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Promsien's Art Blog Ben 10 Comics, Ben 10 Alien Force, Generator Rex, Ben . Ben Omniverse | Meet the Characters| Cartoon Network Ben 10 Birthday, .. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 3D GIF (click on photo to open larger image with 3D moving effect) . GutRot redesign by elmike9 Ben 10 Omniverse, Rage, Aliens, Nifty. TALKBACK - Ben Omniverse - "Animo Crackers" - [3/15] . meeting or kill them before they have Ben, or kill baby Ben, and than no Ben Tennison to get in the way. It was cool to see Future Animo again, and Gutrot was pretty cool. . i wonder if Gutrot gas effect will affect aliens differently and if all on. And Then There Was Ben is the fifty-second episode of Ben Omniverse. Prime into the Omnitrix's crater, where the young Ben Prime meets his destiny as the Omnitrix latches onto his wrist. No Watch Ben turns into Clockwork and uses his powers to undo the effects of the Chronosapien Time Bomb, Gutrot ( cameo).

She would never hurt anybody. How can zombies even do that? The only thing that would come close to such a power was the Parasite Spell. It enables a Mage to take the magic from another, thereby adding to their own. Sounds harsh," Ben commented on such a grizzly spell being used. But then he stopped, as he looked around. Finally, he asked, "Hey, where's your daughter at? I know it's the weekend, so shouldn't she be running around, causing a ruckus in the house?

I really don't want to wake her," Majhal said, as he got up. I can't see you at the door…" "It's okay, I can show myself out," Ben said, as he started walking away. Once he reached the front door, he heard something. It was rather faint and only lasted a few seconds, but the sound came from what he thought was a dying mouse of sorts.

Ben blinked a moment, but then thought about it, as he shrugged, "Probably nothing. Majhal stepped out of the living room, and was frowning at the moment, almost as if he figured Ben had heard the sound just moments ago. Later That Day In a local restaurant, Claus had gathered her friends together, planning a scheme that would rid of their town of this zombie threat, once and for all. We need to work together if we're gonna stop this Orianna zombie," she sternly said.

But then she noticed the boys were pretty freaked out, as she growled, "What's wrong with you guys? Claus was getting fed up with them chickening out, as she slammed her hands on the table, "Listen!

We can't chicken out anymore. If this keeps up, someone could be next. It could be any of you. However, it didn't go unnoticed, as the cloaked woman, Karin, had heard about their supposed plan to defeat the zombies.

That Night Cemetery Ben was making his way through the darkened dusk of the cemetery, using a lacrima flashlight to shine his way.

He had to admit this lacrima stuff was pretty awesome. He was thinking that after this job, once he got the money not just for the rent, but what was left over, he could by one of those lacrimas that were like a DVD player and a projector all in one. So far this world wasn't a complete bust. But at the moment, he had more important things on hand at the moment.

Like finding these so-called zombies and putting an end to this crazy mystery. However, he stopped as he heard rustling from a nearby mausoleum. He then took notice of a shadow crawling and creeping forward from the side. Ben activated the Omnitrix, and was about to activate it… until Neb hopped out of the shadows, and pulled his hood back.

Ben nearly fainted from relief, as he asked, "Neb? What are you doing here? Don't tell me you're like the others, believing all this zombie stuff is hocus pocus. You don't even believe in stuff like the supernatural. However, Ben looked to the little green cat, and said, "Of course I believe in that stuff. Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, Frankenstein monsters, even mutant pumpkin scarecrows. It sounds too… unbelievable. The two yelled until Neb hit the floor, and Ben crashed on top of him. Neb whined out, "Damn… my back…" "Hey, it fell in!

The girl just frowned, "Oh, it's you two. You beat them with sticks? Ben groaned, "You were gonna do that, weren't you? The kids looked to the direction, and saw figures moving through the bushes. Being too scared due to the rumors, the boys ran away, screaming to run away.

However, Claus was seething with anger, as she gritted her teeth, "You… you took my sister…" And then charged right at them, without a moment's hesitation. Neb managed to pulling himself out of the hole, as he saw Claus running towards the zombies, "Claus, no!

They were humanoid, in a way, but only in shapes to look like females. They were naked, and their bodies were sluggish green vines wrapped around to form female bodies. Their hair was made of yellow rose petals and green leaves, and its eye was black, with a red iris. They slowly made their way to her, making her fight back. She charged again, but then one of them shot their arm out, stretching it, as it wrapped around her waist, and pulled her in, hanging her by her waist.

Once she was close enough, Claus screamed, "This is for my sister! But she paled, as she realized it didn't do anything, as the Zombie looked at her curiously, almost as if it was amused by the futile attempt to fight it. Claus could only tear up, realizing she wasn't strong enough, as she whimpered, "I should have known.

Or are you gonna fight me like a man! The being seemed to be hidden under a large dark blue cloak.

Ben 10: Omniverse

All that could be seen of its body was a blue face with large green eyes and a mouth that looked like clenched teeth. Blue claws and feet were also seen coming out of the sides and bottom of the robe. He exhaled and gave off mist, indicating a chilly breath. That was when he unfurled his wings.

