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Mayor of Liverpool - Wikipedia, Saturday 14 April BST. Kenny Dalglish and David Moyes The two teams first met at this stage in March Everton 2–0 Liverpool. Tom Watson's . The Hillsborough Justice Campaign needs you, whoever you support. Perhaps he should swap places with the big lad up front ? 17 min. Directors' Meeting with Liverpool City Region MPs. Wed 14 March believe his voting history on matters such as access to justice could mean that parts of the legal years, and was appointed as a Deputy District Judge in at the age of 32, one of the .. software swap project necessitates watching. Community Parades/ Marches in Liverpool during Liverpool: religion, or their determination to decouple religious affiliation from voting, or, to signs of allegiance were met with similar disdain by Protestant Liverpudlians. Andy Burnham MP also commented on the swap over of footballing phraseology with.

Johnson slides a pass down the inside-right channel for Carroll, who bombs into the box, checks, and rolls a pass back to the edge of the area for Spearing. The midfielder has never scored for Liverpool, and by God it shows as he opens his body and sidefoots an awful effort miles over the bar.

A promising start for Liverpool, though. Everton haven't quite settled yet, but suddenly they string a few passes together. Jelavic twists down the inside-left channel, is checked by Gerrard, and then clattered by Agger, who is very lucky to escape a yellow card. That was pretty agricultural. This is a free kick, just to the left of the D, 25 yards out. Baines looks to curl the set piece into the top-left corner.

It's a good effort, but not a brilliant one, and curls just over the bar. Jones - who looked very nervous against Blackburn Rovers on Tuesday night, despite saving a penalty with his first touch - had that covered, though. Liverpool come back at Everton, stringing a few passes together in the opposition half. Carroll looks to bustle across the face of the box, from left to right, but can't get a shot away before losing control. Neither side appears to be enjoying the sensation of calmness.

No real shape to the game yet. So with little to report, here's Scott Reid on the demise of the rattle: It's time for rattles to come back. Julie Holter or Joanna Newsom could wave one about about at gigs.

Rattles, small children in flat caps eating their packed lunch, small children in flat caps smoking 20 untipped cheroots before the kick-off. Let's draw the line at a return for rickets, even if it means it'll be a wee bit less verisimilitudinous. This game really is a shapeless mess at present. Evertonian celebrities in the stand: And we can do without the bloody piped musak too. Also, when Howard Webb does his sprinting-to-the-scene-of-the-foul routine. No, really, I am Suarez has been quiet so far, but now he rolls Distin down the inside-right channel, and is upended by a clumsy leg.

He bought that brilliantly, a no-lose situation; if he wasn't fouled, he'd have been running into the box with the ball at his feet. This is a free kick in a dangerous situation, on the edge of the area, by the right-hand corner. Agger witlessly slaps it straight into the wall, but the ball comes back to Gerrard, who curls in a cross. The ball ends at the feet of Skrtel, who scored at Wembley in the Carling Cup final of course.

No such heroics this time, though his low shot towards the bottom right is decent. Howard is behind it all the way. Skrtel started his career as a striker, incidentally. Perhaps he should swap places with the big lad up front? Osman scuttles and harries down the inside-left, and forces a corner.

Gueye sends the set piece in. Distin goes up for a header, six yards out. He misses, and clatters into Carragher.

Liverpool v Everton - as it happened

Not much in that. Everton aren't happy, as the ball had landed at the feet of Jelavic, free ten yards out, just to the right of goal. Brilliant one-two between Neville and Osman down the right.

Neville's released into space in the box, but he doesn't have the confidence to take a first time shot. After painstakingly lining himself up, his eventual effort is blocked, though it deflects into the centre for Jelavic, who scissor kicks goalwards with his back to goal.

Great effort, but no pace, and Jones is behind it to claim. Meantime here's our old pal Ryan Dunne, fan of erstwhile football concern Rangers: Suarez is on the shoulder of Heitinga, who doesn't look comfortable with the arrangement.

