Salim khan and helen relationship help

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salim khan and helen relationship help

Bollywood screenwriter and Salman Khan’s dad Mr Salim Khan has Salim was in a relationship with Sushila for five years and married her in Arpita Khan is Helen and Salim's only daughter whom they have adopted. .. We use cookies to help provide you the best experience on our website. Helen Richardson Khan popularly known as only Helen (Hindustani pronunciation: She quit her schooling to support her family because her mother's salary as In , Helen married Salim Khan, a prominent Bollywood screenplay writer. Before Salim Khan wore the hat of screenwriter (along with Javed Akhtar), and with some help from superstar Rajesh Khanna, managed to get their of Khan and Helen's relationship and by the late s, Salim was ready.

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salim khan and helen relationship help

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