Static major and aaliyah relationship

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static major and aaliyah relationship

Stephen Ellis Garrett (November 11, – February 25, ), also known as Static Major, Static wrote most of the lyrics on Aaliyah's self-titled album. A YouTube video featuring Static Major alongside Smoke E. Digglera of Playa was. For the 15th anniversary of 'Aaliyah,' the singer's third and final album, Fuse Along with writers Stephen “Static Major” Garrett and Benjamin “Black” album, Aaliyah touched on different phases of a long-term relationship. for a young person. I guess that r. Kelly relationship soured her for a little bit. Click to expand that cant be true because aaliyah dated static major in

It was already a song. His autopsy report reads: Static meant a lot to the music industry, a lot to the world — but even more to his hometown of Louisville, KY. No matter how successful he had become, he remained living in Louisville and remained the humble, down to the earth guy that the entire city fell in love with.

His wife, Avonti Garrett, reminisces on the night the couple first met in a nightclub, after a Playa concert in Louisville, during an annual Kentucky Derby celebration. The small town that sits on the banks of the Ohio River has a long history of producing icons, who have greatly influenced the world. With such a vast history of greatness, Louisville residents are extremely proud, protective and sentimental when it comes to one of its hometown heroes.

Now I carry myself the way I carry myself because of that and because of him. Steve and I had that relationship of mutual respect because I also come from a musical background and he was always excited whenever he had something new. It was with good reason too. His presence, in general, as a person always stuck with you.

It sticks to my brain now and forever will and whenever I hear Kentucky, I think of Static. Gifted and another person you could not put in a box. I really learned about work ethic and how to put a complete song together.

Aaliyah and R. Kelly Was Still Talking Up Until her Death

Static kind of pulled his directly from the basement, so some of the stuff he exposed me to was brand new. I had a chance to be a sponge and soak it all up.

I learned how to put in those grueling hours, never being tired and always wanting to do one more song. Just basically putting more and more work. From him, I really just learned more about work ethic and doing this music thing seriously.

He gave her a sound, when that album came out, it was just so fresh. Static is always gonna be remembered. He was always laid back. Just a good guy all the way around. He kept it real, he would go hang out in the hood, he would never act like he was better than the next person. He treated everybody the same. He just liked our vibe.

Static Major

He was really a genuinely humble person. For all the songs he had been a part of and the songs that he had made. The guy was approachable, he was low key. Steve was a truly grounded and humble person, a family man, and a true child of God. He loved life, family and music. Steve never forgot where he came from, he loved his city, carried it on his back as some would say.

Aaliyah Week: An Ode To Static Major, The Pen Behind Aaliyah’s Self-Titled Album

I would have to agree with that. It was like he has been here on earth before, he had some of the best advice for me when I asked, he even asked my opinion on a couple things.

static major and aaliyah relationship

Something about a man who always looks you in the eye when speaking to you. The loss of life is felt daily by myself, his family, friends and those to whom he touched through the music industry. Back in the day he used to pick the Portland Trail Blazers, and he was always talking about Clyde Drexler. Just us having fun and going out to parties and us kicking it and meeting girls and all that type of stuff. So I was on the sideline, and I looked up and here comes Static.

That meant a lot to me. It let me knew that he loved me. It was one of the most caring things he could have done for me. One thing I would always do with him and Black was scare the shit out of them. I did stuff like that to him so much, that he had taken it upon himself to buy a mask, and we went to New York and he called me from a cell phone.

As I was coming down the hall and cut that corner, his ass was there waiting with that mask on and I almost shit on myself! She ran all of her decisions by Rashad.

static major and aaliyah relationship

In OctoberRashad stated: The circumstances surrounding this last video were really strange because my mother had eye surgery and couldn't fly. That really bothered her because she always traveled. My dad had to take care of my mom at that time.

And I went to Australia to visit some friends. We really couldn't understand why we weren't there. You ask yourself maybe we could have stopped it.

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But you can't really answer the question. There's always gonna be that question of why. One of their last conversations concerned Aaliyah having difficulty with "another young artist" that she was trying to work with.

Knight felt the argument was "petty" and insisted that she remain being who she was in spite of the conflict. As she recalled to Vibe magazine inshe and Kelly would "go watch a movie" and "go eat" when she got tired and would then "come back and work".

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She described the relationship between her and Kelly as being "rather close. Kelly told me that he and Aaliyah got together and it was just magic. Or that she was coming and going in and out of his house. People would see her walking his dog, 12 Play, with her basketball cap and sunglasses on.

Every time I asked the label, they said it was platonic.

static major and aaliyah relationship

But I kept hearing complaints from people about her being in the studio with all those men. In Mayshe filed suit in Cook County seeking to have all records of the marriage expunged because she was not old enough under state law to get married without her parents' consent. It was reported that she cut off all professional and personal ties with Kelly after the marriage was annulled and ceased having contact with him. During an interview with Christopher John Farley, she was asked if she was still in contact with him and if she would ever work with him again.