Vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

Westwood Reveals Abusive Relationship Picture: Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, Rex Features. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD. Vivienne Westwood: Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood in her studio Vivienne Westwood met Malcolm McLaren in the early 70s. . Westwood (her son from her first marriage with Derek Westwood) Topics. Vivienne Westwood · Sex Pistols · Malcolm McLaren · Naomi Campbell · Adam Ant · Punk. Vivienne Westwood is a treasured global fashion icon, but her rise to up about her rocky and enigmatic relationship with Malcolm McLaren.

But I wasn't very fond of it. It was hard like a carpet from all the piss. It was a big success and afterwards we had huge things of ice cream. I was always doing things like this. You know, Austria is a very funny country. I mean, I wouldn't want to live there now.

But on the other side, my parents were actually very liberal. Westwood tells me later that when Kronthaler was a teenager, his brother committed suicide, but I don't get the chance to ask him about it, and anyway it's not something he's chosen to talk about. At 14 he left his family and the village school and went to study at an art secondary school in Graz, learning goldsmithery alongside his academic qualifications, and at 18 he enrolled at the Vienna Academy of Arts, where he would meet the person who would change the course of his life: I was quite a virgin towards all that.

I just remember meeting her the first time and it really struck me. I just loved her. I loved the way she looked. I always like extreme things and she was quite extreme. And then she started to speak, and I really connected with her. For the first time, there was somebody who spoke the things that I thought. She had the same kind of outlook.

vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

She's not just fashion. It's much more than that.

vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

I like that I'm getting older. I think experience is interesting. And maybe it is getting less as we get older. She stays the same. Such as that Kronthaler was very good friends with her year-old mother Dora and took her to the pub every single Friday. I really loved her," he says. That they'd got married in secret and didn't bother telling anyone; Dora read about it in the paper three years later.

I think it was Vivienne. It was nobody else's business. He tells me that he said to her: She had nothing to bring whatsoever. She's like a monk. Oh, Andreas doesn't tell me anything. That's very important to you. Whereas I don't bother wearing any these days. Later, though, I speak to her properly and she's expansive in her praise of him.

The first thing he ever showed me, the model had to have two sticks in her hands to demonstrate the dress, it was so huge. It's very difficult to find a student who you'd give a out of a - maybe it's possible, but I haven't met them yet. But in the case of Andreas, he was completely off the scale. Westwood does the cooking.

vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

But you can't help her. We quarrel after the first minute. Where I cut the onion.

Why Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren wrote me out of his will

Or how I cut it. Or which wooden board I take. Or where I put my knife. She is a control freak. It's something that really relaxes me. I don't think she's ever hoovered or used the washing machine, ever, in all these years.

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She just never notices. She can just live with it. She's in her world. For all I know she could just spend months in her bed, with books all around. When I interviewed Westwood two years ago, I stumbled across one lone stray cutting from an ancient magazine that described him as bisexual.

He doesn't mind if people say that; he doesn't care at all. In fact he thinks it's quite good that nobody really knows. And I don't really know. I'm hedging a bit. I probably know a bit more. I would guess yes, but I don't really know.

I take her answer on this.

vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

Far more than she needs him. I know she loves me. I can feel it, the way that I come down the stairs sometimes - but she's so independent, she's one of these people who just doesn't need other people. And I never intended anything to happen. He was very important to me but I hadn't imagined anything.

Why Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren wrote me out of his will

We were just messing around one day. But I never wanted to get married. I thought it was ridiculous. He was much too young. And I liked being on my own. I've got used to living with him now. And I love living with him. It was ridiculous the way we contradicted ourselves. She wouldn't even know what we'd done at Christmas. She couldn't remember where we were.

He has recently been campaigning against the government's plan to criminalise the possession of extreme pornography. What does she make of his career choice? Otherwise, I think it's fine. But I think he should make the women look more glamorous, more interesting.

But then it probably wouldn't be porn if the women looked too strong. I know women have suffered and I think it's great that people stand up for women's rights but the problem with feminists is that they somehow consider women to be superior beings. And in the end, they just want to be men anyway. They want to do men's work. Westwood met him when she was teaching a class in Vienna and he was one of her students and they married in He's so supportive and we're just so interested in each other.

He's an amazing person. He's not in my shadow anyway.

vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren relationship questions

He's a very bossy person actually. He prefers to let me do the public things. He has an original point of view, he's extremely interesting. What is good about him is that he likes to go out. He goes to the pub across the road and he just loves to look at people. So when he goes down the club, or is watching TV, I can get on with my reading.

It is perhaps mean to even suggest it, but does she ever worry he will leave her? But it's difficult to say that and one doesn't want to sound complacent. I know he's committed to me. We support each other, intellectually and in all kinds of ways. One of the greatest periods of my life was when I was without a man, sexually or any real way, for about 10 years. Except that wasn't really true because I was very close to my friend Gary Ness, who is dead. He was a homosexual but I was very attracted to him.

I was not looking for a man at all, and if you want to find a man, maybe don't look for one and you might get one. It has a cast of 20 characters who pop up throughout it, including Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio. It is, you gather, quite bonkers, but marvellously so, didactic, snobbish and thoroughly subjective.

She hates modern art, for instance. What does her friend Tracey Emin think about this? She gives a little laugh. She loves my clothes and I She says, 'Have you changed your mind about modern art yet? But we're very good friends.