Relationship between lumens and candlepower

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relationship between lumens and candlepower

I'm shopping for a good flashlight, but I can't figure out the difference between lumens and candlepower. Since the ones I'm looking at have. Use our easy calculator to quickly convert candlepower to lumens. earlier that there was a mismatch between the candela and the lumens. Know about Lumers, lumens distance chart, how to measure lumens, how to convert lumens to candlepower conversion and more details about foot candles vs.

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Candlepower Candlepower is a scientific measurement of light at its source or how much light is produce by an object itself. If a lamp has candlepower, then it produces--at its source--the equivalent radiance of candles.

Candles themselves are unpredictable in terms of radiance, so the actually value was replaced long ago with an exact metric definition that roughly equals the light an average candle puts out. This essentially transforms energy and frequency ratings into light being produced. Lumens Lumens, on the other hand, are a measurement of illumination.


Radiance refers to the light produced, not its effect on external objects. Illumination refers to how well the light reveals objects, and the lumen is the primary unit of measurement in this field.

relationship between lumens and candlepower

This is a more practical term that shows precisely how well the light illuminates other objects based on distance. One candela, for instance, is equal to about Lumens are measured by looking at how much light is radiated out from a single source in the center of a theoretical sphere to the boundaries of that sphere. Sciencing Video Vault Foot-candles Lumens should not be confused with foot-candles. Candelas measure the beam intensity at its brightest point and aimed in one direction.

relationship between lumens and candlepower

Both are useful parameters for describing the light intensity of a spotlight. Comparing Lumens and Candelas Lumens is a measurement of the amount of light produced by a fixture.

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It measures the rate of flow of light which equals the light output of the device. Candelas measure the density of light over an area in terms of the intensity of the light emitted. The conversion factor between lumens and candelas is One candela has a light intensity of One lumen has a light intensity of 0.

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Sciencing Video Vault Conversely, the light intensity of 1 cd correlates to a total light output of A spotlight with a light output of lumens has a light intensity of 48 cd. A spotlight with a light intensity of 3, cd has a light output of about 37, lm. Task-Specific Lighting Determining the lumen and candela ratings for a light fixture provides insight to the utility of a light for a specific task.

A lumen rating for a spotlight tells how much illumination can be expected from the exposed portion of the bulb. A spotlight with a high lumen rating produces light that illuminates a wide area near the bulb.