The cloak was in fact a large pair of blue moth-like wings. He appeared to be a muscular humanoid, moth-like alien, whose wings and antenna could fold up into a hooded robe, giving him the appearance of a phantom. Big Chill's body was black with blue and white spots on his arms and legs that resembled ice chunks, a light blue torso and large green eyes, as well as a three grilled tooth mouth in the shape of a frown.

He had three fingers and a thumb on each hand, and two toes on each foot, and a third toe-like extension on his ankles. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on a green and white belt around his waist.

Omnitrix Encyclopedia Necrofriggian A. Big Chill These insect-like people hail from the planet Kylmyys. They are capable of folding up their wings, gaining a phantom-like appearance. They can fly at considerable speeds as well as breathe freezing vapors and turn intangible.

Despite their frail appearance, they possess superhuman strength. It is not wise to cross one of these people for they have the means of making you regret it for quite some time…if you live that long. He can generate ice beams from his hands that he can manipulate; Big Chill was capable of generating spiked balls of ice around his fists, as well as hurling ice spikes. He could also cause these spikes to sprout from the ground that surrounds him.

It was revealed that he can attack with an, "icy uppercut," as well as manipulate the cold around him to make a frosty tornado. Big Chill's body contains a density-altering protoplasm that allows intangibility.

Big Chill has enhanced strength. When Big Chill was on a metal-eating spree, he effortlessly ripped apart a large metal statue and snapped iron girders in half. This strength also extends to his jaws, as Big Chill was capable of chewing up metal statues, poles, buildings, signs, iron girders, serving trays, and drinking molten steel.

Big Chill is completely immune to extreme subzero temperatures. He is also able to resistant to extreme heats. It was revealed that Big Chill can survive underwater. Big Chill can also survive in the vacuum of space. Luckily, it was the one holding Claus, and as soon as he landed back on the ground and became tangible again, he round-house kicked it, shattering the creature to pieces. Claus fell flat on her butt, as she looked at the newly transformed Ben.

Not wanting ot argue with him, Claus ran for cover behind one of the tombstones. However, he saw them, as he became intangible, allowing them to faze through him, and swat each other in the process.

They slashed at each other, as Big Chill ran through one of them, freezing them in the process. He noticed Neb fighting still, while being dangled upside down. He picked up the frozen plant beast, and tossed it right at the one holding him. Immediately, the creature was downed, being skewered by the frozen beast, as Neb fell on the ground, landing on his feet.

Suddenly, a dagger made of ice was thrown at his feet, as he looked at it, and looked at Big Chill who had thrown it at him. For a moment, the two stood to look at one another, almost reading each other at that moment. For a moment, Neb smirked at Big Chill, and the Necrofriggian responded in kindness, as Neb grabbed the dagger, and they both charged in opposite directions in the fight. Big Chill fazed through his opponents, freezing left to right, with either his intangibility, ice beams that came out of his hands, or his powerful ice breath.

His clawed hands became incased in ice maces, as he used them to smash those still frozen, or smash through those that were still soft. Those that remained frozen, Neb jumped out, and sliced through them, like they were frozen fish.

Big Chill didn't mention it, but the little cat seemed to have some moves on him, for a Happy cat. The battle was turning out pretty well, as both Alien hero and cat were fighting their all out on this. They grew out spikes, and stretched out their arms, whipping at the ground, creating fissures. Both of them gulped as there were too many of them. Neb gulped, "Got any ideas, Mage? Once they were high enough, he tapped his Omnitrix symbol, as the symbol suddenly folded out four points.

And then, much to Neb's surprise, he went through another change. His body now became a red and black body with red spots on his arms and legs, a red torso and red eyes. He now had three pointed fingers and a thumb on each hand and two toes on each foot and a third toe-like extension on their ankles. His wings and antennae now had a flame design. But he still had the Omnitrix symbol on a green and white belt around his waist. And his voice was now more gravelly than usual, having a deeper tone behind, as he spoke out, "I'm going Ultimate!

Their usual blue bodies are more like a fiery red now, and their wings have flame-like patterns at the tips. Like Necrofriggians, evolved Necrofriggians can breathe ice, fly, become intangible, fold their wings and antennae into a hood and a long robe and survive in a variety of environments, including the vacuum of space, extreme heat, intense cold and deep oceans.

Evolved Necrofriggians can create "ice flames," which Ultimate Big Chill describes as "fire so cold it burns". They described these flames as a plasma beam that consumes the heat of whatever they touch and use that energy to burn. Evolved Necrofriggians can shoot flames from their hands that turns into blue ice when they hit a target. By inhaling deeply, evolved Necrofriggians can lower the temperature of the air they breathe in, because they suck the heat out of objects, freezes anything that happens to be in its path.

Evolved Necrofriggians are much faster flyers than Necrofriggians. Once they were high enough, Ultimate Big Chill took a deep breath, and when he was ready, unleashed it. He unleashed a mighty reddish blue flame at the creatures, and once it hit them, it began to freeze them faster than ever.

But as this was happening, they suddenly let out a strained cry, almost like a creaky door or the sound you'd make if you scratched fingernails on a chalkboard.

