Ptgui hdr ghosting in a relationship

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ptgui hdr ghosting in a relationship

Hi I will photograph a mirror ball, then use it for a HDR lighting. lense distortion is extreme) and deal with ghosting if people or things are moving between your shots. and PTGui (normal, not pro version) It gives you a better idea of the camera-to-lights relationship of that particular shot, something that. My first idea was to eliminate them using the masking tool in PTGui Pro but that didnt work: the red hiding mask left a black hole. What is HDR? An important limitation in photography is dynamic range: on a sunny day, the contrast between objects in the shadow and sunlit objects is often .

Control points are only used by the optimizer to determine the best image parameters. The stitcher only uses the optimized image parameters and ignores the control points. Therefore it's sufficient to apply the template which copies the image parameters and proceed straight to Create Panorama without running the optimizer. What kind of computer hardware do you recommend for use with PTGui? PTGui does not require any special hardware, even for stitching large panoramas.

But if you're looking for high performance we recommend a PC with the following specifications: RAM is relatively cheap these days and data in RAM can be accessed at least x faster than data stored on disk. Especially when stitching large gigapixel panoramas, using an SSD for temporary storage will give a huge reduction in stitching time.

PTGui is multi threaded so it will run faster on processors having more cores. Currently, the following metadata is copied to the generated panorama: Original date and shooting date of the first image in the panorama Exposure data: Other EXIF data is currently not copied to the output file. Can I stitch images from a shift lens with PTGui? First of all, you don't need a shift lens if you have PTGui!

Shift lenses are often used for architectural photographs: Shift lenses compensate for this effect by shifting the optical axis of the lens relative to the center of the image plane.

The result is a photograph where parallel lines remain parallel. The same effect can be achieved in PTGui: Now drag the panorama upwards or downwards until parallel lines in the scene are parallel in the panorama. You may need to increase the vertical field of view using the slider to the right of the panorama.

If you do want to stitch images taken with a shift lens in PTGui, change the following parameters: Switch to Advanced mode by pressing the Advanced button in the side bar In the Lens Settings tab, select 'Individual Shift Parameters' for all images for which the lens was shifted Run the optimizer by pressing F5 Regardless whether a shift lens is used, or the panorama was shifted in the Panorama Editor, you will end up with some black space below or above the panorama.

This can be removed by dragging yellow crop lines from the edges of the panorama in the panorama editor. The process is shown in detail in part two of our Video Tutorial. Where does PTGui store its settings? The configuration file for PTGui is: When moving a PTGui installation to a different computer, it's sufficient to move only this folder to the new computer.

PTGui does not use the Windows registry. In particular for large panoramas, or on multi core computers, not the processor but the hard disk may be the speed limiting factor. Also, with a suitable graphics card much of the processing is offloaded to the GPU. If you are looking into increasing stitching speed, see Q3.

After optimizing, PTGui shows me the average control point distance. What distance should I aim for? The control point distance indicates how well a control point pair aligns in the panorama.

When the distance is zero, the two points of a control point pair overlap exactly. One should aim for the lowest control point distance possible, but the actual lowest distance that can be achieved depends on many factors. In general if your images were shot properly using a tripod with calibrated panorama head, a control point distance well below 5 should be achievable.

Most remaining misalignments can usually be masked by the blender. An average distance higher than 5 usually indicates a problem, see Q5.

ptgui hdr ghosting in a relationship

It's particularly important to look at 'outliers': Use the 'Delete worst control points' function in the Control Points menu to remove such outlying control points. By default this is enabled if the control point generator has not yet been run for the project. This allows you to quickly generate a panorama in batch: The batch stitcher generates control points and stitches the panorama in one go. After generating control points and aligning the images the batch stitcher overwrites the project file with the modified version.

