7 of wands in love relationship

Seven of Wands Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money & Happiness

7 of wands in love relationship

Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning. Seven of Wands Description and Symbolism. A man stands up holding In love it can indicate that you and your partner have a lot to do. You maybe in a relationship that your parents don't support. If the 7 of Wands appears in a future or outcome position of a love reading, then this means that your relationship will end due to constant. When it comes to love and relationships, the Seven of Wands tarot indicates that you are fighting for the right thing. You know he's the right man.

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  • Seven of Wands as Feelings (Love, Friendship and Ex-Lovers)
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If we were a little star for a city to be admired or a whole country now, many people are trying to see the star fall straight into the mud. One thing is safe. With a 7 of wands, it does not fall easy, even if recovery is difficult if not impossible. This card brings the competition to the love affair.

7 of wands in love relationship

This is a major fight. These are public love affairs. As the card identifies with Mars in Leo, the ability to defend itself is quite large. Here we learn how to get to the end with the mass hysteria that is regularly accompanied by motions. No matter who is right, it is only important that we fall down and smell and defend ourselves. When a 7 of sticks appears in the opening, it hints that there will be quarrels with either the partner or the environment. If it comes to adultery, be very careful because there is a risk that adultery will be discovered.

That is why a pie can literally persecute. It can go so far that they will have to move. A 7 of Wands symbolizes freedom, independence, learning and creativity.

Seven of Wands as Feelings (Love, Friendship and Ex-Lovers)

If in some conflicts, be sure to get out of them as a winner. Things will happen in the way you want, you will feel great and all the projects will move in the imagined direction.

Someone may have given you an ultimatum that you feel is very unfair. The situation maybe exhausting to you. Seven of Wands as Advice Have the courage even against the odds. Know without a doubt that you can do it on your own. Combine the lion heart of Leo with the Mars Aries logic to come up with the strength of will to persevere.

7 of wands in a love interest reading

Mars energy of the Seven of Wands brings in levels of warfare and aggression. If you are under attack the best thing to do is try and keep enemy forces at bay.

This is a much better approach because Qabbalistically the number seven is losing momentum as it descends into the physical world. Seven of Wands in Career It could be that you are a sole proprietor with tasks that are mounting and without employees or any help you feel almost under attack.

You've got to get them done and you will, but you'll need to keep going and keep fighting. One at a time you'll get things done. In business you may be on the brink of defeat, but you can still win. The victory of the 6 of wands is still fresh in your mind. You've worked hard to get where you are today and you will not back down.

It may take some more effort, but you are willing to put in the time.

7 of wands in love relationship

Stand your ground and push through. With perseverance, you can win. Remember that when you are at the top there are always people who will want to bring you down. There were always scandals, executions and power plays. Once you were crowned king, it could easily be taken away by your son or cousin. The Seven of Wands reminds you that once you are at the top, there is still a lot of work to do.

The man will not let anyone approach, and he will use force if he has to. Like what the image in the card is trying to suggest, you may be feeling some opposing forces who are threatening to go up against you, or challenging you to achieve the same level of success, or more. This is quite similar to the Three of Wands or Nine of Wands.

7 of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning, Love, Reversed

Competition is stiff, and you realize that you have to keep proving yourself to keep and maintain your stature. Understand that for every person who is happy for what you have achieved, there is another person out there who resent you for it.

The Seven of Wands tarot represents challenges that must constantly be overcome to continue enjoying success.

7 of wands in love relationship

The road to victory is fraught with trials and hardships, and you must draw upon your strength and self-confidence to keep walking forward.

The Seven of Wands tarot indicates that you must keep your composure and your resolve, especially when situations are less than ideal. You must remain firm and hold your ground. It will be easier said than done, but you did not reach that level of success by being soft and gentle.