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Justin Bieber, Scooter, and the "Shema"

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Built with just one room ish square foot apartment per floor, the intimately scaled Fifth Avenue offered residents both high luxury and the luxury of privacy.

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Exclusive, expensive and favored by big money Wall Street types, Fifth Avenue is unquestionably one of the very good cooperative buildings that line Fifth Avenue but not, butter beans, one of the very best.

Those aristocratic real estate honors, which many will surely decry as outdated and outrageous, belong to cooperative buildings with addresses such as, and We dug at, pulled on and carefully cajoled the interweb until we were blue in the face and four and a half gin and tonics into the wee hours of the morning.

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See how we do for you, children? Some reports indicate that real estate developer and coop board president Richard Cohen owns the eighth floor apartment at Fifth Avenue.

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Our research reveals that Mister Cohen owns the second floor unit, an apartment he shared with tee-vee achor Paula Zahn until sometime in or when the long married couple went splitsville.

An acrimonious dee—vorce ensued and all sorts of lurid allegations got tossed about and reported in the gossip columns: Miz Zahn allegedly told people that her marriage was sexless.

Suffice to say that Mr. Cohen, as head of the board, successfully led the charge to remove the nest in As the story goes, the couple renovated the apartment but, due to a classic case of the mysterious The Real Estate Fickle, never moved in. The renovated residence was hoisted on to the market and snatched up in by hedge hog Lee Ainslie of Maverick Capital.

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The buyer was Goldman Sachs bigwig Thomas B. At the time of the sale, the apartment has high ceilings, ballroom sized public spaces with park views, fireplaces and restored gold leaf details.

The fifth floor, as best as Your Mama can surmise from our spin through the interweb, belongs to long time resident Claire Edersheim, the widow of financier Maurits Edersheim, an early and long time employee of the once venerable investment bank Drexel Burnham Lambert.

In addition to an entire house in Scarsdale, NY, in Mister and Missus Edersheim had the chutzpah to have their pre-war digs at Fifth Avenue completely done over by Brutalist architect Paul Rudolph.

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The result was a sleek s glam meets a throaty s whisper with lots of suggestively curving walls, shiny surfaces, exotic lighting, Lucite tables, and an army of tufted arm chairs in the corner living room that overlooks Central Park. Numerous and delicious pictures of both projects can be seen here. Like the now deceased Mister Edersheim who lived for many years the apartment below, Mister Rowan is a former big shot banker at Drexel Burnham Lambert. I wasn t into that, said Braun, who grew up in Greenwich, Conn.

With another Jewish member of the crew, we started saying the Shema. About the third time, Justin chimed in, Braun recalls. He had memorized it. Now others say it with us, too. When your about to step out on stage with 10, girls screaming, it s good to have faith. The fact that the Shema, a prayer that is said with all your heart, has become part of Bieber s ritual in itself represents a change in heart.

You could send me a Christian man. She s a protective mother, explained Braun when asked about his first encounter with Mallette. If someone called you up in the middle of the night and wanted to talk to you about taking your child on the road, what would you do? The scene with the Shema is in the film because Bieber s mother wanted it there, said Braun. Originally it was left out and she said that s not what we do, he said.

As noted by Rabbi Jason Miller of Michigan, who writes at blog.