Father son relationship in confucianism the problem

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father son relationship in confucianism the problem

Father to Son also known as filial piety. This relationship is by far the core of the five. This relationship is justified by the superior being taking. However, in his teachings, Confucius avoided spiritual issues. It is built on a relationship with a personal God who is involved in the world. described as the following: as a son, he is always loyal; as a father, he is just and kind; as an official. His book, Father and Son: a Contract, has been a major talking "Contracts can't solve the problems of real life," said a commentary in the Southern Daily. the value put on personal relationships, education for children and.

To Confucius, a good ruler is benevolent, and the ruler's subjects are loyal.

father son relationship in confucianism the problem

A father is loving to his son, and the son demonstrates reverence to his father. A husband should be good to his wife, and his wife should, in turn, be obedient.

Father's contract with son defies Confucius

An older sibling should be gentle to younger siblings, and younger siblings should be respectful of their older siblings. Finally two friends should be considerate and respectful of each other.

father son relationship in confucianism the problem

Based on these principles, Confucius believed it was possible to form an ideal relationship with everyone people encountered throughout their lives.

The fact that three of the five relationships are familial reiterates the key role that family plays in Confucianism. Confucius says that a father must display love and kindness toward his son, while the son should display obedience and reverence toward his father.

father son relationship in confucianism the problem

Confucius says that the husband in a marriage should behave righteously to merit humility and a respectful obedience from his wife.

An elder should show consideration toward those younger than him, while a youth must display deference toward those older than him. There are an estimated million people in China over the age of 60, or one in 10 of the population.

According to a recent projection, that could rise to million, or three in 10, by In China's cities, rising house prices mean the young rely heavily on the extended family to get a foot on the property ladder. They also use all-important "family connections" to get a job.

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Mr Hao's son, Hao Ding, 30, had certainly seen things that way. He put on a long face and there was something of a cold war between us for about six months. When he was young he was an introverted kid.

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Now he's more confident and independent. That's why China has so many families with several generations living together, and what the elderly in the West most envy about China. His son said the contract had been tough at first. His girlfriend left him after her parents learned of it and said she could not possibly marry into such a family.

father son relationship in confucianism the problem

But he agreed he was now more independent-minded than his peers. Would he impose such a contract on his own child, though?

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