What are good pre meet meals

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what are good pre meet meals

pick up your race packet and then talk shop with some fellow triathlete friends. Kropelnicki's recommendations below?for a well-rounded pre-race meal plan. The Best Foods to Eat the Night Before a Big Race process of trial and error in choosing a pre-race dinner (even if Moretti pointed out what I. The rules for the perfect pre-race meal is to simply keep it high in carbs, easily digestible, and familiar.

Perfect Pre-Race Day Meal Plan | ACTIVE

The longer the race you're competing in and the heavier you are, the larger your pre-race meal should be. The closer your pre-race meal falls to the race start, the smaller it must be.

what are good pre meet meals

If you're able to eat four hours out, you can safely consume up to 1, calories. If you eat just two hours before the start, eat a smaller meal of to calories.

what are good pre meet meals

What to Eat At least 80 percent of the calories you consume in your pre-race meal should come from carbohydrates. Keep your protein and especially your fat and fiber consumption low. These nutrients take up space that is better utilized by carbohydrates. Also, avoid gas-producing foods such as onions.

The types of carbohydrate are not important.

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While some studies have shown a performance benefit associated with eating a low-glycemic index GI meal rather than a high-GI meal before exercise, these meals were eaten just 30 minutes before exercise—the worst possible time for a high-GI meal, because blood glucose levels tend to decrease about 30 minutes after a high-GI meal. It should also be low-fiber, low-fat and focus on carbs, such as pancakes.

The perfect pre-race day breakfast might include two eggs, pancakes, two pieces of toast and even homefries. Finish that breakfast before 9 a. Snacks, snacks and more snacks The rest of the day should consist of clean, easily digestible carbs that are low in fiber and fat.

what are good pre meet meals

Shoot for your body weight in kilograms times 10 for grams of carbohydrates that you want to consume that day. Bagels, fat-free fig newtons, pretzels are all examples of snacks to eat.

Pre-Race Meal Plans (for Every Distance!)

Late afternoon You've picked up your race packet and maybe you've just returned from running errands or a light jog. It's time to refuel with something a bit more substantial than pretzels. Kropelnicki suggests a power bar later in the day along with a performance sports drink.?? Dinner Say goodbye to that mammoth pasta dinner with salad and Texas toast. Dinner time is all about moderation. You can have your pasta, and eat it too.