Mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

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mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

When I try to use mkvmerge to add the wav, I get the error "file identification failed for ''. Return code: 2. Error: The demultiplexer. MKV files, try the MKVtoolnix package Most of OSX playback needs are well covered with Quicktime anyway .. Not sure is related with the soundcard drivers, I don't see any relation between the buffer and the video output. The quickest solution is a new video file in a format that's unlikely to fail. The analysis extracted a file that was identified as malicious "mkvtoolnix-gui. exe" claimed CRC while the actual is CRC

That's still only a "maybe". I'd like to, but it's mostly a question of lack of time. Instead of having to write-in the code?

mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

I don't have any such samples. I think it's a feature which is not used currently.

mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

It's probably for future use, I guess. It is universal, but will not work on OGMtools for Leopard http: Ritsuka Oh well, I did one too but forgot about it.

Hopefully Mosu could put it his site like the 2.

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SeeMoreDigital 17th September Hi Mosu, What I'm proposing is already possible. What I'm proposing is a "check-box" implementation. Ah, that's what you meant.

mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

Nope, sorry, I won't add an option for this. The reason is that in Matroska all information on every level should be the same. What I mean is: These two should always be the same -- otherwise how should a player decide which information to use? The container information obivously, but it's ambiuous.

mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

The --engage option is there for users who know what they're doing, but I don't want to make it too easy for unexperienced users to shoot themselves in their feet. I understand what you mean.

Personally, I've never really liked the idea of storing aspect ratio signalling at the container level ; Mosu 17th September Not with mkvmerge, no. And I won't add such an option, sorry. Mosu I have built a package of mkvtoolnix 2.

mkvmerge mac file identification failed relationship

Thanks a lot to the both of you. I'm hosting both of your pakages on my download page http: Mosu 19th September You should not attempt to read VC1 from AVIs yet as the timecodes will probably be wrong will be taken care of this weekend. What I haven't been able to test: The sample files that I have only have a 1: Timecodes for progressive material.

The samples I have all seem to be interlaced. The samples I have all use frame units start code 0x00 00 01 0d. None use field or slice units start codes 0x00 00 01 0c and 0x00 00 01 0b respectively.

I don't even know whether or not VC1 allows field or slice units at all or if this is just allowed in WMV9.

How to split an MKV

As you can see I definitely need more sample files: So if you'd like to upload a couple to my FTP server I'd be very grateful. Especially ones that cause any problem with mkvmerge. The samples should be "big enough"; unfortunately this often means a size of 50 MB or more. My FTP server can take it though, so don't be shy. Mosu 22nd January Maybe it's only wxWidget's tooltip implementation, I'm not sure.

I'll fix this, though. Adding all these similar files to the job queue is very tedious and error prone, and I had an idea for simplifying this process, a kind of "quick batch" mode.

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The way it is now, each queued file must be configured one at a time, for enabled and disabled tracks, and their attributes, like language, default flags, framerates, aspect, etc. After configuring and adding the first file to the job queue, mmg would be able to automatically re-use that configuration for all other files added to the job queue.

Of course this assumes that all files added will have the same or similarly structured files. This might also assume, when adding in streams, that a certain file naming method is used, so that those stream files could automatically be included.

Near the existing Add button, perhaps there could be a "Batch Add" button or similar, which would add the next file or an entire folder of files? This would be a huge time saver, and would also keep you from making forgetful mistakes when creating batch jobs.

Chumbo 26th January Just copy the command line to the clipboard from the UI, paste it into a command file and use the dos-based for command to process each file by feeding it to the for loop. Below is an example of a batch file I used just today to mux a bunch of episodes from elementry streams to MKV.

The idea of simplicity for me is to keep all the configurations happening in the gui, without having to go back and forth to command prompts or such all the time. I appreciate being hands-on, but computers can handle this type of automation so much quicker and easier than doing it manually.

Oh, and you kinda emphasized my point: Mosu 26th January I've answered as to why I won't implement such a thing a couple of times before. The run-down is that in order to make such a thing really useful to a lot of people instead of only a handfew or even only one: I don't have that kind of time, nor do I have the motivation to do that as there are several scripting languages shells like bash, zsh, maybe even the Windows Power Shell; scripting languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, Lua available on all platforms for power users like yourself that are way more flexible and not that hard to learn.

It is much more convenient in my eyes at least than having to load hundreds of files in a oh so powerfull batch processor. It should be runnable in Cygwin under Windows, but I did not try to set it up. The dependencies are named in the script though, if someone wants to try getting it to run.