Saffron burrows and fiona shaw relationship

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saffron burrows and fiona shaw relationship

Fiona Once Married To Partner: Comes Out As A Lesbian! . Saffron Burrows ( left) with Fiona Shaw (right) makes a first public appearance. After years of dating veteran actress Fiona Shaw, Saffron Burrows has she embarked on a relationship with True Blood star Fiona in Fiona Shaw:'I'm not afraid of chaos and I'm happy talking to strangers. At the centre of her life is her relationship with the director Deborah Warner her friendship with Saffron Burrows, also performing in The Power Book.

She speaks warmly, too, of her experiences in Hollywood, despite having complained to Warner Bros when her wet suit was digitally unzipped and her breasts were digitally enlarged on the posters for Deep Blue Sea. Her accent fluctuates wildly, especially when she talks about her hopes of getting an Arsenal season ticket, or her friend and political mentor Tony Benn, or her own political interests: And she goes a little bit EastEnders whenever she talks about Hackney.

During her teens, Burrows had tried so hard to be working class that she made her mum put up net curtains and told her friends to call her Mandy. Despite her elegant and fragile frame, she has a tough, streetwise air and a natural confidence that comes with being tall 5ft 11in and beautiful and intelligent.

A bitter truth lies behind Saffron's solo appearance -

Many men are intimidated by her, she says, and it's easy to believe. When I raise her reported friendship with Bill Clinton, she replies, flippantly: Perhaps she now wishes she had kept such matters private? I can't make it, but we end up talking on the phone. After inquiring about the previous day's Arsenal game, she starts talking about people she would like to be - if, as in The PowerBook she could be transformed for the day.

She talks of Marx and Galileo - 'people of ideas whose ideas reverberated for centuries to come'.

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Similarly, she admires Jeanette Winterson and Tony Benn as 'people with the ability to elevate or free others with their ideas and put forward a more humanitarian ethos or point of view.

Michael Jackson, Leroy from Fame 'I kissed his poster every night before bed' and Maya Angelou, whom she met by chance, when she was 10, on the street in Islington; then, in her teens, political writers such as John Pilger, John Berger and Paul Foot.

She also wants to say something more about Mike Figgis, because she knows she was 'very low-key' on our previous encounter. Then she launches into an actorly preamble that sounds like something she prepared earlier: I would like to say that Mike is one of the people in the world I have the most respect for, and it is terribly sad when a relationship changes.

He and I remain very close and, I believe, will always be so. There is a long silence before she replies: As Mike has said, it is "crude and speculative". It turns out to be a treatise by Adrienne Rich, a feminist poet and theorist - and outspoken lesbian - on the relationship between the revolutionary artist and the natural world. It's elliptical, eloquent and beautiful, leaving me enriched but not enormously enlightened.

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Much like Saffron Burrows herself. That is, there's a titillating take on Saffron's sexuality, while Fiona's is less sensational.

Shaw and Burrows are reported to have become a couple on the set of film, The Powerbook,an adaptation of the novel by Jeannette Winterson.

A hint of Saffron

At the time, Burrows was living with Mike Figgis, 53, who directed her in the film One Night Stand and left his wife and family to live with her. In fact, it has been pointed out, Saffron has a habit of falling in love on set. He was also married at the time they met, and when they split, with Cumming announcing his "pansexuality", he confessed Saffron "bats for both teams, too. Cruelly, it has been suggested Saffron Burrow's habit of falling in love at work is based in ambition rather than affection.

Fiona Shaw, it has been implied, has the kind of clout and respect to which Saffron aspires and so, she was her obvious next choice after Figgis.

However, as anyone knows, it's near impossible to live with someone for two years simply because your career might benefit.

saffron burrows and fiona shaw relationship

And the couple's desire to keep the whole thing fairly quiet suggests they don't seek the kind of attention that temporarily boosted the careers of Ellen Degeneres and Anne Heche. In a nutshell, Saffron Burrows couldn't win on Monday night as her solo status suggested she was either coy or calculating. With Fiona Shaw, their relationship would have distracted from Burrows's role in Troy and caused them to become a relationship celebrebut without her Burrows was perceived to be hiding the truth, turning a cold shoulder on her choice of partner.

saffron burrows and fiona shaw relationship