Tony and effy relationship quiz

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tony and effy relationship quiz

I began watching Skins with series 3, so I didn't become acquainted with the relationship between Tony and Effy until very recently when I. Of course, the big draw to Skins are the relationships and all the WTF-ery that comes with them. Seriously, if there is one universe where. 1. What was Effy Stonem's brother called? Channel 4. Chris. Tony a long distance relationship, as she has moved to another part of the UK.

Effy is fit and mysterious. Nobody breaks her heart. Love, love love, what is it good for? Sometimes I wonder where Effy comes from. She has a specific function in the first generation: She, more than once, breaks the fourth wall, looking directly at the camera as if she could see us, behind it, as if she could completely take us apart as well as she does the people surrounding her. He easily got rid of Freddie and Cook, but Tony is like the other side of the coin and a part of Effy that can not be deleted by the way, while Tony was only mentioned in a throwaway-comment in season three by Katie, there is actually a season 3 video diary in which Effy, while still on the run with Cook, is sending Tony a video message in which she begs him to come and rescue her, but not hurt Cook.

There is a beautiful symmetry here to Effy after she hit Katie over the head with a rock: Sitting in her room, going through her directory, desperately trying to talk to someone. This is probably not the right episode yet to talk about this, but another one of these magic moments of creation also: Even though the viewer follows both Effy and Tony, the moment where we realize that something is terribly wrong is probably only when Tony tries to pick up Effy from the police station, finds out that someone has already pretended to be her brother and signed her out, and then gets beaten up badly on the street when he tries to follow her.

She may be having a bit of fun, a joke at your expense. At the same time, we see Effy being led into this creepy villa in nowhere: Then, they inject her with heroin, and she speaks the first lines in the series, the lines she will be measured against for her entire run on the show: Come out my mum the wrong way.

I hear words go past me backwards.

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The people I should love, I hate. I think there was strength in this that got lost with the decision to name her monsters and her illness. This is the last moment of the old Tony we get, before he realizes what he did when he set up Josh, that he is responsible for what is happening to Effy. You know what Tony. I'm from Mars, you're from Venus.

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I do things, you worry about them. I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide.

tony and effy relationship quiz

And then Tony punches Sid. You did things because you wanted something, fine, makes sense.

How Well Do You Remember 'Skins'?

But now, you do things because you can. You fuck with people. Skins click to play it.

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Maxxie is gay Although Maxxie and Anwar are best friends, they fall out after Anwar tells Maxxie he thinks his being gay is weird, and against Anwar's religion. The First Generation click to play it. Question by author fersurejacobx.

Jal After Michelle catches Tony with Maxxie on the trip to Russia, she breaks up with him on the college green. The next day at school, Tony reads an essay for psychology called "The Role of Sex in Power Relationships", upsetting Michelle when he says that sex and power equals fun. Jal comforts her friend after she storms out of the classroom, then goes on to tell her the list of people that Tony cheated on her with, Abigail Stock being one of them.

Examining Effy click to play it. Question by author doublemm. Naomi Naomi, as we have already discovered, is very perceptive and had already sussed out that Freddie had feelings for Effy. However, she now confronted Effy about her feelings. Predictably, Effy denied these feelings. As well as this, Naomi had a moment of openness with Effy outside of the nightclub, suggesting that she had feelings for Emily.

This conversation was interrupted by Thomas, who shouted the group to the front of the queue as he had been employed as a ticket salesman for the event. Journeying With JJ click to play it.

cellar door. we might as well be a symphony.: Skins – Sometimes I think I was born backwards.

He thinks he's gay His psychologist was quite dismissive of JJ and gave the less than satisfactory advice of, "just don't worry". JJ also expressed his concern of never being listened to, which was not helped by his ignorant psychologist.

Shortly after leaving the room, JJ had another rage, which was even ignored by the other patients. Outside, he met Emily who had been given the same pills as him. Whilst the intentions of JJ's pills were to calm him down, Emily's were supposed to make her more truthful.

As we found out later in the episode, it had both of these effects. What reason did Pandora give for her being upset? A Peek At Pandora click to play it. Thomas had left the country Although annoyed that her mum had been drugged after eating several brownies, Pandora's main grievance was that Thomas, who she claimed to love after only three days, had been taken back to the Congo.

This came after Thomas' mother found indecent and drunk teenagers in her son's flat when she arrived early to surprise him. She ordered him to gather his bags and prepare to leave. Pandora later shouted at Effy, blaming her for everything going wrong, before locking herself in the toilet.

tony and effy relationship quiz

Against which other character did he run? Uncovering Cook click to play it. Naomi Naomi was convinced by Emily to run for student president on the grounds that she "knows about politics".