Silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship advice

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silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship advice

Mental health lessons learned from 'Silver Linings Playbook'. By Carl B. Pat's relationship with Tiffany is central in re-establishing his life. Leaving a psychiatric hospital against medical advice should not be taken lightly. But Silver Linings Playbook shines a light into the dark corners of life that we often try to ignore and balances them with touching moments of. I recently saw Silver Linings Playbook, the romantic comedy starring Bradley his mother Delores (Jackie Weaver) signs him out against medical advice. A key event in Pat and Tiffany's relationship occurs on their first date.

Not only did Pat Sr.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship advice

Now that dream appears gone. That is, until Tiffany steps in.

After a rousing scene wherein she indicts Pat Sr. The two agree to a double-or-nothing bet, but with a catch — or in betting terms, a parlay: A score of five means that Pat Sr. He has just been released from a Baltimore mental health facility, miles from his hometown, Philadelphia. When he returns home after 8 months of confinement, life is different than when he left.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship advice

His recently estranged wife, Nikki, has a restraining order against him. He prefers exercise and reading to a regimen of daily drugs that make him both foggy and bloated. He thinks he can manage his emotions alone. Pat has a new outlook on life. And though he reads many books, and works out each day, he does so not to better himself as a man, but instead to make himself a better fit for Nikki, molding himself to the ideal he believes Nikki desires and deserves.

Though their chemistry is apparent from the outset, Pat is set on winning back his wife. I want to acknowledge her beauty. This leaves Tiffany to pick up the pieces, with the help of therapy, meds, and a multitude of men looking to take advantage of a pretty, young, inconsolable woman. As Pat and Tiffany arrive outside her house, Tiffany makes an advance on Pat. Throughout the course of the film, though, both Pat and Tiffany suffer setbacks.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship advice

Tiffany releases her anger on him outside a movie theater. Despite these setbacks, Pat and Tiffany grow and recover with the help of one another. Is acceptance enough to bring about the changes these characters made in this movie? Is it possible for two damaged people to meet and, by loving each other as they did, to mend enough to have a long-term relationship? Characters can do anything.

I was written that way. Bipolar disorder is difficult to treat because the effects of even effective meds often change over time requiring frequent refinements. At the beginning of the movie, Pat refused meds and attended therapy only because his mother insisted on meds and therapy as a condition of living at home.

After Pat took his meds and went to therapy besides his relationship with Tiffany, he stabilized. The movie took place over a short period of time. When Tiffany believed Pat was going back to his wife, she drank and began the process of picking up a man at the bar. Her vulnerability to loss and rejection is huge.

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In short, I think love and acceptance are never enough to maintain a relationship. If these were people, Pat and Tiffany would have a hard road to hoe, not impossible, but very difficult. In terms of self-talk, the issue I want to discuss is how self-talk relates to behavior.

Language in controlled by reducing the number of words people use. In there were 11 editions of the dictionary, each containing a more limited lexicon than the previous edition. A rich language encourages nuances; a variety of word choices encourage freedom to express oneself.

While my thoughts wandered as Pat wasted away in the mental hospital in Silver Linings Playbook, Winston Smith intruded into my thoughts from the Ministry of Love in Pat and Winston Smith tried to heal themselves with slogans. They held magical powers that would bring about desired outcomes.

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Both Pat and Winston Smith can be overwhelmed with feelings. Both try to control themselves with thoughts of being positive. Winston Smith limits his thoughts to love of Big Brother and hatred of the enemy.