Relationship between kw kb kasuals

relationship between kw kb kasuals

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Relationship between Ka and Kb

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I thought at the time that radio was over. Click Radio Blog News at http: Click on the links page www. We can cancel those out too. Our only reactants would be two H2O.

relationship between kw kb kasuals

This reaction should sound familiar to you. This net reaction is the auto-ionization of water where one water molecule acts as an acid, one water molecule acts as a base. We get H3O plus and OH minus.

Relationship between Ka and Kb (video) | Khan Academy

The equilibrium constant for the auto-ionization of water you've already seen that Kw is equal to 1. We added these two reactions together and we got this for our net reaction. What would we do with Ka and Kb to get Kw? It turns out that you multiply them, Ka times Kb for a conjugate acid-base pair is equal to Kw. Let's do that math. Kb is equal to 1. We're going to multiply that by 1.

relationship between kw kb kasuals

This is equal to 1. When you add reactions together to get a net reaction you multiply the equilibrium constants to get the equilibrium constant for the net reaction which in this case is Kw for the auto-ionization of water. Let's go ahead and go in even more detail here. Ka, that's your products over your reactants. That'd be H3O plus, the concentration of H3O plus times the concentration of ammonia.

Let's go ahead and do that. The concentration of H3O plus times the concentration of ammonia, and that's all over the concentration of ammonium. This is all over the concentration of ammonium. This represents, let me go ahead and highlight this here.

Next let's think about Kb. Let's put this in parenthesis here. We have the concentration of ammonium, NH4 plus, times the concentration of OH minus. That's over the concentration of NH3. That's over the concentration of NH3 here.

What do we get? The ammonium would cancel out. Then the NH3 cancels out. We're left with H3O plus times OH minus which we know is equal to 1.

Conjugate Acids of Bases - Ka Kb and Kw

Just another way to think about this. This can be important, relating Ka and Kb to Kw. If you know one you can figure out the other. Let's think about a strong acid for a second here.

Let's think about HCl. The conjugate base to HCl would be Cl minus, the chloride anion here.

relationship between kw kb kasuals

Let's think about what this equation means. HCl is a strong acid which means a very high value for Ka. An extremely, extremely high value for Ka.

relationship between kw kb kasuals

What does that say about Kb for the conjugate base? The conjugate base here is the chloride anion. If Ka is very large then Kb must be very small for this to be equal to Kw. Kb is extremely small here, so a very small value for Kb. This mathematically describes what we talked about earlier the stronger the acid the weaker the conjugate base.

Conjugate Acids of Bases - Ka Kb and Kw - Chemistry LibreTexts

HCl is a very strong acid, so it has a very, very high value for Ka. And the conjugate base is the chloride anion, and it must have a very, very, very low value for Kb which means it's an extremely weak base. This is mathematically how to think about that relationship. Next let's look at a problem where we're calculating one of those values. Methylamine is a weak base, and the Kb for methylamine is 3. We're talking about a conjugate acid-base pair.

There's one proton difference between those. Therefore we can use our equation, Ka times Kb is equal to Kw.