shirt may be constructed with 'straight' sleeves perpendicular to the trunk of the lifter or sleeves that are angled towards the abdomen.

The back of the bench shirt may be closed or open, and the back panel may or may not be of the same material as the front of the shirt. Similarly, 'hybrid' squat suits can include panels made from canvas and polyester, in an effort to combine the strengths of each material. When two or more panels overlay one another in a piece of supportive equipment, that equipment is described as 'multi-ply', in contrast to 'single-ply' equipment made of one layer of material throughout.

But at the heart of it all, he simply loved everything powerlifting.

usa powerlifting meet results track

He was a high-level competitor, having competed locally, nationally, and internationally. He lifted geared and raw and set many state records over the years. My relationship with Brad was different than most. I was not part of the old gang who trained and competed together in the Twin Cities since the 90s. Strong bonds were formed within that core group who stuck with the sport even during its lean times.

I was a bit of an outsider in the sense that I moved to Minnesota as an adult and I just started showing up at meets one day seeking ways to become more involved after some injuries put competing on hold. Those who have been around for a while know that Brad and I did not always see eye-to-eye on things.

As the state chair, it was my job to enforce the rules — even the ones I did not agree with and there are several. Brad always fought for the lifter and shined a spotlight on what he perceived to be wrong or flawed with the rules or system.

Those who knew Brad know he never backed down and always stood up for what he believed was right either for an individual lifter or the organization or sport as a whole. He told you what he thought.

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He had little patience for organizational politics and the frustrations that result from such wrangling. I was often stuck in a difficult place between agreeing with what Brad was fighting for and knowing via my roles as state chair and executive committee member that there were circumstances that made it easier said than done.

Unfortunately, much of it was confidential information so I could not share with him the specific reasons that might have allowed him to better understand my positions or reasons for taking certain actions.

Despite the up and down relationship we had over the better part of 10 years, we always put aside personal differences to help each other run an event.

USAPL Raw Nationals Results

Just a couple of years ago, I was short a referee for Twin Ports Raw Open a few days before the meet. I asked Brad if he could help and he did so with almost no notice. This is just one of countless examples of how Brad always put the lifters and the sport first. If you were fortunate enough to get to know the man behind the online persona, you saw a truly sensitive and caring person.

We will probably never know exactly how much Brad put into the sport of powerlifting or how much he sacrificed or how much he suffered when his illness prevented him from being involved in what he loved so much.

usa powerlifting meet results track

What I do know is that I cannot think of anyone in Minnesota who has done as much which says a lot in a state that has a longer powerlifting history than many states. One of my greatest regrets is not powerlifting-related, surprisingly enough. Brad and I both shared an intense interest in science fiction, particularly Star Trek.

I regret that he and I were never able to sit down together, put aside powerlifting, and watch a few episodes of Star Trek.