Only this sounded like a dying animal, as Ultimate Big Chill noticed, but kept silent on it. And once they were fully frozen, Ultimate Big Chill took a dive down below, getting faster and faster, until he slammed into the ground, erupting it, as it caused the frozen plant creatures to shatter, and scatter in pieces. Neb blinked at this change, as he hopped off his back, and looked up to him, as he asked, "Who… who are you? Later On Once word got out that Ben had defeated the horde of zombies, the townsfolk immediately started the Requiem Festival.

Fireworks blazed in the sky, the Sky Flowers blossoming in the air to help the dead descend into the afterlife. Everyone celebrated with food, music and dance at the while. People were cheering for the young Fairy Tail wizard who had saved their village, claiming that his amazing Take Over magic was extremely powerful. It was fairly evident that Ben's brave deeds would spread outside of the village of Malcon. However, the young hero was nowhere to be seen, as some were seeking him out to cheer on him in this celebration.

However, what no one knew was that the young Ben Tennyson was far from over with this. Back at Majhal's While everyone was out to party, Ben went back to Majhal's place. He easily broke in, seemingly since he found out the easy way that the door was unlocked, as he snuck in.

But he stopped, as he heard footsteps from behind him. He stopped, as they stopped, then he went back a little more, but then heard the footsteps from behind start again.

He then raised an eyebrow, and whipped around, as he shouted, "Who's there!? Almost like a wounded animal made it. Then I heard it again from those plant creatures we flash-froze. Ben nodded, as Neb denied it, "That's crazy. Ben turned around, looking at a stunned Neb, "Did you hear that? He hopped up, and in a flash, whipped it with his tail, causing it to somehow open, as Ben stood impressed, "Nice.

At that moment, both were stunned to see a shocking sight before them. Neb was only able to weakly ask aloud, "Wha… what is all this? Strewn across the table notes and diagrams about merging humans with plants were shown. On another table, tools and surgical blades were placed and being cleaned off from fresh or old blood stains. And the next horrid sight was yet to be seen.

In glass tubes big enough to fit a person, sleeping naked blonde women were being put in suspended animation.

From child, teen, and finally adult, they all stood at the ready. From what Ben could guess this place looked like the kind of place Viktor or Zs'Skayre would be more comfortable in. Ben looked around at the table, and noticed photos of what appeared to be the same blonde beauty… who stood by a younger Majhal from twenty years ago. But next to them were notes… notes that depicted the merging of plant life with human souls.

Ben remained stunned by this, only until someone spoke up. Majhal blinked, "Something wrong, Ben? It started twenty years ago," Majhal answered. She's only seven years old," Majhal pointed out. It was then that Ben turned around, seemingly angered, as he asked, "Tell me this… why did you suggest that the loss of magic from the Mages was due to the Parasite spell… when you said you never used it?

The Forest Mage sighed, as he looked at them, with a look of insane ambition, "You know I thought you were any teenage boy; too stupid to see the truth. But in the end, you're just too damn perceptive, Ben. Neb let it sink in, as he asked, "And the creatures…? All advancements, from the deepest desires, have - a price.

That was Claus's sister and many other girls, damn it! Suddenly, a cloud of unfamiliar pollen began to be unleashed into the room.

Neb began to feel dizzy, as he suddenly fell to the floor unconscious. Humongosaur began to cough, feeling weaker by the second, as his grip on Majhal started to become weaker as well. Until finally, he fell to the floor, and in a green flash, transformed back into Ben. Majhal chuckled, "I haven't even begun toying with lives… yet. He awoke chained to the wall, his arms far apart from each other. He struggled to pull at them, as he groaned, "Stupid chains!

His whole body was wrapped up in chains, save his head and tail, as he struggled to free himself. But all I found was a strange little Lacrima Gun, that won't even fire. Probably because ether it's too small, or it's just a toy. Of my beloved Orianna. In which I bind the souls of any village girl my creations ensnare. In truth, they're not completely human. In fact, they're like rare flowers that blossom and die in a few days.

Or in my case, a matter of months. At first, the creature looks like a child. Then it resembles Orianna. And then in its final phase…" "In its final phase, before the body burns out, the creature becomes my lethal enforcer and bodyguard," Majhal finished, as he summoned a vine to appear and hold the child, like a baby carriage.

Ben spat in disgust, "Kidnapper and murderer is more like it. Why would you do all that? When she had died, my scars refused to heal, even when I left Phantom Lord so long ago. So in desperation, I turned to the one thing I could to bring her back to life. But my attempts to bring her soul back failed every time.

Ben 10 Every Bullfrag Transformations - Ben 10 Omniverse - 2018 - HD - 60 FPS

So if I couldn't bring her back, I could at least mold something to resemble her. But all that takes a tremendous amount of magic. So any Guild stupid enough to wander in and take the job, I take their magic out of any of the surviving Mages that fought my army of Rejected Experiments. They barely remember anything that happens, as they wander back, broken and useless for the community.

But adding power for me to get one step closer to creating a perfect Golem that will last longer than the others. I did it for Love. What does a child know of love," Majhal spat out. But then he smirked. You simply put your soul into the body of one.

