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Gripping the collar, Lelouch brought Suzaku's face closer to his, close do if you learned that I have a romantic relationship with Kururugi Suzaku-" you personally for advice but she was ashamed to show her face to you. It's because he did order Euphie to massacre the Japanese people. In Stage 22 - Bloodstained Euphie after Euphie had invited Zero to attend. her own ideals and Cornelia's advice, Euphemia chooses Suzaku Kururugi. Regardless, Euphemia adamantly sticks to her decision and Suzaku remains her . Their relationship causes a hindrance to Lelouch's plans since Lelouch.

Oh, no, you've got it all wrong. When I really want people to follow my orders, they will not resist me -- whether it's to shoot me, to grant pardon to Suzaku, or any order at all. Oh, now you're being silly. Stop playing with me. For example, if told you to kill all the Japanese, it wouldn't matter how you felt about it.

I'm not-- I'm not going to do it, please! I don't wanna kill them! I have to kill all the Japanese. I've become like Mao! Forget the order I just gave you! Bloodstained Euphie So while he didn't mean for it to happen, Lelouch's Geass went out of control, just like Mao's did.

Later in the next episode as the Black Rebellion is starting, Lelouch laments that he will never be able to see anyone again with the exception to C. He had already destroyed Shirley when he inadvertently killed her father in the landslide and in her grieving state she became mentally unstable. She planned to kill Lelouch as a part of Mao's plan and then herself because she wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of having killed the boy she loved.

To save her, Lelouch "killed" her by erasing his existence from her memory. Her memories returned but the memories she gained in the past 2 years were gone. Still grieving her father and confused that all her friends were gone Rivalz was the only one left at school as Milly, Nina and Kallen had already left for different reason and Nunally was now the Viceroy of Area 11, she tried to seek out Lelouch because of her last memory of him saying she would forget.

She confronts a boy claiming to be Lelouch's younger sibling who then kills her. Rolo admits he did it but it was to protect Lelouch's identity as Zero. Lelouch knows this is a lie but he blames himself because it was his actions which made Shirley unstable which, to him, was the major contributing cause of her death.

By Turn 17 - The Taste of Humiliation, Lelouch had already accepted these and while he may have been able to handle it, Suzaku then re-opens and pours salt on the wounds Suzaku: I'm fed up with lying. I've had to lie to Nunnally. Just the way you have. That's the worst thing. Some friend you were. You've been betraying me all along. Not just me, either, but everyone on the student council, too. And don't forget Euphie!

I need to know. Did you use your Geass power on Euphie? Every night, she dreamt of when she still had eyesight, of when she shot that first man, and everything leading up to Zero shooting her. And the first day after waking up from this nightmare — the day after that Japanese guy first visited — she threw up.

She couldn't help it. She needed to kill the Japanese. They all had to die. There was no way around that.

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But she didn't like it. So she would make herself like it. Anyways, the first thing she saw was Westinghouse. She cried when she was able to see for the first time.

I can apologize, a stray thought said. Kill, came a different one. In the near darkness, Euphemia couldn't see Westinghouse's expression. Euphemia felt a warm hand on her own. We're here for you. She was now in physical therapy with the two doctors.

Gone were her formal dresses and well-done hair. Now she wore loose-fitting clothes. Her hair was almost always left undone. Westinghouse told him it was a triumph for her if she could shower by herself.

Whenever Suzaku saw her skin, he could see that she had lost enough muscle mass that he could see outlines of some of her bones. One time he saw her with just her bra on and he could see her rib cage outlined under her skin. Even besides all that, Euphy's skin was very pale, and her eyes and hair had lost their luster. Eberhardt told him that her eyes normally had the reddish fringe that he couldn't explain but had been told by Schneizel to ignore; at the very least, her red-fringed eyes kept Suzaku alert to her numerous attempts to hurt him.

And unfortunately, that was every time he visited. He'd decided after his visit with her that it was better, for now, to keep her in her genocidal mode, because 'that' Euphy didn't feel any crushing guilt from her actions. The real one… he was afraid she would kill herself over what she was made to do. The only problem was that the genocidal Euphy was not the one he'd fallen in love with. He knew her physical beauty would eventually return or, ok, maybe that was just the hope of his more animalistic side.

