Kane toews relationship goals

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kane toews relationship goals

Kane is on a pace for a career-high 49 goals and points. . Kane and Toews have changed all that and you wonder if they're headed Kane loves the history of the game, and having a relationship with past greats of the. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are the collective face of the Blackhawks. little Patrick Kane was lugging his hockey goal out onto the street. . It's a real healthy relationship for me and I hope he'd say the same thing.". The professional relationship between Jonathan Toews and Patrick and fighting on the bench, but it eventually led to a pretty pass and goal.

But it's a young group of guys. And the way he carries himself, the way he works on the ice, it just screams leadership. It wasn't an issue in here at all. He comes and works every day and prepares and works at his craft. But apparently they have not outgrown getting teased.

But they both take the game seriously and both love the game. It's a lot of fun for me. They're both terrible at comebacks. They have no game. And after Kane scored his first goal, Brent Sopel told him tradition was that he buy everyone wine. The tradition began with him. It really lightened the locker room up. But Sharp said both Toews and Kane are somewhat misunderstood.

Jonathan Toews is having a record-setting postseason. He has his fun though, don't let him fool you. He has that reputation of being laid-back and loose, but he's just as serious as Johnny is.

They were both very professional right from day one. They're very humble kids as well, so it's nice to be teammates with guys like that. But he faced the media's questions and continues to answer them, and it has seemingly had no long-lasting negative effect on his career, save for some residual razzing on the road. I hope in people's lives, they're not just defined by one incident, one situation. I, as a quote, normal person, wouldn't want to be, but a lot of times athletes are.

He stepped up to it. He wasn't going to say, 'I didn't do it' and give the full story because that doesn't get you anywhere. But he handled himself like a man.

As much fun as he likes to have and he's a smiley guy, he handles himself pretty darn maturely to be under that spotlight and to be under that much pressure every day as a year-old kid. You can be the best thing to walk the face of the earth and if you have a bad game, cough up the puck, it's 'You stink, trade him. Though they admit to competitiveness, particularly when Toews' Canadian team defeated Kane's U. We have the same agent. But there's been a lot of other guys in here, it's not just us two.

Courtesy the Kane Family "We do a lot of things together and sometimes it's tough, when you're doing all those things, not to get sick of him.

I'm sure he gets sick of me too," Kane said. But I think it's healthy at the same time, and if we're on the ice, one of us isn't afraid to yell at the other guy or yap at each other on the bench.

But we [also] know the next shift and the next time on the bench, we're going to be more calm and talk about it and we'll make up real quick. It's a real healthy relationship for me and I hope he'd say the same thing. In practice especially, that's where the competition comes in. We always want to better each other and we end up helping each other improve. That's not to say I'm not serious about hockey but to be honest, I'm more easygoing, I like to laugh and have fun and it seems like he's pretty serious about hockey all the time, which is good for our team and it's good to have that mix.

He's a really good two-way player and it seems we can really feed off each other, which has just come from the last couple years of playing with each other. Donna Kane laughed that the other night when the family went out to dinner, her son innocently asked if it didn't seem weird to her that whenever he left a place, everyone seemed to know he was there. See those two guys next to us '" And then there are the women.

I think Jonathan is. Five minutes after you lay down, you're passed out and snoring. Now I'm awake, absolutely livid. My blood is just pumping as I lie there awake. Another hour goes by and I can't sleep. It's maybe 1 o'clock in the morning. I get up and start punching your bed. You wake up and start hitting me with a pillow. I don't know if you remember that.

We were so mad at each other that we were going to fight right there in the middle of the night. You were so pissed the next morning. Stormed out of the room. I felt like s after a sleepless night. Remember what happened in the game? We were down or something, but came back and won After the game, you were still pissed off.

You said, "Thanks for ruining my game on 'Hockey Night in Canada. No way I said that. I was like, "C'mon. I never said that. You had two points, for god sakes! I just sat on the bench. Still steaming from the night before. Do you ever discuss your next contracts? Both of your deals expire after the season, but negotiations can start next summer. It's funny that people even bring it up now. We just got over the hump of our five-year contract.

It's still two years away. I mean, who knows what's going to happen in that amount of time? I'm sure you want to stay here, Jonny. I'd love to stay here, too. Are you hinting at who deserves more?

kane toews relationship goals

I'm leaving if you make more. We'll both pretend that we're not bothered by it [if the other makes more]. It's a debate you can go on and on about: Who is more valuable to their team? There are arguments to be made either way, but if you let ego get in the way, that's when it becomes an issue. You've scored more points and done certain things in your career while I've contributed to the team in other ways. At the end of the day, I don't think we'll be complaining about the situation.

We'll both be pretty darn happy if we get a chance to continue the relationship with the team here. It's not like I wouldn't pass you the puck because you're making more money than me. He's signed for less years or whatever it may be. But Crosby has a long-term deal. At the end of the day, do you really care?

kane toews relationship goals

You're making a couple hundred thousand more than the next guy. Will you ever play in [your hometown of] Buffalo?

Kane, Toews Playing As One

I'm pretty happy here right now. The better question is will you ever play in [your hometown of] Winnipeg? They booed you when we played there.

Top 10 Jonathan Toews Goals

Yeah, I got booed in my hometown. So I'm not [signing there] anytime soon. People told me I would get cheered because fans did that for some of the former Jets players, but I never played for the Jets, so I didn't know what to expect. The Winnipeg fans, especially the ones in the top concourse So I didn't rule out the possibility that people might jump on that bandwagon and start booing me. My own buddies were probably the ones getting the boos going.

Winnipeg was a cool place to play. We heard going in that fans there like to boo the other team's top players, so a few times when I had the puck I held on to it a little longer to hear the boos get louder. I used to go to games [growing up] in Buffalo.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews have grown into the collective face of the Chicago Blackhawks.

He got kicked out of the game in the first period. The rest of the game wasn't even fun anymore because he wasn't playing. If anything, the booing is a compliment to that player. An NHL team has never repeated in the salary-cap era. What makes you believe the Blackhawks can do it? We have the same team, pretty much, except for a couple of guys.

kane toews relationship goals

When you go to the Stanley Cup finals and you win, a lot of players step up to the occasion. Of course they're going to deserve a little bit more financially. So it's always tough -- especially in a salary-cap sport -- for managers and owners to keep their talent together when that happens. You look at our team, and the better question would be, Why couldn't we keep winning and have good year after good year?

We have a lot of guys locked up for a long time. Like last year, we would be tough to beat in a seven-game series where a team has to go through us four times. As long as we don't get satisfied or complacent, we could have a pretty good winning atmosphere here for awhile.

Do you remember the first time we played on the same team, the Junior Flyers? When we were what, 13? Your good buddy -- one of the biggest loudmouths I've ever met -- was the goalie. Kaner, you were the opposite.

Same way you are now You just walked into the [dressing room] wearing your flip-flops, put your bag down and slowly put on your gear.

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Then you'd just go onto the ice. I was used to being the top scorer on the team. Then you came along and started beating me in points every single game.

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I was like, "How does this little guy go out there and do that? A year or two earlier we had played your Winnipeg team.