After all, no Take Over Magic is that perfect. So now you'll tell me the secret so that I can perfect my Love. But Majhal scoffed at that, "Foolish Fairy Tail Mage…" But then, they heard the door creaking from the side, as they all turned to the open door… and saw a stunned Claus. Apparently she had gone looking for Neb, and came to the house, and heard everything that they were talking about. Stunned, all she could do was shake a little, and barely speak out with the rude confidence she once had, "I just… I was looking… for Ben and Neb…" "You foolish girl.

She fainted right into her arms, as he scooped her up in his arms. He smirked, "You know what I found out the most. If the subject's young enough, they'll last longer. The last one you'll have," Majhal stated, as the baby from the crib suddenly jumped out of the vine-made crib. Suddenly she started grown from baby to child, and then to teenager. She was aging faster than ever, as Majhal explained to the two boys. Sure it cuts their lifespan down to a few minutes, but that's more time than what you have.

As the Orianna monster was starting to take adulthood, Ben looked to Neb, as he said, "Neb. You're gonna have to get us out! Neb looked confused at that moment, as Ben shouted, "The watch, hit the watch's touch pad, and scan through for a form to use. Neb slammed his tail on the lens, as the Omnitrix lens control popped up. As the creature lunged at Ben, Neb slammed the dial down. The creature crashed into him, but then a green flash lit up the room, and immediately, the beast was pushed back rather powerfully.

Neb looked to see what Ben had transformed into, and was amazed with what he saw. Ben was now a humanoid plant like alien, more muscular and taller, had an overall light green and black colored body, and his face was colored yellow, red and orange, with a more visible chin. His hands were colored black with four yellow clawed fingers and a yellow hole in the palm.

He had six red horns with yellow spots, two on each forearm, and one on each shoulder, along with a green horn on each foot, knee, and elbow. He also had a large collar raised up around his neck, and the Omnitrix symbol was on his stomach. Methanosians evolved from carnivorous swamp plants. At some point, Methanosians evolved into herbivores. Methanosians are taller than an average human and have a distinct rotten stench that worsens with heat.

A Methanosian's voice is very stuffy and nasally because they do not have noses. Methanosians have a wide array of powers, such as regeneration powers, the ability to slip through tight spaces, enhanced strength, chlorokinesis, stretching, and the ability to alter their body. They can emit flames through their hands and mouths via igniting the methane in their bodies, through which they are able to propel themselves in the air if they orient their hands in a way that is similar to a rocket engine.

Methanosians have the ability to ignite methane in their hands to project fire. Methanosians can also breathe fire. As Albedo once demonstrated, a Methanosian's methane is strong enough to knock a human unconscious.

Methanosians have limited flight by launching fire as jet propulsion. Methanosians have a high degree of chlorokinesis. Methanosian is able to manipulate their biological agriculture to stretch their limbs, change their shape, or grow extra limbs.

Methanosians can reattach detached body parts by manipulating their vine-like "veins" to reach out and meld with the insides of the detached limb. Methanosians could instead regenerate a lost limb or reform if destroyed and their body parts are close enough.

Methanosians have superhuman strength, enough to push over a Highbreed weather tower. Methanosians has a form of enhanced speed. Methanosians can channel their flames into a concentrated fireball or fire beam, tunnel underground and burst in a coating of flames.

Methanosians are capable igniting their hands for "flaming fists", creating a ring of fire, and causing thorny vines to sprout from the ground.

Methanosians are able to ignite plants they are controlling. If a Methanosian is attacked while regenerating, the regeneration halts. Methanosians can be frozen, though they can thaw out by igniting their methane. Also, Methanosians cannot control weeds.

Though a year ago, Swampfire underwent a mature change, giving him a more fiery look now. Not only that, but his powers were now more enhanced and developed, his ability to control plants as well. Especially the mutated ones, though he still had the methane smell. Swampfire looked at himself, as he asked, "Swampfire? Not a bad choice. But instead of being in pain, his hands regrew as if nothing had happened.

The creature hissed as it saw the Methanosian in front of him, and charged at him. He lifted his hands, and shot out a massive stream of fire, that hit her dead on. She ran around on fire, in immense pain, as she wailed out, flailing about as she tried to find a way to put herself out.

But Swampfire kept pouring on the methane gas-enduced flames, as she continued to wail. Until finally, she weakly fell to the ground, and burnt up, into nothing but dust.

Swampfire clapped his hands clean, as he snorted even though Methanosians don't have a nose"And that's that. You're working for Majhal! I can't turn a blind eye any longer. Where's he's taken Claus?

Swampfire knelt down, to pick it up, as he looked at it. It was a blue petal… a blue rose petal. He blinked at this in surprise, and turned to her, as he asked, "Wait, are you…? Her black and green tinted hair was long and lay spread out behind her, as two straps covered her private sections, and held her wrists and ankles down.

TALKBACK - Ben 10: Omniverse - "Animo Crackers" - [3/15]

She was gagged with tape, and had rune marks painted all over her. Majhal wasted no time to prepare to extract her soul and place it into another Golem. She struggled and whimpered, not wanting this to happen, as she desperately tried to call Neb and Ben out to save her. Majhal simply said aloud, "Orianna, if you can hear me. Bless this soul to be bound to the perfect body. An explosion erupted, causing Majhal to stop the spell, as he turned around.

