Arnold powerlifting meet

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arnold powerlifting meet

The Raw Challenge entry link is the following: usapowerlifting/raw-challenge and will be activated on November 14th at 10pm EST. Bench. actual bwt. bench. Male, pro, raw modern, Open, , Katlenbacher Patric , , Male, pro, single ply*, Open, [Thirds on Insta]( What's up guys. GM. Haven't done a meet report in a good.

Pre-Meet Joey couldn't actually handle me, because he was competing on the same day. A day out from the meet, the friend I had handling me let me know that he couldn't make it, so I had to find myself someone I could trust implicitly to handle thinking so I didn't have to.

This actually brought things full-circle for me, because he was supposed to handle me inbut couldn't because he got accepted into a program in Australia. It was a dream team two years in the making.

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I had a few issues the night before with my AirBnB that I'd rather not go into detail about it, but I came in stressed as fuuuuuuck morning of. I weighed in an hour before official weigh-ins over a kilo under, which threw me for a loop because I'd been walking around perfectly on weight for months.

So I ate into weigh-ins. Had some snacks, junk food Official weight was After weigh-ins I chugged a pedialyte mixed with a trioral supplement to bloat hard into squats. Also ate some more snacks, but had a relatively small appetite. Squats kg lbs Easy, as an opener should be, three whites.

SBD Pro American at 2018 Arnold Sports Festival

It was slower than I'd hoped going in, but a solid second attempt. Three whites, no real issues at all. I was confident in hitting that from the way my prep went, but it just wasn't in the cards. It was a bit of a grind, and I got red-lighted on my right side for depth.

I'd had a slight issue with hip shift caused by a knee tweak since well before Nationals that often caused lopsided depth, so if I got any reds on squat I expected this to be what happened.

Joe called this perfectly. Bench kg lbs I've opened with this now two meets in a row. I'm getting sick of it, and judging by how quickly the bar wanted to get away from my chest, it's getting sick of me too. Something went fucky on this though.

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The bar moved cleanly, but I twisted hard on the bench and tweaked my lower back a little. We took a small jump to my third to be safe, and I forewent the PR to live another day. I suck at grinding bench, and this was a huuuuuge grind for my standards. Three whites but holy shit I just want to bench more already, I've been benching this since July.

Deadlifts Ahh the bane of my existence. I've never been exceptional at them, and they always like to fuck with me at the end of meets.


I was insanely nervous before my opener, basically shaking in the on-deck chairs. And then Bonica Lough hit her third, and freaked out, running into the back room screaming and celebrating.

I couldn't help but get caught up in her hype and all my stress just melted away. I probably wouldn't have done as well as I did without that. I'd missed this twice in past competitions pulling conventional. I walked to Joe after this and told him to send it on the third. USA Powerlifting Pro American — Ballroom The top level raw and equipped lifters compete in a full meet squat, bench and deadlift for the top prize money. This event is invite only and consists of the top level lifters from our National and international events.

Scoring for the top prize is based on the Wilks formula, so every attempt is critical. In the past years, we have seen IPF World Record squats, benches and deadlifts go into the history books.

arnold powerlifting meet

We anticipate more to come in Watch both raw and equipped going head to head for the big cash prizes and the chance to set IPF World Records. Both men and women will be competing, not only for the biggest pull within their sex, but also by formula.

Changing it up some, we will be having lifters competing in a squat for reps competition.

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These lifters can max out with a lot of weight, but are they ready to give a show with how many reps they can move? Ballroom A new event coming inthe Battle of the Regions. The top 5 athletes who competed at Regionals in will be selected for this competition. Each region will be battling as a team, scoring by Wilks formula.

arnold powerlifting meet

Day one and two will take place in the main exhibit hall C with plus athletes from over 30 countries competing. They will have one event on Saturday and then four events on Sunday.