But her kindness was gone. Any sweet-talking she did to him was always with those same red-tinged eyes, and always as a lead-up to her asking him to kill himself, or to fly her to Japan and so she can start killing people herself. Apparently her geass'd mind was starting to realize that killing Suzaku was pointless. The longer time passed, the less she went after him, but the more she begged him to do something about the Japanese back home. The moments when the real Euphy broke through were few and far between.

It was almost always as she was about to go to sleep, for just a few seconds. This Euphy was what made everything worth it, and it was the one who Suzaku waited out all his visits to see. She was the only ray of light left in his world, and she was locked up in her own body. Suzaku didn't see her with full control very often. One such day during her physical therapy, he got to spend the whole day with Euphy. The only nice thing about her genocidal self was that, by now, that one acted mostly like normal Euphy around him.

He knew it was all an act, but there was still some part of him that enjoyed acting as a knight of his lady — helping her get out of bed in the morning, escorting her to Dr.

Westinghouse for physical therapy or for hygiene, making her meals, all things that ordinarily knights would perform in isolated circumstances.

When he made that observation to Dr. Eberhardt, Eberhardt just arched an eyebrow. Brainwashed Euphy liked the simple dinner Suzaku made for her. She also asked if he would help her escape, but Suzaku shook his head. As soon as she was gone, she would turn on him and go back to Japan.

He didn't want to unleash an unwilling serial killer. Once dinner was done, he let the doctors go for the night. They left, and he turned to Euphy. Her eyes were tinged red. There, a projector had been set up. No news was allowed, so that meant no television access. At least they had some romcoms and documentaries and even a few tragedies. Not that Suzaku wanted to watch that last category. He chose something inoffensive-looking and put it on, and then took a seat next to Euphy.

She leaned over on him and draped an arm around his neck. It's only at my request you get to be here. They didn't say anything as they watched the movie. Suzaku had gotten her a blanket, but she still shivered, so he drew her in close to him. Part of him felt dirty to do that, but that was dissipated by a very weary-sounding, "thank you, Suzaku. They kept watching in silence, but now Suzaku let himself enjoy her warmth and closeness. Even though part of him hated that the real Euphy had emerged, since now she had to focus on her past, the rest of him was grateful that his light had peeked out from behind its clouds.

They watched to the end of the movie, with the main couple getting together and sharing a train compartment back east. The movie finished and just a blue screen was projected, and before long it shut down. Still Suzaku and Euphy sat in silence.

She sounded more tired than he had ever heard her. But even if I could get back to normal, we never could. Every one of those deaths is blood on my hands. I've made it so that if we… if we were ever together, you could never live in Japan. I killed them," Euphy said. She started trembling as she repeated over and over, "I killed them.

I killed them…" Eventually she stopped, but she was still trembling. She was crying now, too. Not that he'd ever blamed her anyways. But I promise that I will become the Knight of One, and make sure that Japan is how you wanted it to be. We'll keep you safe there. And we'll make sure the Japanese are safe from you," Suzaku replied.

If we start a family? She will kill them…" The amount of loathing packed into that word, she, stunned Suzaku. But so did Euphy's other comments. A family… He tightened his hug. He knew they were both young — far too young to consider such things. But he also knew that almost all his emotions were now concentrated on the woman in his arms.

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The only remaining ones went to Nunnally, who he knew was innocent of her brother's actions, but who still sadly waited on Lelouch to come. And, of course, he never would.

He was back in Japan. Safely not Zero anymore. Safely not a prince anymore.

And to everyone else he was cold. He had no need for them. He smiled sadly as he considered that honestly speaking, Euphy was his only real option. The only one he would accept, that is. And the other Euphy, the one Lelouch had made… she would kill their children.

If not in the womb, then as soon as they were born. All because he was Japanese. He shook his head. He was barely No, that had to wait. Not just for Euphy to be herself always again. But to make sure the old Euphy, the evil one, wouldn't reemerge too.

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Eventually, he decided to get Euphy to bed. He picked her up, bridal-style, and carried her to her bed.