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Nov 11, WARNING: Spoilers for the entirety of Thor: The Dark World. we spend a lot more time with Jane in this film, and the relationship is simply treated as established. (Are you a trust fund baby, Darcy? It's also appreciated that they show Sif is, indeed, jealous of Jane without turning her into a “crazed. Sep 26, There are many things about the relationship between Thor and Loki that make absolutely no Despite constantly betraying him, Thor is always ready to forgive and trust his adopted brother. The Dark World may be the worst offender out of all. . Loki transforms into Thor, Lady Sif, and Captain America. Feb 23, Thor: The Dark World was charged with building the mythology Thor must trust his untrustworthy brother to take down the villain and save his girlfriend. and Thor: Ragnarok explains away their relationship as a mutual dumping. Sif – Jaime Alexander left Asgard for her primetime gig on Blindspot.

Sif then listened with amusement as Fandral teased Hogun by insisting that he consider smiling at least once for their event while Lady Sif then challenged him to keep his mouth shut during the ceremony. However, when the Frost Giants interrupted Thor's coronation ceremony in a desperate attempt to steal back the Casket of Ancient Winters only to all quickly be killed by the Destroyerthe coronation was cancelled, much to Thor's considerable anger.

Sif learns of Thor 's new plans for revenge Sif and the Warriors eventually found Thor throwing tables in the air in rage due to his failure to become King, as Odin had deemed him to not be ready for the responsibility. They arrived just when Loki was trying to calm his own brother down, while Thor was adamant that the Frost Giants should be punished for the sudden attack and the disgrace and embarrassment this had caused him, with Sif and the Warriors still keeping their distance from the furious Thor.

Lady Sif agrees to follow Thor into a battle Thor then went to all of his own friends individually to tell them why they should follow him, gaining FandralHogun and Volstagg 's strong support.

When Thor came to Sif he asked her who had proved wrong all those who had stood in her way when she had planned to be the fiercest warrior in all of Asgardbut Sif insisted that she had done it alone, which Thor did not argue with.

Despite this going against all of Odin's direct orders, the group still chose to follow Thor's plan. They did not struggle to get past Heimdallwho had also wanted to learn who was responsible for the attack. Heimdall transported them to the home of the Frost Giantsbut told them he would not risk Asgard 's safety and would not hesitate to leave them to die in Jotunheim. Lady Sif prepares for battle on Jotunheim Using the Bifrost BridgeLady Sif and all of her allies soon arrived on Jotunheim, finding it to be a cold wasteland as Hogun warned that they should not be there.

And you have allied yourself with lies for so long, you cannot see the truth! Precisely how they'd gone from kissing so passionately to arguing so intensely was beyond her! They were facing one another now, Sif's hand tightly on her half drawn sword and Loki's arms crossed.

Their glares were savage, merciless, and fear began to creep through Darcy's veins. She had no idea what the two were fully capable of. And if they did start physically fighting one another… "What good would it do me, Liesmith!

If centuries have not yet proved what my words cannot. The way you follow your beloved Thor around like a lovesick puppy! Tell me, what plans have you for the mortal Jane, or are you waiting for her to perish before you offer him your shoulder to cry upon. Do you expect me to stand idly by whilst my friend suffers and offer no counsel or sympathy? You may be cruel and heartless, but it is not a trait I share! Where Thor is concerned you are everything to the contrary.

Perhaps I should tell him, reveal how fake and callous you can be to others, how you have been with me! You would never dare tell your brother a thing about us. You fear his abhorrence too strongly! She stepped towards the prisoner and raised it high, pushing the blade against his throat. From lies to intimidation, Lady Sif. And you accuse me of empty threats. What would Thor say? Lady Sif raised her free hand, about to slap it across Loki's face. Darcy winced in anticipation, but the snap of contact never came.

A few inches from his cheek, Loki had grabbed her wrist and stopped its motion. The two glared at each other with such blazing hatred, Darcy feared one would spontaneously combust.

Blows were now inevitable and panic hit her. She could tell Jane or Erik, but what more could they do? There was no one left on the base who could deal with these two skilled warriors.

Darcy wanted to run, but then what would happen to Lady Sif. She was strong and fast, but Darcy had no idea what Loki was capable off. His magic may have been restricted by his father, but Darcy couldn't leave the poor shieldmaiden at his mercy. The two moved towards each other in a flurry of movement and Darcy swore her heart actually stopped beating. But there were no crashes or cries; no blows or flashes of magic. Just the clattering as Sif's sword hit the floor and she wrapped her arms around Loki.

A moment later their lips crushed together in a searing kiss. Of all the things she'd witnessed today, this sudden change shocked her the most. She would've laughed had her heart not been pounding. Talk about a fine line between love and hate!

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Yet as she stood there dumbfounded, their strange relationship, or whatever they wanted to call it, actually started to make sense. They had issues, a lot of issues, but there was a certain similarity between them And friends with benefits they clearly were not. Gosh, what a romcom those two would make!

The loud bang as Sif pushed Loki into the filing cabinet snapped Darcy out of her reverie. It was as if Darcy had never interrupted them at all, even though a good five minutes must've passed. Jane would be foaming at the mouth for her hobnobs! A moan from Sif as Loki pressed his lips against her neck was all the push Darcy needed.

She hastily headed for the door, fingers already crossed that Jane would be too engrossed in her work to notice the lack of coffee and weird English cookies. But luck was definitely not on her side today, as her boss slash friend's voice echoed down the corridor.

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Where are those hobnobs! You're not supposed to be in there. Only the security pass, which Jane's gaze immediately fell upon.

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I… err…" More excuses were not forthcoming, her head still reeling from the strange occurrences she had just witnessed. She tried to move hastily away from the door, but Jane barred her way. I can get it for you later. Or you can, since I'm not supposed to go in there Let's go make the coffee shall we…" She took Jane's arm and tried to lead her hastily away, but Jane stayed rooted to the spot. What on earth could be going on? There's no one here! While this is closer to what we see in the comics, it casts a different light on the version of Loki we see in the movies.

After all, Thor was mourning the loss of his brother when it was discovered that the God of Mischief was still alive. Meanwhile, Loki hates Thor for being next in line for the throne of Asgard.

This fully manifests itself in Thor: While it is interesting to see their relationship develop, the switch between the two being serious and funny seems to come from nowhere. To many fans, he portray's Odin perfectly. Tom Hiddleston uses his English accent to bring a touch of class to Loki, who oozes charisma.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth, an Australian actor, perfects to use a rough and deep English accent, which demands respect and emphasises his authority. If it were not for the dispute over who would take the throne, Loki would never have turned on Thor. However, the logic of the Asgardian hierarchy is never properly explained, or at least not to Loki.

Loki convinces himself that this is the case, even when he was unaware that he was a Frost Giant and therefore ineligible. Despite the bridge being the only way to travel between the two planets, we still see Thor and Loki on Earth in The Avengers.