Six pack relationship goals

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six pack relationship goals

5 Reasons Why #RelationshipGoals Should Actually NEVER Be So what if the man you love doesn't have six-pack abs or if the lady you are. Explore Jadene Hirschi's board "Fit Couple Goals" on Pinterest. Whether it's six -pack abs, gain muscle or weight loss, these workouts will help you reach your. hot guy with six pack | Pack Abs Men Tumblr. Discover ideas about Sixpack Goals Relationships, Relationship Goals Text, Couple Relationship, Healthy.

A relationship is an experience to partake, not a job to get hired for.

six pack relationship goals

Relationships are foremost experiences, and they are on-going. Because that would just be totally short-lived and sad. Does your goal end there? Being with someone is more than just the vacations you take. There is a fine line between having an actual relationship and having a mere summer fling. So if you feel that crippling sensation of discontentment in your body each time you scroll down Instagram and see the strangers you follow post their 29th photo in Bora Bora, then you should probably reassess the label you and your partner wear around your necks.

Maybe you are already committed to someone at the moment, or maybe you have been single af your whole life.

six pack relationship goals

Hell, it can even be faceless. Such goals take you away from the present moment and put you in a pretend place. You are with who you are with right now for a reason.

You fell in love with that person because that one fateful night or dayyou looked into his eyes and felt like you could get lost in them. You were there, in the present moment, as he held your hand in the cab on your way to grab dessert at your favorite local bakery.

The Advantages of Six-Pack Abs

You felt every centimeter of his lips as you kissed him goodnight. And it was magical. And you were both there, right as everything was unfolding.

six pack relationship goals

You were the players in your own love story, not mere spectators or some highly-sarcastic romance novel critics. You are not obliged to be like other couples. None of us is sitting in our sturdy futons rooting for you and your hubby to look just like Brangelina.

When you're lean enough to have these separations show, you're said to have six-pack abs. Men with a body fat percentage of about six to nine percent and women with a body fat percentage of 16 to 19 percent usually have a visible six-pack — if they've developed their ab muscles through exercise.

For some men and women, six-pack abs only become visible with an even lower body fat level. Achieving six-pack abs can help boost your self confidence. The clean diet essential to creating your abs may deter food cravings and make you feel virtuous about your eating habits. Achieving such a goal as six-pack abs can boost your confidence and make you feel proud of your appearance.

In certain sports, such as track, gymnastics or triathlon, having a low body fat percentage that shows off a six-pack is helpful because it means you have less body mass to carry as you move.

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In bodybuilding or figure competitions, a low body fat level and cut, six-pack abs are a must to scoring points with judges. Six-Pack Abs Don't Always Equal Health Having a six pack doesn't necessarily mean you're healthier or more athletically inclined than someone with a little padding around the middle.

six pack relationship goals

You can easily create a strong, functional core that powers you through most sports — including a soccer match or football game — without visibly cut muscles on your middle. A six-pack isn't an indication of more muscle; it simply means you have less fat covering those muscles. If you've attained a six-pack only by dieting to extremes and doing hanging leg raises in the gym, it isn't going to improve your performance on the field. The body fat levels required to achieve a six pack don't provide any clear health advantage, either.

Decreasing your body fat to below 14 percent as a woman or eight percent as a man shows no evidence of improved vibrancy or well-being. Sometimes, it's just the opposite: The behavior required to dip to the body fat levels required to achieve six-pack abs can be unhealthy. You may restrict your food intake so severely that you're irritable and hungry much of the time.

six pack relationship goals

Social events and restaurant meals become a struggle and much of your life revolves around a tightly-scheduled gym routine.