Cambodia relationship with australia

Australia-Cambodia relationship

cambodia relationship with australia

However, there are some constraints and challenges diplomatically for Cambodia-Australia bilateral relations. Politically, there is a perception. Valuable information and advice on doing business in Cambodia. Australia and Cambodia enjoy a close relationship and there are many opportunities in. "What is extremely problematic with Australia's blossoming relationship with Cambodia is that the Federal Government has dropped any.

Doing business with Australia

If not, utilise an interpreter to ensure a smooth meeting and follow-up. While the Khmer language is not easy, Cambodians will sincerely appreciate any efforts to learn their language.

Basic greetings or several words in Khmer, even if mispronounced, will act as a good icebreaker in business dealings and show that you are keen to understand an integral part of Cambodian culture. Cambodian businessmen can be addressed with 'Mr' and their first name, or for women, 'Madam'. High level government officials usually have the title 'Your Excellency'. In Cambodia, social engagements such as eating or playing golf are useful to create a level of mutual trust and understanding between business partners.

Foreign businesses who have been successful in Cambodia have taken considerable time to build the necessary business and government contacts to operate successfully. Face-to-face contact is very important in initial dealings with Cambodians as is a capacity to understand a very different set of viewpoints.

Cambodia country brief - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Foreigners should take care to avoid a confrontational or aggressive style in their business meetings. Cambodians are generally not direct or forthright in their dealings and take to subtle, rather than blunt, messages. Cambodians will often say yes to direct questions, but this may only mean that they hear and understand you, but nothing more. It is very important to determine at the outset in any business dealings the hierarchy and seniority of whom you are dealing with, and those responsible for decision-making.

Australia maintains an Australian Federal Police liaison office in Phnom Penh to encourage and assist Cambodian law enforcement agencies to deal with transnational crime. Australia has a defence cooperation program with Cambodia that focuses on professionalisation of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

cambodia relationship with australia

Further information on the bilateral relationship is available on the Australian Embassy in Cambodia's website. Country overview Political context Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the King from the representatives of the party holding the majority of seats in the National Assembly.

cambodia relationship with australia

The Council of Ministers Cabinet is formed by members of the governing party. Cambodia has a bicameral parliament. The lower house, the National Assembly, is made up of members elected every five years from 25 provinces and municipalities. The Senate, which also has a five year term, is made up of 61 members: Cambodia's last national election was held on 29 July On 30 Julythe then Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, issued a media release on Cambodia's electoral processwhich followed a 12 November media release on the political situation in Cambodia.

There are periodic reports of human rights violations and political intimidation in Cambodia. The Australian Embassy closely monitors political developments and the human rights situation in Cambodia and raises issues of concern directly with the Cambodian Government.

Economic context The Cambodian economy is growing rapidly, driven by garment manufacturing, tourism, and construction. Cambodia's economy recovered strongly from the global economic downturn and Cambodia reached lower-middle income status inaccording to the World Bank.

Cambodia's GDP growth for is estimated at approximately 6. Cambodia joined the WTO in and has a relatively open trading regime. Trade and investment relationship Cambodia's relatively stable, high-growth path is supported by encouraging demographic trends, improving education levels, and a growing middle-class. Australia is well-placed to meet demand for education services, financial and professional services, and agricultural produce.

Chinese-Cambodian-Australian Identity

The country fact sheet on Cambodia contains details about Australia's trade and investment relationship with Cambodia. Australia and Cambodia are also negotiating parties to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement.

Export markets - Cambodia

As a least developed country, Cambodia's products are granted tariff-free access to Australia. Cambodia and Australia have a bilateral market access agreement which was concluded as part of Cambodia's accession to the WTO in October Demand for quality education is increasing in Cambodia even though the education market is relatively small.

Around 60 per cent of the population is under the age of 30, enrolment rates in school are improving and there is a growing middle class able to afford private education. Australia is well positioned in this market and is the English language destination of choice for Cambodians looking to study abroad. Student numbers to Australia have grown rapidly over the past decade.

Australia–Cambodia relations

Inthere were over 1, Cambodian students studying in Australia, an increase of 21 per cent from the previous year. Two-way education ties are increasing.

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Inthere were 1, Cambodians at Australian institutions, which is a 28 per cent increase since in