Scandal season 5 olivia and fitz relationship

Scandal Final Season: Will Olivia End Up with Fitz or Jake? | TV Guide

scandal season 5 olivia and fitz relationship

The Problem with Scandal's Olivia and Fitz With this upcoming season ( Season 5), the show has promoted that the "Scandal" fans are going to "at last" get what they have "always wanted" First of all, Olitz is not a healthy relationship. Apr 20, After seven seasons and episodes, Scandal has signed off with one final battle It also leaves Olivia and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to spend their last night of freedom with a penchant for power and in an interracial relationship with a married . The Blacklist (NBC, 5 seasons): James Spader is a criminal. Feb 25, The storied “Scandal” couple have broken up and. Relive some of Liv and Fit'z most memorable relationship moments: Olivia dumps Fitz in the White House garden, and Fitz tells Olivia he loves .. (Season 5, Episode 6).

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scandal season 5 olivia and fitz relationship