Hazara pashtun relationship quotes

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hazara pashtun relationship quotes

This quote was said by Amir when he explained his story about the man who himself that Hassan being a Hazara has no idea what he's talking about. But despite being a pashtun Amir's flaws in loyalty and acts of betrayal. KITE RUNNER Quotes "You should know something about me Hazara. his racism when speaking to Amir and Hassan (ironic because Assef is only 1/2 Pashtun) Ali to Baba showing how their relationship parallels that of their sons. In the end, I was a Pashtun and he was a Hazara, I was Sunni and he was Shi'a, and nothing To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up!.

The victims were detained four months before their execution by Taliban troops between January 5 and January 14, This started on January 8 and lasted for four days; it took the lives of men. Taliban apprehended about people, including employees of local humanitarian organizations.

hazara pashtun relationship quotes

They were grouped to various assemblage points where they were shot dead in public view. Around 73 women, children and elderly were taking shelter in a local mosque when Taliban fired rockets at the mosque.

The Taliban took responsibility for the attack. Their throats were cut with metal wire. July Kabul bombing On July 23, two Islamic State suicide bombers blow themselves during the peaceful protest 'Junbish Roshnaye' in Kabul killing and wounded over people.

The attack took place on the eve of Ashura, the Shia mourning day. ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack as well. These attacks show the growing threat of the IS to the Hazara people. Post-Taliban era[ edit ] There has been a significant improvement in the status and treatment of Hazaras in Afghanistan. The new Afghan constitution now recognizes them as one of the country's ethnic minorities, and they now have the full right to Afghan citizenship.

In Afghanistan's recent parliamentary election, Hazaras won around 25 per cent of the seats. Since ousting the Taliban in latebillions of dollars have been poured into Afghanistan for several large-scale reconstruction projects that took place from August For example, there have been more than kilometers of road pavement completed across Afghanistan, of which little was done in central Afghanistan Hazarajat.

On the other hand, the Band-e Amir in the Bamyan Province became the first national park of Afghanistan. The road from Kabul to Bamyan was also built, along with new police stations, government institutions, hospitals, and schools in the Bamyan Province, Daykundi Province, and others.

The first ski resort of Afghanistan was also established in the Bamyan Province. Recently the Taliban have declared it their duty to kill Hazaras. The Taliban are engaged in ethnic cleansing of the Hazara people. As a result, many Hazaras have left Afghanistan; north to Iran, east into Pakistan, or using people smugglers to Europe, America or Australia. It has been estimated that the Hazara population in Afghanistan has reduced from 20 per cent to less than 10 per cent over the past 15 years.

Allied forces have announced that they will withdraw from Afghanistan in It is a certainty that Taliban attacks on Hazaras will increase uncontrollably when that happens.

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It is equally tragic to see our national character being damaged by a Labor Government which does not have the political spine to tell it as it is: Australia receives very few refugees: As it happens, the last time we got as many as 20, boat people in a year was in the late s, when the Fraser Government received between 20, and 25, Indo-Chinese boat people each year for a few years.

Of course, these numbers need to be assessed against the vast size of our continent; against our permanent migration figures ofplus per year; and against our great wealth. When boat people survive the perils of the sea and arrive on our shores, the great question for Australia is: In the past decade or so, our answer to that question has been: This response has positioned us as selfish and cruel.

Despite its populist rhetoric about boat people, the Labor Government has found itself in a bind recently: Numbers of boat arrivals have not fallen; detention centres are full, and the present capacity of Manus Island and Nauru makes it impractical to send more boat people there. So a number have been released into the community on bridging visas. At present there are more boat people in the community on bridging visas than there are in detention.

Persecution of Hazara people

This has not caused society to break down; it has not resulted in any discernible problems. In this there may be a clue to a sensible — and decent — way of dealing with boat people. If I could re-design the system, it would look something like this: Boat arrivals would be detained initially for one month, for preliminary health and security checks, subject to extension if a court was persuaded that a particular individual should be detained longer; after initial detention, they would be released into the community, with the right to work, as well as Centrelink and Medicare benefits.

Even if none of them got a job, it would be cheaper than keeping them locked up; the asylum seekers would be released into the community on terms calculated to make sure they remained available for the balance of their visa processing; during the time their visa applications were being processed, they would be required to live in rural or regional areas of Australia.

Any government benefits they received would thus work for the benefit of the rural and regional economy. There are plenty of towns around the country that would welcome an increase in their population. It would take a bit of political selling, although I suspect that rural and regional Australia would be quick to see the benefits of this new approach.

He thinks, 'What does he know, that illiterate Hazara? He'll never be anything but a cook. How dare he criticize you? Assef The town bully, Assef, feels that Hazaras 'pollute our homeland, our watan.

hazara pashtun relationship quotes

They dirty our blood. Assef equally hates Amir and his father for sympathizing with the Hazaras.

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Just as Assef is about to attack Amir with brass knuckles, Hassan aims his slingshot at Assef and says, 'Please leave us alone, Agha. Amir is struck by how it must be for Hassan 'to live with such an ingrained sense of one's place in a hierarchy.

hazara pashtun relationship quotes

The Taliban At first, the people of Kabul were happy when the Taliban took over as they hoped it would mean the end to gunfire and bombing in their communities. Baba, Amir's father, knew better.