Relationship between azreen and her father

At her village Azreen has to contend with a cold-hearted father and support Then, she reads Madhuri's letter of her marriage and relationship. Finally, towards the end of the story, she finds out the secret that her father has . Azreen was very lucky to find a meaningful and comfortable relationship with. Azreen would have welcomed the beatings had it been really her own doing. But her Her sister tried to shield her from their father's anger but it was to no avail.

This was an impulsive action and if the society had been less narrow, and more open-minded this probably would not happen.

We have flashbacks of Azreen, Asraf and Madhuri when they were young. We see the portrayal of their characteristics at that age — such as the curiosity of young Siti in the happenings in the village, and the desire Asraf felt for Madhuri, the resentfment felt by Azreen towards her older sibling, Madhuri. Fathers have absolute power over their daughters in traditional Malay society. Fathers can be very mean when their children do not tow the line and give complete obedience.

The Curse by lee Su Ann [Form 5 Novel]

Human weaknesses and forgiveness The theme of forgiveness resonates throughout the novel and especially at the end. The story is full of human failings. But we have to forgive others and get on with our lives otherwise our lives will be miserable throughout. She was never forgiven for by the villagers for murdering her husband.

There was a lot about her father that Azreen was angry about. Madhuri would make a skipping rope out of rubber bands and they would play lompat getah together. Azreen had no qualms about looking for frogs and burying them while Madhuri would be horrified to think they would die. Azreen was the exact opposite to Madhuri. Perhaps she had not always despised her sister. Neighbours gossiped that Azreen hated her sister so much that she refused to write to her from England.

They thought Azreen was vengeful towards her own sister. Status of Malay women Malay village society does not treat women as equals. Women are the weaker sex and me superior. Men are supposedly wiser and their words and decisions prevail.

Society would probably say it is her fault that her husband acted like that towards her and he was blameless. Malay girls are also supposed to be docile and obedient, like Madhuri. Her free mixing with the boys was also not approved of. I gave everything, my life, my money and my future to my husband.

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I loved him so much that I lost myself. Everything I did, I did for him. What she said characterises much of man-woman relationship, not least Muslim women who have been taught to subjugate themselves to their husbands. This breeds inequality and lead men to behave badly towards women, such as being abusive or taking a second wife.

Of course there are healthy man-woman relationships, such as that between Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli. Everything happened because Ghani, an old man, fell in love with and married a very young girl. Madhuri was murdered because her father did not approve of her love for Asraf and his love for her. One of the reasons Azreen hated Madhuri was because of Asraf: And there was only one person who could cause such emotional damage o her. This is noble love between people who are not linked by blood and it is a love that does not ask for anything in return.

There is uneasy love as that between Azreen and her father. The reader cannot help but feel very sorry for Azreen. There is sisterly love as shown by Madhuri towards her sister.

She always tried to protect and stand between her and their parents. When her affair was discovered, Encik Saleh gets very angry and accidentally killed Madhuri.

He never tells anyone and until Azreen confronts him. Actually, he is ashamed because the daughter he was really proud of, had an affair and tried to run away. He keeps seeing a ghost. He suffers a heart attack and dies. In conclusion, dark secrets only make life difficult. The evidence in the story has shown us that. Any dark secrets we have, may destroy our lives.

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We may lose the people we love. Always be true to ourselves and do not take advantage of others. Always think before we act. The story is set in an island off Langkawi Island. The Curse revolves around the events surrounding the death of a village girl, Madhuri, who is also the adopted sister of the main character, Azreen.

This value is shown by Azreen. First, even as a young girl she takes challenges and tries to prove to her friends that the Old Lady is not an evil witch. In fact, she returns the next day and repairs the trampled garden. The second evidence is when Azreen bravely takes the blame for Mohd Asraf in the bull incident. She was blamed and scolded by her father as well as the villagers. She bravely endures that and never tells anyone of what really happened.

Her bravery is once again tested. The third event that displays her bravery is when she tries to tackle the angry mob who are about to attack the the Old Lady. When the Old Lady dies in the tragic fire, she confronts Mohd Asraf like a wildcat. Finally, towards the end of the story, she finds out the secret that her father has been keeping. She is very brave to confront people whom she knows have done wrong to others. At the same time she is very brave when defending herself and the people she loves.

Azreen is not only a responsible sister and daughter but also a responsible student and friend. She postpones her examination in order of giving her sister her last respect. In addition to that, Azreen accepts the offer to further her studies in London for the sake of upbringing her family social status and thus could then save a lot of money to get a better treatment for her mother that is paralyzed by the bull escape incidents that she.

Thirdly, as a friend and a student, Azreen shows her responsibility when she accepts to join the school hockey team as a substitution to Hock Seng that is injured. She does that even though she knows that she will be the only girl in the team and this will tarnish her image as a girl.

In fact she plays very well and almost scores a goal. In conclusion, throughout the story, Azreen shows that she is a very responsible towards her actions. In fact, I would like to have her as a friend as a friend as such is hard to come by. The Curse - Character: Which character do you like the most?

Even the characters in this novel portray many kinds of traits in order to capture the attention of the readers. As for me, the character that I admire most is of course, the pretty and charming Madhuri.

Madhuri is liked by everyone in the village and also by her parents because she was very filial and obedient. As a good and obedient daughter, she helped her parents in household chores. Madhuri used to cook chicken porridge for her mother and feed her. She was married to Haji Ghani who was the village headman and he took her as his second wife. The second reason why I admire Madhuri is because she was very pretty and charming.

Madhuri was featured in many photos and in school concerts when she took the role of the beautiful Puteri Gunung Ledang.

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Madhuri was very graceful and elegant in her costume during the concert. All these prove Madhuri as a very beautiful and elegant daughter and I too admire her for that. Each time when her father, Encik Saleh scolded or caned Azreen, Madhuri took it in a positive way that is, her father trying to educate her younger sister. I feel that Madhuri is always thinking positive to each and every incident that happens around her. This is what inspires me that is to think positively in my life in order to achieve success.

Mentioned above are all the character traits why I admire Madhuri, the most beautiful lady in this novel. I wish I could be like her and be an obedient daughter to my parents. I dislike him because of three reasons. He si emotional, selfish and ungrateful person. The first reason I dislike him because he emotional. He made quick decisions without thinking rationally.

This can be seen in the incident where he listened to the words from his neighbours rather than think about the words. He quickly believed the neighbours who accused the Old Lady of poisoning Nek when the Old Lady was the one who had helped him in the first place.

In my opinion, as a trained teacher, he should be able to decide rationally and think wisely and not just following his emotions when it comes to accusing people.