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A lawyer for the former radio DJ accused of groping Taylor Swift told jurors from before a concert with Mueller and Swift together that Swift has said was taken the moment she he grabbed hear backside. groping at a backstage meet -and-greet at Denver's Pepsi Center. . DODGE AVENGER. (June ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). The following is a list of tours by the Jonas Brothers. Contents. 1 Headlining tours. American Club Tour. Tour dates. Marvelous Party Tour. Setlist; 2 Tour dates. When You Look Me in the Eyes Tour; Burnin' Up Tour . The film includes musical duets from Demi Lovato and Joe, Taylor Swift. Here's What You Should Know About This Week's Taylor Swift Trial and centers on a meet-and-greet before a Swift concert in Denver, during In his suit, he claimed that he was attending the meet-and-greet as part of his selection on Monday, having managed to dodge the media on their way in.

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I still have to ship it out, right? Would you be excited to meet this NBA superstar? The bride greets Queen Elizabeth. Manchester Evening News via Youtube Where: Manchester, England The queen is not above crashing weddings. Inher majesty shocked some newlyweds when she walked into town hall to congratulate them.

DJ Says Taking Taylor Swift To Court Was Only Option

Whether Democrats or Republicans, most couples would want to meet this man. President was visiting an Irish-American philanthropy group and happened to be staying at the resort where the nuptials took place. Justin Timberlake A couple taking wedding photos got to snap a shot with Justin Timberlake. TMZ via Youtube Where: Lisa Boggs Photography via Instagram Where: While visiting his alma mater, Georgetown University, inBradley Cooper congratulated an unsuspecting couple who were having their photos taken on the campus grounds.

An unmistakable TV personality accepts a surprise invitation. Atlanta, Georgia According to E! No one expected the TV host to show up — but he did. The TV star was reportedly very kind to the wedding guests, posing for photos with those who asked.

A presidential surprise Barack Obama A golf outing turned into a celebration of love for Barack Obama. Obama insisted he meet them, so the bride and groom jumped at the chance right before their wedding ceremony. Hollywoodwire TV via Youtube Where: Of course, no one was upset about Queen Bey and Jay crashing the ceremony and were ecstatic when the pair agreed to be in a few photos.

Taylor Swift This couple could not believe it when Taylor Swift crashed their wedding.

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Funny woman brings along other celebs to crash party The comedian was promoting Trainwreck and crashed the party of newlyweds who were continuing to celebrate their nuptials at a pub after the ceremony.

Musician surprises couple with a performance Sans Souci, New South Wales, Australia Inwhen Ed Sheeran learned about a couple who had fallen on hard times leading up to their wedding day, he decided to surprise them and went to the event.

He also performed the very first song they danced to as a married couple and shared a photo with them on his Instagram account. Rajan Patel via Youtube Where: The wedding celebration was happening next door to the West Hollywood venue where their photo shoot was taking place. The two stars reportedly crash the wedding, gave a mock speech, and then launched into an impromptu song and dance. Pop star crashes more than one wedding