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Yusuke respects Kurama's wisdom, sometimes looking to him for leadership advice when he's not sure what to do. Yusuke often Character Relationships . It is revealed that Toguro was Genkai's partner from a previous tournament. The Yu Yu Hakusho manga series features a diverse cast of fictional characters created by .. Now of no use to him, Toguro kills Genkai the day before the finals. which in Hiei's case was that he could never reveal his relation to Yukina. . It is Shizuru who recommends her brother see master Genkai for advice on the. So they grant Toguro's wish to the best of their ability - he's the most 4 What you guys forget is, tugoro and genkai were already b class in.

Karasu fights Kurama in the opening match of the final round of the Dark Tournament. Due to letting his guard down, Karasu is killed by Kurama, whose fox demon powers have started to return to his human body. Karasu is a popular character with fans, coming in eighth place in the series' second popularity poll.

He wears heavy armor to suppress his aura and wields an axe larger than his own body. With the prospect of a rematch, he trained and improved, but so did Toguro. Having lost to Hiei, it proves he will never beat Toguro, and so Bui asks him to kill him, which Hiei refuses. He is a sociopath, who grew up torturing and killing animals and people. With his expected monetary winnings from the tournament, Sakyo plans to create a large hole or portal linking the Demon Plane with the Human World, for no reason other than to see what happens.

Led by Shinobu Sensui, it is composed of seven individuals referred to by nicknames which are also the names of their abilities. Sensui used The Black Chapter, a videotape that documents thousands of hours of humanity's atrocities, to recruit the human members in his goal to eradicate humanity for being evil.

During a case to stop a small Demon Plane portal created by the Black Book Club, including Sakyo, Sensui found a room where humans were torturing demons and bathing in their blood.

He began to question humanity itself and soon disappeared taking The Black Chapter with him. Only three of the seven are seen, while a fourth is described, they are: Before dying, Sensui states that he longed to have demon heritage, that he created the portal so that he could die in the Demon Plane, and wishes that he be reincarnated as a demon.

He is voiced by Robert McCollum in English. He anticipated Sensui's madness before it began, based on the quality of his pure soul, and looked forward to watching him sink into despair at the horrors he was unable to rationalize.


Itsuki has the Inverse Man transport Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei to hyperspace in order to watch Yusuke's fight with Sensui without interference or escape. After Sensui's death, Itsuki informs Koenma that he can not have Sensui's soul as he did not want to go to the Underworld and takes the body into another dimension. Itsuki is one of Togashi's favorite characters, the author saying after the series ended that he wishes he had been able to expand on the character's twisted psyche.

She states that those with red lots may move on to the next test and the rest can kindly get lost. Everyone indulges the old woman, though the utter lack of skill involved makes everyone including Yusuke believe she has gone senile.

In truth Genkai had treated the paper with a spirit technique that would turn the papers red for everyone who's spiritual energy was of a decent strength, thus eliminating the competition while sparring their feels by making them all think it was mere chance. Yusuke and Kuwabara are both disappointed to find out they each picked a red lot. Two of the rejected students consider it a travesty that they are being thrown out and attack Genkai in a rage.

Genkai instantly knocks both men out without even moving. Though everyone is amazed at the power she possesses Genkai grimly states that in the old days they would have gone flying over three times the distance she had sent them and that it is no fun getting old. As of this point Yusuke is the completely won over to the notion that The Spirit-Wave is worth knowing.

Yusuke turns on his demon detector to try to find Rando but the device is quickly overloaded before it can pin-point him, thus confirming not only that Rando was there but had passed the initial test. Genkai's next test is for the pupils to play in her arcade. As with the lots Genkai states had rigged three of the machines to measure spiritual energy, her janken games measured precognitive ability, her punching game measured spiritual potency and her karaoke machine measured the spirit's ability to adapt.