There, he saw Ben in his new form, along with Neb with the Proto-Tool strapped to his back, and Karin, whose face was still hidden. But you couldn't be farther from the truth. The reason no one found her was because she wondered off; the crash caused her to get a concussion causing memory loss.

She left the town and started a new life elsewhere. But fast forward today, she suddenly remembered everything, and in a true gesture of true love, she came back to you. But the sad truth was, you were too blinded by your obsession. It was Orianna, twenty years older, but still as beautiful in her age, with a blue rose nestled in her hair.

She sadly smiled to him, ashamed that it took her this long to have the courage to face him, "Hello, Majhal. Are you telling me that this wrinkled old woman is Orianna? Swampfire charged forward, pushing the thirty clones out of the window, smashing through the walls, as they all fell down to the ground.

Majhal jumped after him, as a giant root grew out, as he hopped onto it, and lowered it down to watch the battle. At the moment, Orianna and Neb ran towards Claus, as he undid the straps, and the old lady clothed her with her cloak. Claus looked to Neb, as she asked, "Do you think he'll be alright, Neb? But even Ben was human. His little paws clenched as they twitched in fear. He gritted his teeth, as his thoughts were chaotic on the situation, 'What the heck am I thinking?

All they do is cause trouble for everyone! So why… why am I worried about what happens to Tennyson…!? He fired a tremendous stream of methane fire at them, as they continued to charge at him, even though they were still on fire. He punched at them, smashed them, kicking them, even going as far as to ignite his fists to ignite his punches at them.

One of them grabbed him by the arm to keep him from flame throwing anything. But they didn't count on his mouth, as he blew out a stream of methane fire at them as well.

The golems continued to dog pile at him, clawing and tearing at his body, as if they were really zombies. Majhal's eyes blazed with madness, as he called out, "Yes.

Leave nothing of him behind! And in amazing surprise, he pulled the Proto-Tool apart, making twin blasters, as he fired at the plant golems. He managed to blow their heads off, as he made a hole to land in. Amazingly, the little guy hopped about, slicing at the golems pinning Swampfire down.

Once they cleared up, Neb jumped onto a half-torn Swampfire at the moment. Pull yourself together," he shouted. Suddenly, Swampfire's body began to heal and regenerate itself, as if nothing happened to him.

He blinked as Swampfire suddenly sat up, as Neb blinked, "That was quick. But then looked to Neb and saw the Proto-Tool in his hands, as he blinked, "You know how to work that thing? I trained myself to understand weaponry, since I don't know how to use magic myself," Neb confessed. But then he stopped, as he saw the golems surrounding them, as he hopped on Swampfire's back, "Enough of the chitchat, keep fighting!

While Neb fired at the golems, as he converted the proto-tool into an automatic ray gun. The two fired at the enemies, watching each other's backs, as they fought hard. What am I doing? Neb blinked, as he looked to Swampfire and asked, "I have one question: Ben now had the appearance of a large muscle-build mechanical humanoid in a green outfit, with the exception of his head and shoulders being a bluish-purple color.

He had four fingers on each hand, which were apparently gloved. He had two on both of his arms, one on each of his shoulders, three on the rim in between his shoulders, three on his head, one on his back and one in the center of his posterior. He had a belt with a window on his stomach so that the gas he uses can be seen. He wore the Omnitrix symbol on what appeared to be some kind of gas mask in front of his mouth.

They're a race of mechanical humanoids, whose innards have evolved into a biological lab of any or every known chemical in the universe. Yeah, Ultimate Alien flip-flopped on how mature Ben was, but Omniverse isn't that way at all. Guys from Wildvine's species were first shown in Secret of the Omnitrix and portrayed as aggressive, carnivorous beings who almost ate Gwen. In Omniverse, Pax, who also is from Wildvine's species, is portrayed as a pacifist and perfectly civilized if crazy individual, now to mention he wears clothes.

My Species Doth Protest Too Much Could work, but still doesn't explain why they were more like predators while he was a civilized individual. Humans have become feral before, due to all sorts of circumstances. Or maybe Azmuth had a bad day and made them like that.

Pax could have prevented a Fridge Logic on how the Omnitrix could take in a supposed non-sapient species when it supposed to be in the Nemetrix instead!

The Wildvines from the film weren't from the species' native planet, but from Xenon, which was where Azmuth was dicking around for most of the original show. Word of God says the Wildvine home planet is called Flors Verdance. How could Khyber killed a Ultimate Humongousaur, considering the Ultimate forms were clearly not a natural case?

Did he kill the sentient Ultimate Humongousaur from Ultimate Sacrifice? Or its a Continuity Nod. It's not an Ultimate Humongousaur. It's an Appoplexian Rath's species.

Actually, if you take a close look, there is a Ultimate Humongousaur helmet as well. Well that could have been artificially made. Albedo has a different look on Ultimate Humongousaur. Khyber could have only killed something that looked by the previous version of Ultimate Humongousaur. I am wondering myself the same thing. At least when Eunyce shew up, Gwen did remind him of Julie. Even if they don't like Julie, that's a pretty lame way to deal with her. And on the Ben 10 wiki and Wikipedia say that Julie's voice actor will be in the series as Julie.

