Soma and erina relationship advice

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soma and erina relationship advice

Erina was fine—her Porsche, not so much—but she was fine. And unlike Hisako, who was just worried, the Nakiri clan was also pissed. . of asking for relationship advice from his ex-girlfriend, the tourism department head. Erina Nakiri or known as the God of Tongue by the culinary world and "I know because I finally got my Pop's advice" he sighed and smiled. Alright guys. Here are my thoughts on the whole situation. I will be mainly be talking about Soma and Erina. What's going on between them and.

Now we all know Soma is a very dense person so I don't think he would even know what his real feelings are. And Erina she won't admit it but. I think Erina has fallen for Soma but I think she doesn't realize that she likes him. But if you are wondering what evidence can I give to make you all convinced that Erina has already fallen for Soma. Then I have alot of evidence.

As you already know Erina already acts very flustered around Soma and she looks like she's blushing. But I'm going to give you bigger evidence that's hard to find and some that are easier. Let's start with jealousy. I feel Erina is jealous when Soma is around girls that Erina is very close to.

Like for example during the "Stagiaire" Arc Soma and Hisako got really close and more like friends. Fast forward to season 3 and when Hisako is being nice to Soma Erina starts questioning how soma and Hisako got so close in that period of time. And when she does ask that in her head she's usually blushing and has a serious expression on her face. And Hisako isn't the only girl that Erina did this to.

Erina also did this to Alice during the "Training camp" Arc When Soma barely got servings Erina was about to brag to Soma she got pushed out of the way by Alice and when Alice and Soma were talking Erina was looking at them the same way Erina looked at Hisako and Soma. Also apparently Soma is one of the biggest support system that Erina has.

soma and erina relationship advice

Sure Hisako and Alice is there to help her but I feel like Soma is the biggest support system that Erina has. But now their is a way they won't end up together.

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I mean I'm pretty sure there won't be any romance. Erina was fine—her Porsche, not so much—but she was fine. She had been driving back home after a dinner service at The Evening Star when hail the size of golf balls started falling from the sky.

soma and erina relationship advice

Then the driver behind her, in an eco-friendly but weather-averse smart car, skidded and rear-ended her. She'd hit her head pretty damn hard against the dashboard upon impact, but no one was seriously hurt and she wasn't going to press charges. Granted, it turned out that she did have a minor concussion.

But of course, as soon as the words "accident" and "hospital" were placed in the same sentence, people started to freak out. The worst, naturally, had been Hisako, who would have abandoned the guest lecture she was giving at Harvard to fly fourteen hours from Boston and nurse her back to health if Hayama hadn't stopped her. She really would have to write him a thank you note for all the Hisako meltdowns he had prevented over the years.

And then Alice, poor pregnant Alice with her backaches and Braxton Hicks contractions, and grandfather with his heart condition, and Uncle Soe with his utter lack of chill had all been ready to get on the first flight from Denmark.

soma and erina relationship advice

And unlike Hisako, who was just worried, the Nakiri clan was also pissed. Her cousin and uncle spoke of lawsuits and jail time and general modern-day fire and brimstone, and she couldn't tell if her growing headache had more to do with them or the actual concussion. By the time Yukihira arrived at the hospital, she was tired and nauseous and ready for painkillers and her bed.

As soon as he entered the room, she pressed mute and then handed her cell phone to him. I need you to do that charismatic thing you do and make them all stop talking. He assuaged all their worries and assured them that he would take care of Erina and convinced them that no one needed to be sued. And then after the calls were over, and no one was planning to fly to Tokyo that night, he kissed Erina's forehead in that haven't-seen-you-in-a-month way even though they were together just that morning.

Afterwards, he held her for a long while, and Erina found it peculiar that his heart was beating so fast after he had just given two very convincing calm-the-fuck-down speeches.

She had just drawn a breath to call him on his hypocrisy when he half-whispered those words against the shell of her ear. Just want to make sure you know that. Maybe she had hit her head harder than she originally thought.

soma and erina relationship advice

She could only bring herself to nod against his shoulder. She had figured as much since before they opened Canvas, before they were even 'together'—whatever that meant. It had been so self-evident that there was never a reason to say it directly.

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But now he had, and she was still groping for the proper response like a fish washed up on a sandy shore when the doctor came back in to discharge her. She had played the scene over in her mind all throughout the drive home, partly convincing herself that she had dreamed it. My head is killing me.

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This would be the start of everything. True to his word, Yukihira had taken care of her after the accident. He cooked exactly what she wanted and gave her massages and responded to all her emails so she didn't have to spend hours looking at a screen. He pushed back his trip to his Sydney restaurant and altogether cancelled an appearance he was supposed to make at a culinary festival in Scotland even though Erina had insisted that she would be fine if he went.

And while she appreciated being pampered as much as the next girl, maybe even a little more than the next girl, she couldn't help but feel like something was off.