Genkai also states that while they are to compete on the three games they are to leave the rest of the arcade alone as those are normal arcade games and her personal entertainment system. Finally with most of the pupils eliminated, Genkai puts them all against a more serious test of survival. One of the forests on Genkai's land is infested with demons, she had sealed the forest and allows the demons to remain inside it as a means of training, She states that on the other side of the forest is a large tree in a clearing on a hill, they are to get there in less than two hours to pass the test.

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Genkai tells them to begin and then speeds ahead to the tree herself. All the pupils take different routes to get to the tree however Yusuke doesn't see why they are all splitting up and just cuts straight through to get to the tree. In the center he finds an enormous bat demon named Baldok. Kuwabara is the first to get out but is followed shortly by two more pupils. At the end of two hours a hand-full of pupils had passed. Yusuke arrived about a minute after Genkai had declared the contest over.

Yusuke frets saying how it was a mistake to take the center route. Intrigued Genkai states that taking the main route would have lead him into a bats nest and a demon called Baldok, Yusuke states that beating him senseless was what took up most of the time for him.

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Genkai had not excepted anyone to fight Baldok, he was supposed to be a deterrent to keep them from taking the quickest route. In-light of Yusuke's skill to fight survive and even defeat Baldok and only be late by about a minute, she decides to make an exception and tells Yusuke's he is still in the contest. The next fight has all eight remaining fighters taking on each-other in one on one fights. One of the contestants asks if they may kill each-other. Genkai states that it will be acceptable.

The contestant double checks and says that he is a professional assassin, he does his best work when going for the kills and wants to makes sure their isn't some sort of ethical disqualification, Genkai assures him that she does not care about the ethics of the winners and simply wishes her technique to be in the hands of the most capable one among them. Botan arrives to check in on Yusuke and observe the fight, seeing Botan, Genkai realizes that Yusuke is acting on behalf of spirit-world.

The battle is down in the darkness and part of the fight is to see if they can handle themselves when sight is not on their side. Yusuke has low precognition so the fight is particularly tough for him but he manages to just barely complete it.

With just four remaining fighters Genkai takes them out-back to a part of her land that is surrounded by swamp. Genkai tells them that the spiritual taint of the land would actually restore the energies of the truly gifted and allow them to fight at their best. Yusuke though previously exhausted finds he is completely recharged and fights the ninja, Kazamaru. A dangerous mix in anybody.

Please Kurama, don't let him get to you. You don't have to fight him. He smiled and opened his eyes again. I think our skills will be best put to use fighting against the elder Toguro brother. Come on, I want to see if we can catch the last of Master Genkai's fight. Kurama went to find Hiei, to talk about the slip of a plan that they had made about the upcoming finals in two days time. By the time she found him, Yusuke was sitting in front of the cave that she knew Master Genkai had chosen for him to receive her spirit orb.

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Kagome herself remembered seeking out the old woman and asking for the story of it here while Yusuke was still trying to figure out if he could kill Genkai for the power or not. You have no right to call me that," Yusuke grumbled. Oh hey, question," she said, standing up and pushing back her sleeves. What the hell are you doing with those? You picked up her training practically the day after I left?


So, have you figured out what Master Genkai was telling you yet? It drags us all along with it eventually, whether we are willing or not.

We have to face the finals in two days, don't make someone have to come and find you because you still haven't finished grieving," Kagome said, then turned and walked back to the hotel. She passed Koenma on her way, knowing he'd say something that would piss Yusuke off, but that he really needed to hear.

The -" he coughed, "-'beautiful' Suzuka just gave it to me before I got back to the hotel, I'm testing it while I have time," Kurama answered. Kagome flooded the rooms they had been given with her energy, creating a barrier.

They are staying in the same building as us," she pointed out. No one will be able to feel your energy at all now if you don't leave the barrier I just set up," Kagome answered. Such fond times," he recalled pleasantly. The two friends reminisced for a while, both with half an eye on the clock, waiting to see how long it would take before the drug became effective.

Kagome watched as Kurama's energy swirled around him suddenly, changing texture and glowing around him before shifting slightly once more, leaving the great Yoko in all his silvery glory once more. I also said 'might.