I am aware of that, but still, they could have had her show up. Hope they don't intend to break her up with him. Sadly, many fans hope the opposite. Cute girl showed up and started flirting with him and he flirted back a bit.

It doesn't mean he's forgotten about his girlfriend. This will probably get awkward considering that Ben is now engaged to someone who is most definitely not Julie. Being fair, he has three years to figure out how to get out of it. Kevin was able to get out of it. Yes, he screwed Ben over in the process, but he still got out of it. Those events are totally going to come back to bite him, and I'm betting Julie will be around when it does.

The show will probably still be on in three more years, right? Oh, it's obvious that his show will be on for the next three years. That's alright, but does anyone care about explaining why Khyber waited six years to go after Ben?!!

I just thought it took him around five years to get all the DNA. Do we have any idea how long it took Azmuth to get all that DNA? And that's the universe greatest mind! This is a hunter, working for an insane criminal and a subpar genius.

The galaxy is a big place, and that's assuming he didn't try getting the DNA of the predators for the Andromeda Five. That would make sense, I guess. That and Khyber is a hunter. He didn't just run around collecting all the DNA, he probably hunted the aliens himself.

Part two reveals he already had the DNA caught by then. The problem was finding a suitable host for the Nemetrix. Amusingly, Ben actually lampshades the question when taunting Khyber. Crabdozer is supposed to be Heatblast's predator; how can that thing be from the same planet, seeing how Pyronites Heatblast's species are from a star? Plus, when chasing Cradbozer in its environment, Khyber is shown on a jungle-like planet rather than Pyros.

For the first part, I simply believe that the star Heatblast's race came from is a bit different somehow than normal stars. Obviously ours doesn't have life, so something must be. As for the second, Derrick stated on his blog that that planet was not Pyros.

Maybe it was zoo How does it come the Nemetrix doesn't share the Omnitrix's glitches, seeing how it was created from a corrupted sample of the prototype Omnitrix? On the other hand, there was a recent episode where the Nemetrix broke down and needed a part from the Omnitrix to be repaired.

So it's possible that the Nemetrix might glitch less, but it's less stable Alternatively, the Nemetrix is very simple compared to the Omnitrix It can't be used on anything with self-awareness without breaking them, for instance.

Maybe they put up the forcefield after Animo's escape, wanting to avert the Cardboard Prison trope. Here's one that I have. This could also be above on another headscratcher, But I fell this one should be addressed on it's own. I know the new Omnitrix is supposed to be better then the old omnitrix.

I'll accept that Ben is messing up on choosing aliens. But when Ben times out at inconvenient times Can someone explain this to me? The new Omnitrix doesn't seem to have a downtime. Ben can transform into an Alien at any time, even if he just reverted from an Alien form. Then why does he turn back into a human at the most inconvenient times? The fact that it turns him back when it's inconvenient is just kind of part of using it He almost always uses it to fight, so any time that he transforms back before winning is inconvenientbut the new Omnitrix still times out.

It just has no downtime anymore. But wasn't the reason that it timed out to recharge the Omnitrix? I'm pretty sure that was the reason in the original series, so that's understandable.

But it times out just for him to change back? Either it's bad plotting, or the new Omnitrix has the weirdest battery ever The timing out thing doesn't seem to be to recharge. Remember that in the early days, it was very clear that Ben had no idea how to work the thing. So when he'd suddenly change back and not be able to change again for a while, everyone made a decent guess and assumed it was recharging. However, when the Omnitrix's "master control" was unlocked, he could stay alien for as long as he wanted.

There have been other times the Omnitrix or Ultimatrix was interfered with and it trapped him in alien form for much longer than the Omnitrix usually takes to time out. Why the Omnitrix does time out, then, is a good question, but it's been demonstrated repeatedly that the Omnitrix has the power to keep him in alien form longer than a few minutes, if you can figure out how to get it to.

Now, it can run out of power, but that takes a while such as the one where he was stuck as Ditto because his selves were separated, and the Ditto with Max and Gwen had to find the other Dittos before the Omnitrix well and truly did run out of the ability to keep him in alien form and in multiple places at once.

That took most of the entire episode, though. But, why it times out, why you can't go alien for a while after it does, and why how long it takes to be ready again is sometimes seconds and sometimes the better part of an hour no, really.

Even in the original, that was plot convenient. Sometimes less than a minute it'd work again, sometimes hours would have to have passed in-story and it was still in the red. I'm gonna go with that second option, mainly because it made me laugh. When P'andor was attempting to get out of his armor, it took a Taedanite-powered Kevin to open it.

Did NRG's armor got less solid or what? They were kinda rubbery. Maybe they hardened themselves to the point of Taedanite Hardness? They managed to open it not to break it.

Since this suit was made be Omnitrix, maybe it can be removed. Wasn't P'andor's suit a prison suit Aggragor stuck him in to limit his powers? It would make sense that Ben would have one he could get out of if he needed NRG's full unrestrained powers. Wasn't Aggragor; P'andor's own people threw him into that prison suit, as its used for Prypiatosians-B criminals, which he was. Isn't the premise of the Nemetrix a gross oversimplification? Creatures exist, and other creatures may feed on them.

