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Road to state interview: Amanda Barnes of Beaufort

South Carolina State Cross Country Championships official site. Results from A boys. A girls. AA boys. AA girls. AAA boys. AAA girls. Beth: Yes, I was a varsity football cheerleader, and I took gymnastics. scrunners: Have you ever been to any indoor meets, if so, which ones, and do you like. I would like to get first place and hopefully the state meet record which is currently 12'8. Photo by Clayton Evans for I got involved in this sport because of an old gymnastics teammate, a persistent mother.

The team that I have now makes me love it that much more. They are like another family, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed myself more. What have you learned from the sport? I have learned countless things through the sport, but the main thing is to be a team.

I have never been a part of a sport where you see the competitors helping each other! Last week, I gave one of my friends a tip that helped them insure their qualification! It really is a team sport in that aspect, and even my track team as a whole really supports me and I can count on them at any time. Did you run into any challenges this year? Pole vaulting is such a mental sport, you have to keep a level head the entire time. I made a breakthrough just a few days ago actually!

Chase is definitely a big factor of my clearing the height I needed to this past weekend.

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Did you have a specific motivation this year? My main motivation this year was to be the best vaulter in the state, then get the state meet record. I am currently number one in the state. Looking back at your career, what do you remember the most so far? I remember the friends I have made, the mentors I have gotten to know, and the coaches that I have. They have all become part of a family that could never be replaced.

They are the reason that I am where I am. Without their support I would be nowhere, and without their lasting support I would go nowhere. I love each and every one of them. That is what I remember most now, and what I will remember most for the rest of my life. Who has been your biggest competitive rival throughout your high school career? It's a tough decision to say When talking about a team, what school has been the biggest rival for Aiken?

South Aiken High School is definitely our biggest rival because it's the cross town school.

Road to state interview: Amanda Barnes of Beaufort

What athlete to you admire the most and why? Teammate wise, I admire Michele Milner because of all the leadership and hardwork she shows and adds to our team.

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I really admire Jeff Hartwig, the American Record Holder, because in the several times I have spent time with him he was a really great motivator and person to talk to. I heard about it through my friend Travis Beck.

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I went up with him one Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed it. When did you start practicing with the Carolina Vault Clinic and what kind of improvements have you seen? I started back in the middle of my first pole vault season during the 10th grade. I have seen improvements with my technique and a high increase in my personal record.

What kind of shoes do you use to train and compete in? Have you tried several pairs out and what have worked the best?

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I have tried other pairs and I like these the best because I feel like I'm running the fastest and they are extremely light on the feet. What kind of poles do you use? The type of poles that I use are either Skypoles or Mystic Poles scrunners: What has been the biggest factor for you with weather conditions? What works best for you or do you practice in all conditions in order to be ready for any circumstances?

I try to practice in all kinds of conditions because you never know how the weather is going to be for a meet. If I had to pick the forecast before a meet, I would want a medium tail wind with a high around How did you feel about your season last year and how do you feel this year after finishing first at Coaches Classic, first at Outback, and second at Taco Bell?

I am happy with my season. I just wish that my vaults would have been higher.