Thatcher and pinochet relationship

Was Thatcher’s Friendship with Augusto Pinochet Indefensible? |

thatcher and pinochet relationship

In the s, Margaret Thatcher and Pinochet strengthened their special relationship. Thatcher offered staunch support, staving off criticism of. Margaret Thatcher with Chilean dictator, General Augusto Pinochet (Reuters). It's not surprising to see the right-wing Government and press. No one except Margaret Thatcher would have risked sending the British fleet 8, miles into the South Atlantic to recapture the Falklands in.

In the s, Margaret Thatcher and Pinochet strengthened their special relationship. Thatcher had supported Pinochet when she came into office after her landslide victory against the Labour Government in Thatcher dropped the de facto arms embargo imposed by British parliamentary leftists in reaction to the human rights abuses after the coup.

Uncovering Britain's secret role in protecting Chile's 1973 coup

British support for Pinochet never waned, even with Thatcher out of office and New Labour elected to government in While under house arrest, the ex-prime minister, since elevated to Lady Thatcher, visited him at a rented mansion house in Surrey, a leafy west London suburb.

The state had met Mapuche land protesters with violent repression, some of them detained and imprisoned as terrorists. The Special Rapporteur confirmed that these crimes by state agents remained unpunished. Britain has entered into high-level talks with Chile, either in Santiago or London, every year since Pinochet left office in but the wounds inflicted on Chilean society have never healed.

thatcher and pinochet relationship

Over the past two decades Chile has attempted to transition from dictatorship to democracy. The Chilean state continues to abuse human rights, as the U.

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She screamed as the rats ripped and tore their way out. Guards raped Ayress over 40 times and consequently she became pregnant. She feared that if her tortures learned of her pregnancy she would face maniacal experimentation on her foetus.

She kept quiet about her pregnancy but as a result of endless torture miscarried. An account recalls from the Valech Report states that: The commission reports that nearly every female prisoner was the victim of repeated rape. The perpetration of this crime took many forms, from military men raping women themselves to the use of foreign objects on victims. Numerous women and men report spiders or live rats being implanted into their orifices. They forced me to have sex with my father and brother who were also detained.

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I also had to listen to my father and brother being tortured. As staunch admirers of Hayek and fanatical anti-Communists, she and Pinochet were natural allies.

In retirement, the pair regularly had tea parties together. A total lack of empathy for the victims of Augusto Pinochet is part of that legacy too, and demonstrates that Thatcher failed to meet even the most minimal standards of human decency. Article by James Donnelly.

thatcher and pinochet relationship