It's not always a one-to-one correspondence in either direction. Not every creature has a genuine predator; one of the reasons dodos died out so quickly was that they lived without natural predators for a long time and lost their survival instincts.

Not every predator-prey relationship is a Curb-Stomp Battle ; prey develops ways to at least defend itself over time, and prey species die out less frequently than one would expect. And this is especially jarring when we deal with natural predators of alien species that are clearly portrayed as sapient. Admittedly coming from a viewpoint of a species that has outlasted any existing focused predators.

A perfect Nemetrix may be a goal, but it's probably not going to be as perfect a weapon as it is portrayed here. Keep in mind that the one bragging about it is Khyber. And the alien predators could be any powerful carnivore or whatever-the-alien-is-made-of-ivore from those races' worlds. The sapient races they could prey upon probably keep them at bay with their technology. Problem with Ben is, he doesn't get any of it, so the Nemetrix predators can ruin his day the same way you'd be screwed if it was your bare hands versus a tiger It should also be noted that Derrick has said not all aliens have predators.

For example, Grey Matter lacks a natural enemy in the Nemetrix. While the term he's using is a predator for every animal is inaccurate Ben 10's universe seems to have a lot of of rock, paper, scissors logic built in. When the hell did Trumbipulor become so powerful?! And now out of nowhere, he is a Genius Bruiser who requires an entire group of Plumbers to be defeated?

Did Ben become that incompetent? He had the almighty power of peanuts going for him. Peanuts are Serious Business. Yeah, maybe he'd had a couple of peanuts, but not enough to grow enormous. Also, he already was able to defeat Humongousaur before taking peanuts.

Plus, in grown size he could defeat Way Big, something a giant Vilgax couldn't do. How are we supposed to take Ben seriously after that? Maybe Trumbipulor had been working out since his last capture, taking some classes in robotics, taking some self-help classes. And to be fair, that giant Vilgax vs Waybig fight wasn't exactly a tough fight. Vilgax did more damage in his normal size against the giant alien the first time he appeared.

Thing about cold opens is, you don't know when it started. Maybe it was always this hard and we were only seeing the wrap-up. May I also say that we don't know everything about Trumbipulor's race. Maybe Peanuts are a from of Unobtainium on his world.

What bothers me more-so is in Ultimate Alien his mouth was presumably under his trunk. And now it is part of his trunk. Just my own personal problem with that. In Malefactor Malware has returned and he took something from Rook's truck. Ben chases him and we see him getting away Why doesn't he have some sort of flying or motorized thing in him? You'd think that he'd at least absorb a hover-board He absorbed a jet pack in "Trouble Helix. Did he absorb it when he was yellow or red?

So, who was Diamondhead fighting in the flashback in "Arrested Development? Speaking of Nesmith, he apparently has a building, and one of the reporters asked if he was involved. Seeing what he did in "Catch a Falling Star," the darkest episode in franchise history, there should be no way, as he should be serving multiple consecutive life sentences.

I also wonder why they mentioned the guy. He's kinda obscure memorable, but no Vilgax and also, Omniverse is a lighter, cartoonier series and Nesmith is pretty much the opposite of what it's going for. Though they did consistently call him Captain Nemesis, and he did his evilest stuff when not in the suit, so maybe we're supposed to think of "Hero Time" and not "Catch a Falling Star?

To the question of why they mentioned him, this show enjoys making references to previous moments. I remember the Kraken, but I don't remember Daigon. When was he referenced? He mentions he defeated him in Predators and Preys when confronting Khyber. So basically, this explanation makes no sense. Well, maybe Derrik just retonned that episode out of existance like he did with Primus?

Which episode of Alien Force did Goop do that? Good Copy, Bad Copy. And he obviously didn't retcon this episode of existance or that would raise even more question, since this is the introduction episode of Albedo.

Alright, so, unless they decide to remake the episode and cut out Goop's powers, then this is a plothole. Here's one I have. Now I personally don't see to many plot holes opened up right now. The only thing that really they can say is "Well that episode and that episode never happened.

Where is Eunice living now?

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Or are we reconning her too? It actually raises a bit more plotholes than you think: Where do the Ultimate Aliens live? Granted, Primus did raise Retcon, but this doesn't really help; If I had been them, I would have decided that Primus just worked as an independant reserve of DNA should something happen to the Omnitrix.

As for Eunyce, I have no idea. Albedo was Azmuth's assistant. Maybe Azmuth had some reserves of DNA. As for the Ultimates Did they go to Primus at the end of that episode? If they didn't bring them to Primus, maybe they fund somewhere else. So, I just took care of a few plotholes, now is there anyone who can answer my question of Eunice? Maybe Eunice is working on Primus like Myaxx used to. Ultimates could live on other uninhabited planet, or perhaps they just joined alien society on some inhibited one.

Primus doesn't exist anymore. She used to until Derrik reconned it. Now where is she? I meant Galvan Prime. There we go, that'll work until we get an official answer Why does Azmuth suck at building battle suits? The guy invents the Omnitrix, Ascalon, and any number of other things sought after by supervillains from across the galaxy.

