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He attends the same cram school as Shizuku, and gives her helpful advice on her relationship with Haru. However, over the course of the. Here is a list of characters who appear in My Little Monster. The female protagonist of My Little Monster. As far as Shizuku is concerned, grades and . Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Haru Y., Shizuku M./Mitty - Words: 2, - Reviews: . So what relationship advice do you need?.

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Although he is popular with the ladies, he is a bit terrified when they make advances on him. Yuzan and Haru's mother had divorced from the family when they were young and later, she abandoned her children. Yuzan and Haru were pulled back to their father's family when Yuzan was around seven years old.

Unlike Haru, he decided to adapt to the Yoshida society lifestyle. In he final volume's bonus story, he goes on a date with Iyo. Minami Hamabe [2] Chizuru is a glasses-wearing representative for the neighboring class 1-A. She was helped by Haru after he beat up an upperclassman who was bullying her. Even though she has a crush on Haru, she usually finds herself putting aside her own feelings to give him advice towards his relationship with Shizuku.

She and Haru are put in the same class for their second year of high school. In the final volume, she works as a student teacher, and is courted by Shizuku's little brother Takaya who has fallen in love with her. Takehito Koyasu Shizuku's father is usually the one who is taking care of Shizuku and her brother Takaya ever since he separated from his wife. He runs a shop but it has gone bankrupt six times that his wife has had to work extra in order to bail him out.

When Shizuku tells her that she likes a boy but doesn't know what to do about that and school, she encourages Shizuku to double her effort so she can do both.

She is a petite girl Yamaken's friends nickname her "Tiny" with a bob cut who attends Otowa Girls High. They play online games like Monster Hunter together every day. Ayumu Murase Shizuku's little brother who has the same serious disposition and is mostly quiet. He also shares his love for sweets with Yuzan. He grows up to be fairly tall in high school. He falls in love with Chizuru in middle school and high school when she was working as a student teacher.

Although he stops briefly when Chizuru mentioned she had a boyfriend, he later confesses his love for her and claims he will not give up. She is a first-year student who attends Shizuku and Haru's school when the main group is starting their second year. She is tall, has short blond hair, and is fairly reserved.

For some reason she kind of wished Haru was there to annoy her or something. It was February, nearing her birthday on that one day that she oh so detested before she met him. Before it was a complete waste to shower and throw away perfectly good candy that can be given to the homeless or some creature that could utilize the little nutrients in the junk food.

Shizuku's eyes softened as she glanced at the red heart over the 14th. It was supposed to be a special day, but with Haru on that stupid little voyage, was she going to enjoy that smooch fest holiday? There was a knock at the door and Shizuku was broken out of her musings. She walked up to the front door and opened the door to reveal a delivery man holding a box. The man shivered and shuddered at her cold shoulder but at the moment she ceased to differ.

Shizuku took the clipboard and scribbled her signature and the man went skipping off, completely smug with himself that he had a piece of her handwriting but disappointed that she didn't give him her number.

He shivered and thrust the object in her hands. Shizuku sighed and slammed the door after her. She went to the kitchen island and put the box down. Out of nowhere, Takaya appeared. Shizuku sighed and clapped her forehead.

Takaya's face fell and Shizuku rolled her eyes as she got the knife from a kitchen drawer and came back to the parcel. Although the content would not be food, Takaya stuck around to see what kind of valuable inedible object could be in the box.

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Shizuku dipped the knife and broke the packaging tape bonds. Snapping the box open and setting the knife back in the drawer, Shizuku peered inside to see a bunch of foam peanuts.

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Rummage your hand in there," Takaya said impatiently. Shizuku did so and felt the softness of rose petals. Her brown eyes widened. Twelve of those flowery stuff except one felt artificial like cloth. She realized it was a fake.

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She yanked the bundle out, some foam peanuts flying everywhere. Confused why she would just get a rose bundle, she looked to her brother again. Takaya shrugged and said, "There might be a card coming with it. She pulled that out to see an intricately designed envelope. Shizuku used the knife to carefully open the envelope and pulled out the card.

She was sure the brand of the card was going to be foreign to her, because the best cards she saw were nowhere nearly as pretty as the lacy card she had in her hands. And yes, it had real lace on it. So much, to the point Shizuku thought either the card was made from clothing or else it was supposed to be a gothic trend.

She opened the card and a look of dread covered her face when the inside of the card was covered with smiley faces, completely hand drawn and contradicting the stylish yet gothic card.

Yamaken-kun is not the smiley one. Only one person would do this in a card… "Haru. Then she snapped her head out of the musings and foused her sights on the card. Her heart stopped at the handwriting. I know it is your birthday tomorrow. Haru Shizuku's heart flopped at the last sentence.

The roses were real, what is the idiot thinking?! Does he mean that he is thinking of breaking it off? Was it because she was being such a needy girlfriend before Haru went abroad for his research? Haru has put up with me so many times. I do not remember anything I did recently that made him break up with me!

But when she finished her homework from all of her classes, and had ironed her school uniform for the next day with the bags of sweets for her close friends only, Shizuku wanted to hit her head against a wall. Takaya opened his bedroom door a crack and peeked through to see his sister freaking out over nothing and injuring her head. He shook his head. He knew Yoshida Haru was the reason for his sister to go out of character.

Shizuku went to the kitchen and yanked out a long glass vase and filled it with water. She put the bouquet in and went for the home phone. Shizuku punched in a number and when a girly voice answered on the other line; she tried to speak in an even voice, "Natsume-san. Do you think by any chance you can meet me in the courtyard after school tomorrow? I have some advice to seek from you. Is the world ending?! I am on the top.