How did himmler meet hitler

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how did himmler meet hitler

Himmler acted as the Nazi party's propaganda leader between and In , he was appointed head of the SS, Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard. BERLIN, Germany — Wartime diaries kept by top Nazi henchman According to Bild, Himmler was an ambitious careerist who met with more. Heinrich Himmler was a devout follower of Adolf Hitler and believed that he was the Karl von Eberstein, Heydrich was able to obtain a meeting with Himmler.

During that period he had worked to reduce the prominence of Jews in economic and public life. But byhe had reversed his position, stopped his publication, and decided that the Nazis were criminals and murderers. Unbeknown to Himmler, Musy had gone so far as to switch his loyalties and become an emissary of the Irgun, the Revisionist Zionist movement. It originated with Dr.

how did himmler meet hitler

Reuben Hecht, who worked as an Irgun representative in Zurich. Hecht forged a close relationship with the American consul general there, Samuel Edison Woods, and persuaded him to embrace Zionism. They established contacts with the Papal Nuncio to Switzerland and gradually gained influence with the broader Swiss diplomatic community. And in Septemberthey came into contact with Musy, recruited him to the Zionist cause and, astoundingly, proved able to negotiate with Himmler through him.

A conference at Yad Vashem, and the resulting documentation, indicated that these negotiations ultimately saved the lives of many thousands of Jews.

Jean-Marie Musy photo credit: This order, it need hardly be stated, came far too late to save the millions upon millions of Jews and others whom the Nazis had murdered.

Himmler, it also need hardly be stressed, was a central cog in that genocidal Nazi machine. His intervention to counter Hitler toward the very end of the war was entirely cynical and self-motivated.

how did himmler meet hitler

It was also not universally implemented. Hitler himself worked to ensure that his will not be subverted.

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Heinrich Himmler photo credit: It was these issues that were discussed by Himmler and Musy on that November 3 journey to Vienna.

Two weeks later, on November 18, Musy informed Himmler in writing that the United States government was prepared to participate in negotiations with him, through Musy, via its consul general in Zurich, Woods, over the possible transfer of hundreds of thousands of Jews from concentration camps in the Reich to freedom via Switzerland.

Himmler's diary reveals daily life of Nazi mass murderer

On November 24,Himmler ordered gassings to stop and crematoria to be destroyed at Auschwitz and its 51 sub-camps. He served in the German army at the end of World War One and then had a variety of jobs, including working as a chicken farmer. He became involved with the Nazi party in the early s and took part in the 'beer hall' putsch of Himmler acted as the Nazi party's propaganda leader between and Inhe was appointed head of the SS, Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard, and the following year was elected to the Reichstag.

After the Nazis came to power in Germany inHimmler became police president in Munich and head of the political police in Bavaria. He used his position to build a state within a state, expanding the SS and establishing its autonomy within the Nazi party and its dominance in Germany. Inhe set up Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp.

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Byhe had manoeuvred himself into a position where he was head of a newly unified national police. Himmler was obsessed with racial purity in Germany and encouraged Aryan 'breeding programmes'. The outbreak of World War Two allowed Himmler to pursue another racial goal - the elimination of Jews and other so-called 'sub-humans'.

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