Volpone and mosca relationship quiz

Volpone by Ben Jonson

volpone and mosca relationship quiz

others, but his main change was to alter the relationship between Volpone and Mosca in such a way as to turn Mosca into the play's hero. This Mosca – who has . Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca in Acts I and II of the Ben Jonson play "Volpone"; to what extent is Volpone presented as the. Volpone and Mosca are the two principal characters in Ben Jonson's comedy Volpone. Both characters are devious, witty, and sly, but Volpone is the.

In a sense Jonson is to Shakespeare as Pretty Woman is to Revenge of the Nerds — one is refined and sophisticated while the other is purial and vulgar. This was the case with The Alchemist, and this is also very much the case with Volpone.

volpone and mosca relationship quiz

Sure, in Volpone the main characters are members of the upper classes, but unlike Shakespeare we have the plots of the upper and lower classes intricately woven together, particularly with Mockta. As I have suggested in the title of this piece, Johnson actually reminds me a lot of a Guy Ritchie film, which focuses more on the dark and gritty side of society, and in a way is much more realistic.

The play is set in Venice, which also caught my attention, namely because Venice, and in fact northern Italy at the time was the centre of the civilised world.

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Okay, the dynamics were beginning to shift to the north, particularly with the invention of the printing press, but Venice was still very much an incredibly wealthy, and incredibly powerful, city state. In the minds of the people at the time, Northern Italy was still the centre of the universe, and anybody who was anybody would want to be connected with the power brokers of the region.

Volpone is also a play about money, and the lengths people go to to get as much of it as possible. In fact people devote their entire lives to the accumulation of wealth, to the exclusion of almost everything else.

Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca Essay

In the end, does it make people happy — well, no, it makes people incredibly paranoid. In a sense the minimalist life is quite appealing in that sense. Yet they claim that an old lady who collects cats is mad, or somebody who collects stamps, or comic books, a geek, yet somebody who obsesses over money to the point that they push everybody away and end up living alone in an opulent mansion is somehow considered normal.

Money sure does some strange things to people. The audience sees for the first time here that Corvino is an extremely jealous man and very possessive of Celia.

In the next scene, Volpone confesses to Mosca that he is in love with Celia. Mosca devises a plan for this.

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He goes to Corvino and tells him that Scoto of Mantua's oil has cured Volpone. The final part of the doctor's plans, Mosca tells him, is to find a beautiful woman for Volpone to sleep with in order to 'warm his blood.

He hides him there to overhear confirmation of his disinheritance from Corbaccio's own mouth. While Bonario is hiding, Corvino brings Celia to give her to Volpone. Celia protests saying, 'Sir, kill me rather: I will take down poison, eat burning coals, do anything.

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When Celia and Volpone are finally alone, Volpone leaps off the couch, dropping his game of feigning ill. He attempts to seduce Celia by offering her pearls, jewels, exotic cuisine, and other wealth, but she'll have none of it: He grabs Celia and takes her away saying, 'Lady, let's quit this place, it is the den of villainy.

volpone and mosca relationship quiz

But Voltore who is a lawyer makes the case that Celia and Bonario are lovers and the 'lies' they've told are a part of their plot to be together. The avocatori believe Voltore, and Celia and Bonario are arrested. In the final act of the play, Volpone wants to quit his game of being sick, so he plans one final scheme.

volpone and mosca relationship quiz

He tells Mosca to inform the town that he has died and left all his money to Mosca. Volpone disguises himself as a Venetian guard in order to enjoy the reactions of Voltore, Corvino, and Corbaccio.

But this is when everything falls apart for Volpone.

volpone and mosca relationship quiz

Mosca locks Volpone out of the house. He has been named the heir of the supposedly dead Volpone, and he won't let Volpone rejoin the living until Volpone agrees to pay up: Since he will needs be dead afore his time, I'll bury him, or gain by him: