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For Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin on the DS, Richiter Mode FAQ by akura_integra. Richter mode is one of the three unlockable modes when finishing the game. To unlock this mode, You must get the good ending in Jonathan. Définitions de Richter Belmont, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Richter Belmont, Death is often a boss fought toward the end of the game. . The same zombie impersonators also appear in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin when . mention of that connection is to be found in Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles, where. A description of tropes appearing in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. on the ending, although unlocking it at some point is required to unlock the Richter and . manual writer, though, since the manual outright says their relationship is " platonic".

Within each room is a boss or collection of monsters from the game. Depending on how quickly a player completes each stage, they will be rewarded with special items which can be added to the inventory of the normal game. This mode also features a wireless, cooperative two player option.

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Players can interact through either the Co-op mode or a Shop mode. Both modes can connect by local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi. The character used in this mode can be chosen at the beginning and is selected from a list of characters that is unlocked through the standard gameplay. The Co-op mode is initially limited to one boss-run challenge, but after a file is beaten, two more challenges become available.

The online Shop mode allows players to sell their items to other player. When another player buys the item, the selling player gains the money, but doesn't lose the item. Plot and setting[ edit ] Portrait of Ruin takes place in the fictional universe of the Castlevania series. The series' premise is the conflict between the vampire hunters of the Belmont clan and the immortal vampire Dracula. The paintings act as portals to new areas and feature a distinct look that is different from the main castle.

Characters[ edit ] Portrait of Ruin introduces new characters to the Castlevania series: Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin.

Jonathan is the current wielder of the legendary whip, "Vampire Killer", which was passed down to him by his father, John Morris from Castlevania: As he is not a direct descendant of the Belmont clan, he is unable to unlock the Vampire Killer's full power without the assistance of a member of the Lecarde family. Charlotte is a mage and distant descendant of the Belnades clan.

The game features the same antagonists as previous Castlevania titles and introduces three new ones. The main villain is Dracula who serves as the game's final boss. Despite his previous incarnations in the timeline, such as Symphony of the NightDracula has short, black hair and no facial hair. The new antagonists are three vampires that have taken control of Dracula's castle. Leading them is Brauner, an elderly vampire based on the real life artist Victor Brauner from the same time period.

Brauner recreated Dracula's castle using the souls of the dead from World War II in order to draw power from the castle and plans to use that power to destroy humanity. Brauner is able to construct paintings containing pocket dimensions in order to harness the castle's power for his own purposes.

He is joined by twin vampire sisters Stella and Loretta. Although the two are vampires, they are actually Eric Lecarde's daughters who were turned into vampires by Brauner, who they believe is their father. In the bad ending, Brauner gives up and escapes from the castle in order to save the lives of his two adopted daughters. Assisting the two main characters are a priest named Vincent Dorin who acts as a merchant selling weapons, potions, and magic spells, as well as a ghost who introduces himself as "Wind" and provides Jonathan and Charlotte new skills and equipment that once belonged to him if they perform certain tasks called "quests".

Story[ edit ] Prior to the start of the game, the two sisters, Stella and Loretta travel to Dracula's castle in search of their father, Eric Lecarde. After traversing through the castle, the two arrive at Brauner's lair where they find their father defeated.

Seeing the two sisters, Brauner grabs them and turns them into vampires. After Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin cure Loretta and Stella from vampirism, the two sisters offer to aid Jonathan in learning to use the whip's full power. This is an optional choice, up to the player, and if they choose to do so, the sisters accomplish this by sending Jonathan into another realm to fight the living memory of the last full Belmont to wield the whip — Richter Belmont.

Richter fights the player using knivesboomerang crosses, holy wateraxesthe Grand Cross item crash attacka fast Dash strike and a fully powered version of the Vampire Killer.

Once Richter's illusion is defeated, Jonathan's whip becomes one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Rondo of Blood Richter can back flip by pressing jump twice in quick succession. His greatest ability is to be able to perform an Item Crash with all the sub-weapons in the game. If Richter performs Item Crash without a sub-weapon equipped, he will instead empower his whip with fire.

There are very few opportunities to do this because Richter will spend the vast majority of the game with an active sub-weapon. In Sega Saturn version, he is always available as well as Maria and has an alternate costume. Richter also gains many new abilities which are executed with a combination of directional arrows and the attack button. Unlike AlucardRichter does not depend on MP, thus he can use these abilities indefinitely.

Richter can also sprint. He's an optional boss; if you defeat him, the whip becomes stronger and one of the best weapons in the game. Richter is also playable in the game's Alternate mode along with Maria Renard. Tracing a line in the air with his bony arm, miniature scythes formed in the air before the pair.

