Define consultative relationship

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define consultative relationship

What is a consultative sale? Relationship Selling: Definition, Process & Techniques Traditional Methods: Definition and Purpose. What Is. Consultative selling is a philosophy rooted in the fiduciary relationship But one defining characteristic of a good consultative seller is authenticity, a fact which. Developing Relationship Loyalty. Relationship loyalty can be defined as the client's perception that it is in their best interest to continue buying from the supplier.

Ask Think of your product or service as puzzle pieces. Every piece is accounted for and if put together correctly, they will form a complete image — a complete solution.

But the buyer does, and for you to understand how all the pieces fit together, the buyer needs to show it to you. And they will, bit by bit, if you ask the right questions. Asking may sound simple, but the simplest things are often the hardest to get right.

define consultative relationship

This is because the first instinct of many salespeople is to come charging out of the gate with an armful of talking points. To build a real relationship, one that will eventually reveal the image atop the puzzle box, restrain that instinct. Then start asking specific questions. Begin the conversation with a basic question, such as: Can you walk me through your backup process? Then use their answer to drill into more detail.

Do you backup daily? How much time do you spend on daily backups? Are your backups completing properly? Have you ever lost any data? Did you lose business? By starting basic and drilling into specifics, you can begin to frame your questions around what your solution does differently.

define consultative relationship

An active listener can read the subtext of the conversation. They can pick up verbal and nonverbal cues to flesh out their understanding.

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A large component of active listening is knowing when not to talk. But the majority of that conversation should be spent actively listening, not talking. Leave the talking to the buyer. To graduate from traditional listening to active listening, consider these tips and techniques: Do they value low cost over high quality, or vice versa?

If you practice active listening, you will have learned much, but said little.

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The financial security of this woman and her family mattered to him. While standing up and shouting your why to a buyer is certainly not recommended, you should communicate your why nonetheless.

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This requires a softer touch. In short, be authentic. No one wants to do business with a two-dimensional salesbot.

consultative selling

They want to do business with a real person. I truly believe it, and those that believe what I believe are the ones I want to connect with.

The buyer may need to bring your solution to his or her team for input. They may need to have a conversation with their CEO to determine if your solution is in line with their business strategy. This can take time; so part of following through involves helping the buyer work out the finer points.

define consultative relationship

Once he has an answer - they are looking for a small car, for example - he shows them the car selection area and tells them to take a look. Once they show interest in a vehicle, he starts using his closing skills to try to finalize the deal. His goal is to finish the sale and have the customers on their way quickly. Joe takes a different the consultative selling approach when customers enter the dealership. When a customer tells him what he or she is looking for, he asks why the customer is interested in the type of vehicle described.

Once the customer explains his or her needs, he might walk the customer over to the car selection area, and then take the customer directly to two vehicles that would meet those needs and explain why he suggests those vehicles. He might also suggest that a light truck would better meet the use the customer described.

He might see if the customer would also like to look at a truck while at the dealership. His goal is to locate a product that best meets the customer's needs and have him or her happy with the purchase when the customer leaves the dealership. As you can see in these examples, both methods of selling can result in purchases by customers. In the transactional model, the salesperson tries to finalize the deal as quickly as possible so he can then focus on the next customer.

In the consultative model, the salesperson tries to identify the underlying reasons the customer has come in in the first place and suggests specific purchases that would meet those needs. Although we've given an example of two salespeople at the same dealership, the product often has an impact on the type of selling methods used.