But when it comes to the thing that insures his personal protection, in Secret of the Omnitrix, Cannonbolt is able to break it easily, and in Store 23, alternate Ben fries alternate Azmuth's suit with one zap from Shocksquatch. You'd think if Azmuth built a robot suit, it'd be super-invincible. Alternate Azmuth especially has no excuse. He knows exactly who he's going after and what the Omnitrix aliens can do.

That's what he uses to go after a guy who can become Way Big? Or Giant Manster, if you prefer. Well, Azmuth did swear off building weapons after Ascalon, and the Omnitrix wasn't designed to be one.

He probably intentionally makes the suits crappy, even if it's just a mental block. I don't think the main Azmuth's suit was meant for battle, he was kinda secluded.

I thought it just kinda helped out with building stuff, like for heavy lifting. Same for alternate Azmuth. It seemed that he just sent Tetrax and Twentythreetwentythree after him all the time. I think the better question is why did he go to confront Ben Is it just me, or did Store 23 go a bit heavy on the sweat effect? Or has it always been like that and I'm just noticing it now?

Depends on what you mean by Sweat Effect. The OP means the visible sweating of the characters. And no, it hasn't been like that before. So, I just read on the character sheet for the aliens Ben has that Chromastone had gained the ability to fly, but this was reconned by Derrick. If I may be as so bold to ask, when did Chromastone fly? So, Derrick reconned something that never happened?

I'm cool with that. In Special Delivery, Ben destroys Mr. Baumann says that Ben always destroys his cars in the episode. The first time is when is 5 and he lights it on fire it with his magnifying glass. Second time round is when he's 11 years old and he destroys it using Way Big during a fight with Animo. This one makes less sense asto his claim, but then I remembered that Ben later became famous and Mr. Baumann originally thought it was just another one of those freak alien attacks that were happening all over the country Which is usually the coverup Ben used in the original seriesand I assume that he put 2 and 2 together later on when Ben was famous.

Way Big just goes away and avoids the blame. My personal question has to do with the third one. Thing is, that Ben turned back immediately afterward. Baumann didn't see Ben turn back from Big Chill but in the flashback he still blames Ben. How does Baumann Ben did that!? Baumann saw Ben transform into Way Big, so he always knew it was him. I didn't see him there when Ben transformed. I think it was safer to assume that he heard a loud noise, went outside and saw one of those aliens that have been appearing all summer on the news and whatnot.

Nevermind, I re-watched the episode. He was there when Ben became Way Big. Zombozo mentions talking to Vilgax in Special Delivery. How is that possible? I mean, until proof of the contrary, he only is a earthling as well as a second-zone villain, while Vilgax is, well friggin' Vilgax. How could they even meet? Maybe there's a support group for people who've gotten their butts kicked by Ben, ther's enough of them by now.

Can you really imagine Vilgax going to that sort of thing without suffering even more Villain Decay than he did in season 3 of Alien Force? You're going to accept the word of a demented, psychopathic, Monster Clown? How do you know he wasn't lying to make himself seem tougher? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Vilgax once teamed up with a psycho year-old, if you recall. He basically beat the crap out of him as soon as he got out of that ice, it took them a moment to actually team up. Plus, there is a difference between teaming up with a guy having Omnitrix-based powers that made him the second most dangerous villain in Ben 10's Rogues Gallery at the time, and teaming up with a Monster Clown who remains pretty much a second-zone villain. This one's kinda related to the Primus retcon.

There was an episode in Ultimate Alien where Simian, an aracnachimp who was working for the highbreed, who was thought to be dead, turns out to be alive. However this episode started on Primus, so this episode may have been retconned. So here is my question. Does that mean that Simian is alive or not? And if so, and if he appears, will Ben be surprised or did this episode happen but with a different starting point?

I think this is a time we're making too much of something. Rather than "everything remotely related to Primus never happened so we're in a heavily altered universe whose shape we barely know anymore," Derrick had in mind more "the Omnitrix has its DNA inside it rather than it all being by remote. But what's Primus have to do with Simian anyway? Simian returns in "Simian Says. I think we can safely say that rest episode is solid canon.

Al we have to do always replace "Primus" with "lab on Galvan". How come Ben was so easily kept under Hypnotick's illusion for so long in Showdown even during the periods where Khyber's pet was distracted from casting it!

I thought the same thing. Plus, why didn't he changed into a different alien when Azmuth made the pet turn back to normal? He had quite the time to do so before Khyber whisled While i saw the flaw in feedback, but the conversation seemed like that was not the reason they did not want him to use him.

All i got from what was said that overusing an alien would cause problems for the DNA. One would think that the same could be said for four arms, heatblast or diamondhead since he used them a lot before getting new aliens. I don't really get that either. Though to be fair, Ben never used those three as much as he did with Feedback Well, on a technical standpoint, Ben's used Heatblast, Diamondhead and Fourarms much more then Feedback, but he alternated.

Where as every time we see him in Omniverse, he pretty much goes Feedback whenever he can. But, then again, I guess we're supposed to assume that Ben became Feedback a lot more of-screen.