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We need to destroy the scythes! Whirling it about, Jonathan was able to take out a good number of the scythes, while a well-aimed spell from Charlotte destroyed the rest. Hearing a familiar laugh, Jonathan turned to see Dracula preparing to launch Dark Inferno directly at the two of them. That spell would pierce through the shield easily, but dodging wouldn't be the best option as Death still had scythes flying about. Let's see how the Morris family guard technique holds up against Dracula!

The next continued to batter him, but the hunter held his ground, sliding back only slightly with each hit. Turning to face Charlotte, he gave her a confident smile before suddenly falling to his knees. Death was almost above them, nearly ready to attack from above.

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Finding the power of the Gryphon's Wing, Jonathan leapt into the air threw his cross directly at the reaper. Meanwhile, Charlotte began her chant for another spell. Jonathan's attack knocked Death back slightly, but Dracula seemed to be of a mind to capitalize on the situation anyway.

As the hunter fell to the ground, Dracula appeared before him and swung his cape wide, releasing a blast of energy that sent Jonathan flying into the opposite wall. With a cry of pain as he impacted the stone, Jonathan crumpled to the ground. Unfortunately, Death was there to interfere; throwing its scythe in the direction of the mage, Charlotte was forced to discard the mana for her spell and dodge backwards.

No time for a spell Charlotte thought to herself. But I can't just leave him like that! Again moving to evade an attack, this time fireballs from Dracula, Charlotte hastily searched the items she carried until she found what she was seeking.

A vial of blue liquid; an elixir that could restore vitality and heal wounds of the drinker. Deftly rolling the vial along the ground, it slid to a stop before Jonathan's unmoving hand. The two of them had practicing the technique extensively; tossing items between each other had been incredibly useful in their time throughout the castle. However, what considering Charlotte more was the fact the Jonathan didn't seem to be getting up.

Get up, we're not finished! She dodged another flurry of fireballs from the Count's cloak and began chanting a quick spell. The effort was in vain, however, as the vampire simply vanished before they could approach, allowing them to crash harmlessly against the stone wall.

Turning through her spellbook, the witch stopped once she reached the aria for the light spirit spell. Naturally, it would be her most effective weapon against Death and the Dark Lord, though it was more costly in time and mana than some of her other spells.

Mid reciting an aria, the witch couldn't dodge; only able to stare at the cloaked form of the reaper as it neared at incredible speed, the bony visage seeming to smile wickedly at her. Charlotte turned slightly and saw Jonathan standing before her. Quickly remembering what she was doing, Charlotte finished the chant: Keep on Death, I'm going to pay Dracula back! Dracula merely chuckled, holding his hand palm out and launching several energy blasts at the advancing hunter.

Jonathan nimbly slipped around each of the attacks. Right before the whip made contact, however, the vampire's body seemed to disintegrate into a dark murky mist that Jonathan merely fell through. He had no time to even speak his surprise before a voice spoke behind him. Jonathan wasn't simply going to give up, however. He pulled himself to his feet and charged the vampire again. Dracula launched a series of fireballs, but Jonathan merely deflected them with the Belmont clan's whip as he jumped forward again and struck the Count with all his strength.

The holy power of the weapon caused Dracula to stumble backwards, though he vanished into a swarm of bats before Jonathan had an opportunity to follow up his attack with anything else.

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Not letting his momentum go to waste, Jonathan continued running past where Dracula had just been and towards Death, who was busy deflecting a spell of Charlotte's. Tapping deep into the power of the whip, Jonathan felt it take his own life energy as he readied for an attack, the whip literally flaring up and yellow flames covered it from grip to tip.

The power of the attack was so great that the reaper was sent flying backwards and into the far wall. The scythe flew from the being's skeletal fingers and lodged itself in the ceiling. Charlotte was at his side in a moment, chanting a healing spell to close his wounds.

Dracula pulled his cloak around him, and Charlotte felt a strong surge of mana as he did so. Death's form wavered for a moment, before disintegrating into pitch dark black blotches that flew around the two hunters and into Dracula's rapidly darkening form.

A powerful burst of energy knocked the two hunters off of their feet, sending them flying into the wall behind them. Jonathan struggled to look through the pain as he sat slumped against the wall. Dracula, using Death's power, had transformed, now a hideous winged demon nearly as tall the the throne room itself.

The hunter cast his glance to the side, looking for Charlotte, only to see her lying unmoving beside him. Bruises and small cuts stained the girl's skin, but her injuries were less than Jonathan's. We don't have time for this! Jonathan looked up and saw Dracula pulling Death's scythe from the ceiling, obviously in preparation for some sort of attack. Swearing under his breath, Jonathan picked the witch up, one arm under her knees and another under her shoulders.

Dracula spun the scythe in his clawed grip, a blood red aura gathering around it as the speed increased. Then, with a gesture from his free hand, two more appeared spinning at his side. With a shout, he sent the first towards his two foes.