Ramblers scotland facebook relationship

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ramblers scotland facebook relationship

This page contains frequently asked questions and their answers on GDPR - for our volunteers. Our group doesn't have a membership secretary – who is. Facebook Logo . The Scottish Ramblers extended an invitation to the Steering Group relationship between the group and SPRF (Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum) would be further developed through membership of SPRF. Walking group who meet on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

For more details, please see section 5. Yes, but please make sure you have their consent, and always ensure you have clear information about how to opt-out. Our group uses an external printer to print our programmes — can we send them the addresses of our members? Yes, this is a legitimate use of member data and covered by our privacy policy.

Please get in touch with the Ramblers data protection officer dataprotectionofficer ramblers.

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Yes, please take this opportunity to collect and record that you have consent of your walk leaders to publish their contact details. When non-members come on walks, we ask for their contact details so we can get in touch.

Can we do this? So if you do this, please ensure you are very clear about why you are collecting their data, how it will be used and record their consent. Remember, walk registers with personal data on them should not be held indefinitely but destroyed within one month.

Can personal data be shared with other organisations?

GDPR: Volunteer FAQs

Personal data cannot be shared with other organisations. If there is a situation where you may need to do this, please get in touch with the data protection officer d ataprotectionofficer ramblers. The only exception is if you are organising a holiday booking on behalf of the group or area. If you collect any personal data from individuals that will be shared with a third party eg.

The travel company or hotelyou must explain to the individuals how their data will be used, and obtain consent in writing.

GDPR An overview - Ramblers

If possible, always encourage individuals to give their personal details directly to the third party. Particular care must be taken if you collect passport numbers. Please note, there are specific rules about how data can be transferred to organisations outside the EU. What if I am using data that is already in the public domain? The GDPR still applies to data in the public domain.

Therefore if you collect personal data from the public domain, and store or process it in anyway, it counts as data processing. For example, if you compile a list of landowners based on public records and keep this year after year, it needs to be processed in accordance with the GDPR. This policy outlines how and why we collect and use personal data.

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We want to ensure you are informed and in control of your data. If you have any questions about this policy or how we use your personal data, please contact us by email at dataprotectionofficer ramblers. This includes information you give us when you join as a member, join us on a walk, take action to support our work or become a volunteer.

We collect personal details name, address, date of birth, email address, telephone etc when you join the Ramblers as a member.

ramblers scotland facebook relationship

We collect financial information payment information, gift aid eligibility etc when you make a donation to an appeal or become a member. We collect information about your interests and preferences, such as which campaigns you support, where you like to walk and how you would like us to contact you.

If you purchase a Ramblers gift membership for someone else, your details will also be recorded. How we use your information When we collect your data, we will ask for your consent to use it in different ways. We will only use your personal data in ways you have given us permission to do so.

We may also use your data in order to: There may be occasions where we want to contact you about something that you have not explicitly signed up for.

We will only do this if you have given your consent for us to contact you about similar activities, or if the communication is for a closely related purpose.

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For example, if you sign up to be a member of the Ramblers, we may want to let you know about other opportunities to get involved in your local area.

Membership data When you become a member, we will hold personal information about you to help administer your membership for example, your name, address, email address, date of birth, payment and gift aid details. Your contact details name and address will be shared with local group membership secretaries and other identified volunteers in your local group and areas.

This enables local volunteers to let you know about group walks and other local activities related to your Ramblers membership, to help you make the most of your membership. Our Ramblers volunteers, including your local membership secretary — abide by the Ramblers privacy and data-protection policies and your information will be treated confidentially.

Walking for Health data If you participate in the Walking for Health scheme your personal data will be shared with scheme co-ordinators to manage participation in local walks. Any reporting of data will be anonymised and treated confidentially. Administration We collect and use personal data for administrative purposes in order to help us carry out our charity work.

ramblers scotland facebook relationship

Sometimes we will need to contact you, regardless of any contact preferences you may have specified. This will only ever be for essential communications in order to fulfil our promises to you as a member, walker, volunteer or buyer of goods or services from the Ramblers. Your membership renewal reminder Your quarterly membership magazine.

Please be aware that the magazine includes advertisements, competitions and fundraising information.

Your local group and area AGM notices If you are registered as a Ramblers volunteer you will also receive regular volunteer updates about our work in relation to your role as a volunteer. We may share personal data with suppliers who provide us with services. However, these activities will be carried out under a contract which imposes strict requirements on our supplier to keep your information confidential and secure.

Marketing including fundraising We use personal data to communicate with you to promote the work we do as a charity.

ramblers scotland facebook relationship

This includes keeping you up to date with our news, campaigns, events and fundraising activities. As a charity, we rely on donations and support to continue our work. From time to time, we will contact members and supporters to let them know about our fundraising campaigns.