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Being an experienced dancer, I have danced in both regular street shoes as well as high heels. Regular shoes create a delayed response in how your foot swivels in . The dances are where you will meet other like-minded people who love to dance, just dance. Cedar shoe trees are particularly great for fighting odor!. Toe To Toe Dance Wear - W Hill Rd, Flint, Michigan - Rated based on 17 Reviews "BEST selection of pointe shoes and dance wear around! My. How to avoid the social faux pas of the dance class and be everybody's favorite face in the studio. Though . I've seen whole toe nails kicked off by big boots.

Personally, I prefer the open toe. Heel Heights The heel height for Latin and ballroom dance shoes ranges from 1. For beginning dancers, you should choose a heel height that gives you the most comfort. If you are not accustomed to wearing heels, you may want to start with shoes that have a lower heel to start with.

Also, there are different shapes of heel, such as slim and flared. A flared heel is a popular choice as it gives you more stability.

Suede Sole Shoes Suede soled shoes are perfect for dancing. It is recommended to have a suede sole for your dance shoes. The suede sole gives you the right amount of slip and traction so that you can feel more balanced and have more control when turning and moving around the dance floor. For everyday lessons, dancing, and even competitions, the standard black units are fine. You will also see patent leather, which looks a lot like the typical wedding shoe. These are typically only used for Ballroom competitions.

Some of the shoe companies have gotten a little more creative recently, tooling options that look more like street shoes, with a wingtip or braided design. These are all great shoes — as long as they are really dance-specific shoes. However, you will want to purchase a nude or tan pair, preferably with an open toe and straps.

This is an all around good shoe that you will be able to wear to lessons, out dancing, and even at competitions. These are the shoes of Ballroom dancers.

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The idea behind it is it gives you a long leg line. Dance floors are, more often than not, brown in color and black shoes will stand out. You want people to watch your body, not your feet. You will see close-toe style pumps as well. Once you know their name and a little bit about them, take it upon yourself to introduce them to whoever else you can.

Jane is one of our best dancers here, but also one of the nicest. The joy and camaraderie of dance should be felt by all who enter our doors.

I know not all studios have this philosophy, but they should! Using small compliments is always a fantastic way of introducing people. Have a good attitude about learning to dance. Even if you were dragged to the class by someone else, having a good attitude about it will not only benefit the entire world around you, it will also benefit YOU.

And YET is really the key. ANY improvement is something to be encouraged by.

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Celebrate the small victories and keep going! This is normal and is to be expected. No dancer became good by assuming they would be perfect from the beginning, but by simply expecting to do and give their best each time, and not giving up. In dance, as in life, to be good, you have to be willing to fail a whole lot before succeeding. During class, regarding the class as a whole: Be considerate and respectful of your classmates including the teacher!

Avoid doing things that are distracting, inappropriate, disrespectful or rude. You and whoever you are speaking to will likely miss out on important information, and it distracts the class as a whole.

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If you sneeze into your hands or are wiping your nose, sweat, etc with your hands, use some hand sanitizer before taking your partners hands again. At our studio we always have hand sanitizer at the front desk. If you need to use your phone before, during or after a class, step outside of the class area so you are not interrupting the class. Sometimes you will have to dance with an instructor or trainee who is the same sex.

I always say, the best dancers are the ones who know both sides of the dance, and when you fully understand your part, it may be time for you to do the same. It helps followers to follow better and leaders to lead better when they understand what the other is feeling on the other end of their usual role.

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Further, it is a GROUP class and dancing with others is of great benefit to improving your skills, even if you only plan on dancing with your significant other outside of the studio. Those who are not interested in dancing with the group, should stick to private lessons, not group lessons.

Someone will have to go behind you to clean them all up and it just makes the floor look unattractive for everyone else. For those interested, we have a wide variety of shoes available for you in all sorts of styles, colors and sizes. During the class, regarding the other students: Be kind, be pleasant and encouraging! You are the student, not the instructor, and they did not pay you to be critical or negative about their dancing.

Remember, they are taking dance instruction to learn, not because they are already good at it. At the end of the rehearsed movement, raise your hand and ask your instructor for more details or clarity about the issue.

Our hands are getting twisted up. Can you help us? Additionally, the information gained will help your other partners not make the same mistake and improve the class as a whole.

Everyone learns at different speeds, and certain concepts take longer to grasp for some than others. Keep this in mind and be kind to people who are new or still fighting the good fight.