The striker rolls away down the inside-left channel after a long ball, but is flagged offside. I'm baffled, I really am. This is ridiculous defending by Liverpool, and brilliant finishing by Jelavic.

A ball down the middle, for Carragher to deal with. The defender - who is over, let's face it - doesn't bother. After dithering and dallying, Agger holding his arms open to show him a route out, he eventually hoofs a hopeless clearance straight at Cahill.

The ball breaks to Jelavic, on the spot, and the striker strokes a clean finish into the bottom-right corner. Wembley erupts, half in celebration, half in spluttering disbelief. Liverpool up their game with immediate effect. Gerrard slides a ball down the left for Downing, who whips a decent ball across the area. Carroll can't get in front of his man to meet it with his head. Suarez, on the far post, isn't in a position to meet the ball.

A bit of space down the right for Suarez. He zips down the wing and slides a low cross into the centre. Gerrard is busting a lung to get on the end of it, but Neville has a yard on him, and clears brilliantly.

Liverpool have raised the temperature since conceding, but Everton are looking comfortable enough. A replay of the goal, and you can argue that, when the ball rebounds off Cahill, Jelavic's kneecap is about 0. But there's no way the linesman should be raising his flag at that, giving the advantage instead to the attacker.

You may hear Liverpool complaining about it, you may not.

Liverpool City Council election - Wikipedia

It'd be a real exercise in straw-clutching if they did so, though. Osman drifts in from the right, exchanges passes with Cahill on the edge of the area, and cocks his leg to shoot.

Henderson tracks back to nip past his shoulder and make off with the ball. Brilliant defensive midfield work. But Liverpool are leaving a lot of space on the edge of their area for Everton to exploit. Carragher, a great meat-and-spuds defender in his day, has gone, I'm afraid. Downing goes on a sortie down the left, only to leave the ball behind. He goes back for it, and eventually wins a corner. Downing takes it; cleared. Downing swings a cross in; claimed by Howard.

That's Stewart Downing in microcosm, right there: Gerrard takes a swipe from distance. It goes miles over the bar. In the build-up to that waste of time, Distin palms Suarez in the face. Howard Webb bounds over and waves a yellow card in the Everton defender's phizog. Downing takes a gander down the right this time, and whips a majestically hopeless ball through the Everton box and out of play on the right. There's a possibility that might have been a shot. Up the 4th Estate.

Agger hesitated too, for sure, but that mistake was all Carragher's own work. There's been clear evidence that the Liverpool vice-captain has been going downhill for a couple of years now. I'm very surprised he got the nod for this big game, except that I'm also not. Liverpool win a corner down the right. Some short passing from it. Jelavic, not for the first time in this game, holds the ball up in the pocket just in front of the Liverpool box, and the defenders in red can't get anywhere near it.

Skrtel clatters him from behind. Another free kick in a dangerous position, just to the left of the D, odd yards out. The very impressive Jelavic curls an effort just wide left. Jones appeared to have that covered. At least, that's how he's acting; that ball fizzed by pretty damn close to the post. Suarez and Heitinga keep clattering into each other. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other. This time, though, Suarez tries to scuttle past Heitinga like a mouse. He can't get past his man, so resorts to a rugby tackle.

Then he lost his man and wandered into Skrtel's zone. It's sad, but his legs have gone over the hill. And Dalglish should have known that when he wrote the team sheet. That's it for the half. Everton deserve that lead; they've looked more accomplished in attack, and more solid at the back.

As the teams depart Howard Webb stands between Suarez and Heitinga, who continue to bicker like bairns. Liverpool have an awful lot to think about at half time. Everton will be very pleased indeed. US politics can't always be as entertaining as this jingle. You've seen him touch his nipples in The Mighty Boosh. You've watched him rap with a baby in Snuff Box.

UK: Arrests made as EDL clash with antifascists in Liverpool

You've even observed him eat soup with his hands in Tiny Acts of Rebellion. Now witness him make sweet, massively violent love to the topic of politics. There are chairs there for most of the show.

