Question paper on customer relationship management

question paper on customer relationship management

its a question bank of CRM an subject for TYBsc IT sem6 CRM Question Bank E-CRM 1. Question Bank for Customer Relationship Management Paper. Customer Relationship Management is a customer-oriented feature which involves using technology to organize, automate and coordinate. Question paper for Customer Relationship Management - Semester 4 by University of Mumbai for the course Master of Computer Applications.

The team members also decided to implement changes slowly, adding a technology only when all employees were using the last one implemented. This approach allowed call center agents to get comfortable with the new technology over time. The journey began in earnest in Junewhen Mitsubishi chose to outsource its most basic level of customer calls to Baltimore-based Sitel Corp.

Also, as part of the companywide customer focus, a new customer-centric data-base was consolidated in-house the next year. The database became the engine powering the call center, but unfortunately, dirty data were a major stumbling block. The project stalled for months as the data were cleansed and updated. In earlya digital phone switch from Avaya Inc. Callers to the single toll-free number routed on menu choices.

Customer Relationship Management Chapter Exam

About half the callers got the information they needed from an interactive voice response unit, which can answer fairly sophisticated queries without live contact. Simple calls went to Sitel, and the rest were routed to call center agents with appropriate skills. And Smart Scripts workflow software from Siebel provided agents with decision-tree scripts and automated customer correspondence. The next month, the company started using workforce management software from Blue Pumpkin Software to hourly forecast call center coverage.

Aside from happier customers, the benefits to call center employees include career growth and higher pay. Previously, agents in separate call centers handled specific areas: Now the silos are gone and agents can learn new skills in multiple areas, greatly increasing call center flexibility.

The workforce management software schedules training time during lags, and agents who learn multiple skills earn more money. Call center turnover, which has traditionally been more than 20 percent, was about 7 percent last year.

What is the business purpose of each of them? Why or why not? What is the CRM? Define all the Customer Retention Strategies. If all the numbers are large, the project is way too big. Can you identify a logical chunk of the problem that would make a setup toward improving the situation?

The extent to which customers recognize and willing to accept this variation is called: Zone of tolerance b. Zone of fitness c. Zone of acceptance d. Reactors make adjustments unless forced to do so by environmental pressures.

Least profitable customers are categorized in: Write the difference between perceptions of service quality and customer satisfaction. This case study describes the success factors that allowed Giordano to grow rapidly in some Asian countries. It looks at three imminent issues that Giordano faced in maintaining its success in existing markets and in its plan to enter new markets in Asia and beyond.

In what ways, if at all, should Giordano change its current positioning? Would these factors remain critical over the coming years? The occasional failure represented a current limitation and indirectly pointed management to the right decision in the future. To demonstrate his commitment to this philosophy. I hope everybody learns from this. In Singapore, it won numerous service awards over the years.

It was given the Excellent Service Award for three consecutive years: It also received three tourism awards: These were just some of the awards won by Giordano.

How did Giordano achieve such recognition for its commitment to customer service? It began with the Customer Service Campaign in This philosophy had three tents: We welcome unlimited try-ons; we exchange — no questions asked; and we serve with a smile. The yellow badges reminded employees that they were there to deliver excellent customer service.

Since its inception, several creative, customer-focused campaigns and promotions had been launched to extend its service orientation. For instance, in Singapore, Giordano asked its customers what they thought would be the fairest price to charge for a pair of jeans and charged each customer the price that they were willing to pay. This one-month campaign was immensely successful, with some 3, pairs of jeans sold every day during the promotion. Over 10, T-shirts were given away.

question paper on customer relationship management

Far from only being another brand-building campaign, Giordano responded seriously to the feedback collected. Against advice that it would be abused, Lai also introduced a no-questions-asked and no-time- limit exchange policy, Which made it one of the few retailers in Asia outside Japan with such a generous exchange policy.

Giordano claimed that returns were less than 0.

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To ensure that every store and individual employee provided excellent customer service, performance evaluations were conducted frequently at the store level, as well as for individual employees. The service standard of each store was evaluated twice every month, while individual employees were evaluated once every two months.

Internal competitions were designed to motivate employees and store teams to do their best in serving customers. In addition, every Giordano star was evaluated every month by mystery shoppers. No retailer of our size spends as much as us. It won the Top Advertiser Award from to Different clothing items were offered at a 20 percent discount from 12 A. To keep listeners awake and excited, the product categories that were on sale at each time slot were released only at the specified hour, so that 9 IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper of Customer Relationship management nobody knew the next items that would be on this special sale.

