Bad relationship goals

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bad relationship goals

At first this didn't seem so bad, I saw this hashtag with couples graduating But it seems as though the expectations of the #relationshipgoals have gone a little. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Bad Relationship animated GIFs to your Relationship Goals GIF - RelationshipGoals Kiss Kissing GIFs. Bad Relationship Goals. likes · 1 talking about this. Low expectations = easy to beat standards = perfect relationship = ultimate happiness Right?.

None of us is sitting in our sturdy futons rooting for you and your hubby to look just like Brangelina. You are who you are.

Your relationship is what it is. And you should be very proud of that, because you are writing your own story. Come back into your own reality ASAP.

#RelationshipGoals Is Not A Goal: About The Couples Who Post Everything They Do Online

You belong nowhere else but there. For you and for your lover, it is the only place where magic can happen. Because I mean, who loves Mondays, really? You have to remind yourself that you, too, have your own highlight reel. You do have your weekends and you do have your annual 2-week paid leave.

These are people either on vacation or a boredom-induced photoshoot with the help of VSCO filters.

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By obsessing over your RelationshipGoals, you are sabotaging your future with your partner. It is pure madness. I am not a relationship expert, nor am I a life specialist, but I do know this: One of the things I dislike the most about these hashtag relationshipgoals is that they take away from young couples nowadays the spontaneity and the surprise factor that come with every relationship, with every human to human connection.

bad relationship goals

I think that it is important to experience the rawness of a genuine relationship. The candidness of every kiss.

bad relationship goals

Those moments when you see someone for what he truly is, without any filter, without any inhibitions. Just you and the person, in this crazy mad world that we all live in.

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Others focus on fitness once they realize the toll their delicious dates have on their bodies. If working out together is your jam and you appreciate the extra support you receive from your S.

The problem begins when your S. You should be on the lookout for critiques on your appearance and what you wear to the gym. To your partner, you already are Baegoals with or without shedding extra pounds.

Overprotective Bae It makes sense that when you have such a strong bond with someone, you feel protective of them.

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You may find yourself offering to walk your S. These are all typical protective behaviors that we may even use with our family and friends. Healthy relationships of any type should make you feel safe and protected. So snaps if your S. I have come to realize, especially in college relationships, that protection can be a slippery slope.

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The problem is when protection is actually used as a cover-up for control. Jealousy Disguised as Love This might be a strange BaeGoal, but the reality is all of us can be a bit jealous sometimes. But jealousy is not a BaeGoal especially if it causes you or your S. For example, if your S.

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