You will love the drinks and smells that are piped in from down the street. No Danes on Thursdays. Liverpool get the second half underway. Will we see a repeat of the final, when Liverpool bounce back in the second half? Or the semi, when Liverpool lie down after making a show of themselves at the back? If that opening period is anything to go by, I suspect not. Liverpool come at Everton a couple of times down the right. Downing drops a shoulder and skates past Baines.

He loops a brilliant cross to the far post. Carroll, four yards from goal, simply has to head the ball into the net. Instead, he sends the header miles wide left. That was appalling, dismal, and not far short of disgraceful. He at least has the decency to bury his face into his shirt in shame. Everton haven't come out for the second half yet.

Spearing is this close to setting Suarez free down the inside-left channel, but the pass is a tad mistimed. Suarez rips down the left, but with only Carroll and Downing in the centre as options, decides to hold the ball up before attempting to do it all himself. Eventually Osman bundles him off it. I admire the anonymity.

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He's like an underground techno producer. I reckon you could - should - start a 'Magaye Gueye is a genius' bandwagon. As long as Everton continue to play well, and he keeps getting in the team, the argument will carry some water - at least for non-Everton season-ticket holders.

I'm no pro, but it seems that what's required is picking out one or two things he seems to do quite well, and then hype them to high heaven, in a manner, moreover, that suggests a certain esoteric edge to his tidy brilliance. I am not Magaye Gueye's agent. A couple of set pieces for Everton. First, a corner down the right, which is easily cleared, the ball not even beating the first man. Then a free kick from the left, clipped in diagonally by Jelavic. Jones should come and claim, but runs under the ball, forcing Agger to bundle it out on the right.

From the corner, the keeper reclaims some personal credit by punching clear. He's gone on two seasons too long. Jelavic runs straight at Skrtel, who is on the back foot and retreats towards his own area. Jelavic decides to take a whack from distance, and blooters a preposterous effort miles over the bar and to the right of the target. Liverpool's early burst in this half seems to have blown out.

A lot of aimless hoofing by both sides, neither of them going anywhere fast. Jones and Howard are both chasing after a lot of misplaced passes, taking turns to hoick the ball upfield. No drama, no fuss, etc.

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No, no, Liverpool insist on playing that great oaf-if someone doesn't put if someone doesn't put Carroll, Carragher and Agger for that vomit inducing haircut down soon I'm going to have to be physically restrained. Have you been turfed out? It's a tender moment. More hesitation at the back from Liverpool. Spearing should put his foot through the ball, but decides to turn himself into a Clodoaldo tribute act. Football David Bond It sounds far fetched doesn't it?

Except, until six weeks ago, it was one of the options being looked at by Liverpool's beleaguered owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. According to senior sources I have spoken to over the last day or so, Goldman Sachs held detailed discussions about fronting a refinancing of the club back at the end of February. A spokeswoman for the American banking giant denied they were ever considering a takeover bid and insisted the project never got to a "serious level", but banking sources have confirmed that Goldman Sachs held "exploratory discussions with a view to a possible investment" in Liverpool.

Talks were held over several weeks and two Goldman Sachs representatives even attended Liverpool's victory over Unirea in the Europa League on 18 February, although they did not sit in the directors' box. The bulk of the money for the takeover was to come from loans - either provided by Goldman Sachs directly or a syndicate of other banks - with a smaller percentage of the capital coming from at least two private overseas investors.

Goldman Sachs insist they did not instigate the idea and were responding to an interest from wealthy individuals they advise. Are Gillett and Hicks asking too much for Liverpool? Although the bank worked up what was described by one source as "a viable business model", which was primarily based on the vast increase in revenue associated with the move to a new purpose-built, 60,seater stadiumGoldman Sachs eventually decided to drop the plan.

There were concerns over the valuation of the club, which they believed to be too high, and the negative publicity attached to a deal involving one of English football's most revered institutions and a bank that has come to symbolise the worst excesses of the banking sector. You may wonder why anyone should be interested in a deal that didn't come off.