Insecure relationship quotes

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insecure relationship quotes

quotes have been tagged as insecurity: Stephen Fry: 'It's not all bad. Heightened self-consciousness, apartness, an inability to join in, physical sh. 26 quotes have been tagged as insecure-women: Shannon Alder: 'I am convinced The more insecure you are about yourself or your relationship, the more. Discover ideas about Relationship Insecurity. Keep it Short Giraffe.: Sometimes I truly fear that I am losing my mind. And if I did it it would be like flying blind.

You need to understand that a good relationship is about sharing ideas and enjoyable moments with another, to help each other grow in healthy ways, both together socially and as individuals.

insecure relationship quotes

If someone really does treat you poorly or lies and cheats you out of something, feeling insecure is a natural and reasonable response. Stop trying to read minds. Most relationship problems and associated social anxieties start with bad communication, which in turn leads to attempted mind reading. This process of wondering and trying to guess what someone is thinking is a rapid route to feelings of insecurity and stress. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Give the people in your life the information they need, rather than expecting them to know the unknowable. When you stop trying to read their minds, you really begin to respect their right to privacy.

Everyone deserves the right to think private thoughts. Read Getting the Love You Want. Stop looking for perfect relationships. You will end up spending your entire life hopelessly seeking the right lover and the right friends if you expect them to be perfect. You yourself are imperfect in many ways, and you seek out relationships with people who are imperfect in complementary ways.

Stop judging current relationships based on past ones. Think about those times when you passed an unfair judgment on someone merely because they reminded you of someone from your past who treated you poorly.

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Sadly, some people pass judgments like these throughout the entire duration of their long-term relationships. Simply because they were once in a relationship with someone who was abusive, dishonest, or who left them, they respond defensively to everyone else who gets close to them, even though these new relationships have been nothing but kind and supportive. If you carry old bricks from the failed relationships of your past to your present relationships, you will build the same flawed structures that fell apart before.

So if you suspect that you have been making unfair comparisons between your present relationships and a negative one from the past, take a moment and consciously reflect on the hurtful qualities of this old, negative relationship, and then think of all the ways your present relationships differ.

This small exercise will help you let go of the old bricks and remind you that past pains are not indicative of present possibilities. Inventing problems in our mind and then believing them is a clear path to self-sabotage.

Too often we amuse ourselves with anxious predictions, deceive ourselves with negative thinking, and ultimately live in a state of hallucination about worst-case scenarios. We overlook everything but the plain, downright, simple, honest truth. When you invent problems in your relationships, your relationships ultimately suffer.

Insecurity is often the culprit. The insecure passenger does not trust anyone else to drive. They feel out of control. The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity. Power has to be insecure to be responsive. Don't let jealousy fool you. It's just another name for insecurity Anonymous That insecurity always comes out.

It makes them a better actor, I feel. Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of somebody else. Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity. Bigotry and judgment are the height of insecurity.

What you collect for your security makes you all the more insecure. Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure remember to whom you belong. Don't insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with Anonymous Too many people undervalue what they are, and overvalue what they're not.

I refuse to go weak and insecure. Even if you're unsure and insecure, don't show it Anonymous Her insecurities drown her; rip and tear her apart. It's all in her mind, if only she saw herself the way he does Anonymous A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows someone else can treat her better Anonymous I do not need your approval darling, that's for insecure people.

I don't let anyone's insecurities, emotions, or opinions bother me. I know that if I am happy, that's all that matters to me. Insecure people try to make you feel smaller. Confident people love to see you walk taller. Inside it drives me crazy, my insecurities could eat me alive.

Insecurity is your intuition telling you that something's not right.

Insecurity Quotes

Orlando Sponsored Links Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can't begin to explore your possibilities. I have insecurities, of course, but i don't hang out with anyone who points anyone who points them out to me.

You are good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, strong enough. Believe it and stop letting insecurity run your life. Jealousy isn't a female trait. Jealousy is an insecure trait. Insecurity doesn't discriminate Anonymous An insecure person is always chasing the spotlight.

insecure relationship quotes

A confident person is always being chased BY the spotlight Anonymous A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.