Relationship between change management and configuration

relationship between change management and configuration

This article defines Configuration Management and Change Management. It also discusses the difference between configuration management vs change. By Vinai Prakash. I get a number of questions about the differences between a Configuration Management System and a Change Management System. IT Change Management is the process that governs and introduces changes to configuration items (CIs) within the configuration management.

And then you will raise the configuration change request and get it approved as soon as possible. These types of changes will be handled under the configuration management system, because here the specification of your product is changed. Before the school building had ten rooms and now it will have fifteen rooms. Please note that in the first scenario, you raised the change request, but the request was to increase the deadline of the project by one week.

relationship between change management and configuration

There was no change required to the product the change was required only in schedule baseline ; i. The change in the project process will be handled under the change management, because here the configuration of your school building is unchanged. Earlier it was a school building with ten classrooms, and now it is still a school building with ten classrooms. The Difference Between Change Management and Configuration Management System The following are a few differences between the change management and configuration management system: Change management manages the changes in project baseline.

An example of a change management system can be a change in budget, schedule, etc. Configuration management deals with changes in product specifications.

Difference between Configuration management and Change management

An example of configuration management can be an extra feature added to the product. Conditions for Change Management The following are a few conditions for change management: The change control board is presented with changes or requests for changes and must not only approve or disapprove, but issue directives on how change will be implemented.

  • Configuration Management vs Change Management

The change control board may be a group focused on the entire project or work groups that report to the head of the change control board. A configuration management plan should contain the following: Identify — What is the project? Change control process — How will changes be reported, resolved and if needed, initiated.

Configuration Management vs Change Management

This part of configuration management also includes change control forms. Change control forms should clearly identify if a change is needed or an acceptable risk that won't affect a project's outcome. Process tracking log — This document is necessary to describe how through configuring changeit was controlled. A process tracking log can also measure how changes implemented succeeded or failed.

Configuration Management & Change Management System: Differences

Accountability — Who is accountable for ensuring changes and controls were properly administered. Library — In configuration management, the whole process must be documented in a library of sorts. Most of the replacement parts would arrive on time, but would not fit nicely, causing the tank to be put out of service. Over the next few months, the supply of the German tanks reduced considerably, and the Americans and Britishers triumphed.

Configuraton and Change Management: What is Configuration Management?

Configuration Management is the solution to solve this wrong-replacement-part problem. It tracks the different revisions to the design, blueprints, technical specifications, and can tell you which one is the lastest revision, so that the right part can be identified. Configuration Control focuses on the specifications of of both the deliverables and the processes.

Change Control is focused on identifying, documenting and controlling changes to the project and the project baselines.

Configuraton and Change Management: What is Configuration Management?

A Change Management Plan documents how changes will be monitored and controlled. The plan defines the process for managing change on the project. A Configuration Management plan documents how configuration management will be performed. It defines those items that are configurable, those that require formal change control, and the process for controlling changes to such items.

A configuration is the identified and documented functional and physical characteristics of a product, service, result or the component. First of all, you must know the difference between a project and an operation.

relationship between change management and configuration