Since the Batch Stitcher will modify the project file, problems could occur if the project would remain opened at the same time in the main PTGui Pro window: For this reason, PTGui Pro will close the project after sending it to the batch stitcher if the Batch Stitcher is configured to modify the project. This ensures that only one instance of the project is open. A warning message is shown before the project is closed but the warning is no longer shown if 'don't show this again' had been selected.

In previous version of PTGui, a temporary copy of the project would be sent to the batch stitcher. This creates a copy of the current state of the project in a temporary file, which is sent to the batch stitcher for stitching. When stitching has finished the temporary project file is deleted by the batch stitcher. PTGui asks me whether I would like to re-initialize the project.

What does this mean? If PTGui fails to properly align your images, the following question may appear: Possibly the current misalignment of the images causes the optimizer to get stuck. Re-initialization of the project may help in such a case. Would you like to re-initialize the project and try to optimize again? Then it will attempt to figure out the image positions from scratch and subsequently reoptimize the project. In particular in cases where the optimizer got stuck in a so-called local minimum such an initialization from scratch can be the solution.

This function can be triggered manually using the Initialize and Optimize in the Project menu. Can PTGui create those interactive photos where the camera is rotated around the object? These are commonly called 'Object Movies'; they cannot be created through stitching and therefore PTGui does not support this.

A software package for creating object movies is Object2VR. The batch stitcher of PTGui Pro can not only stitch projects, but it can also set up a new panorama project by generating control points, aligning the images, etc.

HDR Panoramas with PTGui Pro

It will do so if instructed by the 'Do Align Images and save the modified project' checkbox in the Project Settings tab. If the project or template is already set up completely and the panorama should only be stitched, make sure that the above checkbox is unchecked.

No, PTGui will load the raw files as they came straight from the camera, any modifications are ignored. In Photoshop RAW files can be edited, but the changes are written to a 'side car' file with the.

The settings in the side car file are specific to the algorithms used by Photoshop and cannot be used by other applications. Since RAW files typically only have 12 or 14 bits per channel, the full dynamic range will be preserved by the 16 bit TIFF file, so there is no loss of quality.

What can I do to reduce the stitching time PTGui on my system?

ptgui hdr ghosting in a relationship

The time required to stitch a panorama is influenced by many factors, such as the dimensions of the panorama, the computer hardware and by other applications running at the same time. Some general hints to improve the stitching performance: First of all, stitching time depends mostly on the output size of the panorama.

The size of the source images also has a slight influence. Render the panorama at a smaller size to reduce stitching time. For best performance convert your raw images to 16 bit TIFF format. Stitching to 16 bit output will generate twice as much data as when stitching to 8 bit output, and thus take longer. External blending plugins such as Smartblend may get slow for larger panoramas.

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Try the built in blender of PTGui instead. MB of RAM memory: PTGui will attempt to stitch the panorama in RAM as much as possible, but once the panorama is too large to fit entirely in RAM, temporary data will get written to disk.

ptgui hdr ghosting in a relationship

This setting determines the maximum amount of RAM that will be used. There is an optimum value: The operating system will start swapping applications to and from disk if the total needed amount of RAM exceeds the amount available. This can bring the entire computer to a crawl.

Ptgui hdr ghosting dating site

Therefore this setting should be chosen as high as possible, but such that no swapping occurs. Other memory intensive applications should be closed while PTGui is stitching.

Finding the optimum values for these settings is a matter of trial and error. But PTGui tells me it needs to optimize the panorama and this undoes my changes. Don't attempt to align images manually: Even if you would manage to accurately align an image to one neighbouring image, this would throw it out of alignment with its other neighbour images. Instead, let the PTGui optimizer do all the hard work through control points. Control points tell PTGui which points of two images should overlap.

By providing 3 or 4 control point for a pair of overlapping images, PTGui will know how they overlap and the optimizer will align the images with pixel accuracy. For more information watch our our Video Tutorial. Can PTGui stitch greyscale images? The steaming Vijay censors, his dancer hides around ptgui hdr ghosting dating site sliding faces.

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