Listeners to the radio station were cajoled into coming to Giordano stores throughout the night Ang InGiordano won the Singapore Ear Award. Its English radio commercial was voted by listeners to be one of the best, with the most creative English jingle. In Singapore, within days of its launch, the new line sold out and had to be relaunched two weeks later. By Octoberover a million pairs of khaki trousers and shorts had been sold. This success could be attributed partly to its clearly defined communications objectives.

Its strength in executing innovative and effective promotional strategies helped the retailer to reduce the impact of the Asian crisis on its sales and take advantage of the slight recovery seen in early The key was in regional expansion. ByGiordano had opened stores in 23 markets, out of which Giordano directly managed stores.

Untilfour markets dominated its retail and distribution operations — Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Singapore. ByGiordano had Giordano stores in 25 markets.

question paper on customer relationship management

Giordano cast its sights on markets beyond Asia, driven partially by its desire for growth and partially to reduce its dependence on Asia in the wake of the economic meltdown. The number of retail outlets increased from 4 in to 14 in With the opening up of its first retail outlet in Sydney in SeptemberGiordano outlets could now be found in both Melbourne and Sydney.

question paper on customer relationship management

Currently, Giordano planned to focus its globalization efforts on new markets like Germany, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and Kuwait. When the crisis made Giordano rethink its regional strategy, it was still determine to enter and further penetrate new Asian markets. This determination led to the successful expansion of Giordano in Mainland China, which saw the retail outlets grow from stores in to stores in Due to the expanded retail network in Mainland China and improvements made to the product line, sales turnover increased by In Indonesia, Giordano opened up 7 more stores inbrining the total number of retail stores to These stores covered areas in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

However, with the political and social instability in Indonesia, coupled with the downward pressure on the Rupiah, Giordano was cautiously optimistic about further expansion and planned to proceed with caution.

In Malaysia, Giordano planned to refurnish its Malaysian outlets and intensify its local promotional campaigns to consolidate its leadership position in the Malaysia market. In the past, Giordano relied on a consistent strategy across different countries, and elements of this successful strategy included its positioning and service strategies, information systems and logistics, and human resource policies. However, tactical implementation e. Weekly performance reports were made accessible to all managers.

In recent years, it appeared that as the organization expanded beyond Asia, different strategies had to be developed for different regions or countries. What general lessons can be learned from Giordano for other major clothing retailers in your country?

Until the late s, Jyske Bank was characterized as a typical Danish bank: Beginning in the mids, Jyske Bank embarked on a change process that led to its no longer being characterized as either unremarkable or undifferentiated. The core values led management to reevaluate how the bank did business with its customers. Managers determined that if the bank were to be true to its values, it would have to deliver service differently from both how it had in the past, and how other banks delivered service.

Jyske Differences were thus operationalized as specific practices that distinguished Jyske Bank. This required significant changes in the branches, both tangible and intangible, and how they were supported. Tools were developed to support solution-based service delivery. For example, new IT systems helped employees take customers through processes to determine their needs and final appropriate solutions. In one, the customer and her banker filled out an on-line investor profile to determine what style of investment products were most appropriate for her based on risk aversion, time frame, and return goals, among other factors.

First, delivering this type of service was expensive. As a result, the bank charged a slight premium, and targeted only those customers who were less likely to represent a credit risk. Second, the bank would have a personality. Some people should dislike us. Tangible Differences Account Teams Delivering on the banks competitive positioning required a number of tangible changes in its service delivery system.

These began with assigning each customer a branch employee to serve as primary point of contact. Over time, managers discovered that this created problems, because customers often arrived at a branch when their service provider was busy with other customers or otherwise unavailable. When customers feel they are getting a lot of value.

What is customer value? When expensive products deliver satisfaction. When an individual becomes attached to a marketing campaign.

The relationship between goods and services. The relationship between benefits and the sacrifice necessary to obtain those benefits. Which of the following is an example of CRM? A hotel and casino keeping a log of hours played and money gambled and offering free rooms in exchange for higher levels of play. Offering a no-questions-asked return policy. Making sure your company is well-known for your return and exchange policy.

A barista adding whipped cream to a customer's drink around holiday time as a nice gesture. Free chips and salsa at a Mexican food restaurant. Page 2 Question 6 6. What is the main difference between a sales-oriented company and a marketing-oriented company? The difference is that one gives away product while the other company makes the customer pay. It has to do with how they make their products.

It has to do with their overall view of the marketplace. It is the amount of money invested in the company. Assess an element of customer value. When a company offers corporate-wide commitment to their marketing strategy. When a company offers products that meet customer expectations.