Russia and kazakhstan a special relationship

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russia and kazakhstan a special relationship

The abolition of the Soviet goose step formation, utilized by Russia, was a striking display of the Kazakh military's increasingly independent. Turkey and Kazakhstan have formed a good relationship over the recent years, The same holds true for its special relationship with Russia. Among the post Soviet states Kazakhstan, together with Belarus, holds the status of the closest ally to Russia. It is one of the few countries that.

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Nazarbayev's pledge to "not cede an iota of Kazakhstan's independence" to Russia in the wake of Kazakhstan's accession to the EEU highlighted his credibility as a resolutely nationalist unifying figure and improved his public image ahead of the dubiously non-competitive April elections.

Why Kazakhstan Remains in Moscow's Fold Cutting a level deeper, Nazarbayev's anti-Kremlin defiance is more an image-building ploy than a real policy shift.

russia and kazakhstan a special relationship

In order to appease Russian nationalists who support his regime but are sympathetic towards Putin's revanchist policies in the post-Soviet region, Kazakh leaders have made numerous public statements supporting Putin's belligerent actions. Nazarbayev gave credence to the notion that the Euro-Maidan revolution was effectively a fascist junta in Ukraine, a belief prevalent amongst ethnic Russians in northern Kazakhstan.

russia and kazakhstan a special relationship

His rhetorical solidarity with ethnic minorities in Ukraine has caused prominent Russian nationalist figures like deputy head of the Russian Cultural Center Vadim Obukhov, to i nsist that inter-ethnic relations between Kazakhs and Russians are harmonious and peaceful.

Nazarbayev is also keenly aware of the limits of acceptable defiance of the Kremlin line. This military presence demonstrates Russia's capacity to militarily intervene against Kazakhstan on very short notice, should Kazakhstan act against the Kremlin's interests.

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While China has pledged to protect Kazakh sovereignty under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's mandate, China's unwillingness to extend economic investment to an interventionist foreign policy has heightened Kazakh perceptions of vulnerability to Russian aggression. In response to the overhanging threat of Russian military force, Kazakhstan has embraced an identity of being an international mediator, bridge building between Russia and countries that have strained relations with Moscow, like Ukraine and Turkey.

While increased trade revenues and an expanded geopolitical profile beckon if Kazakhstan's balancing strategy proves successfulNazarbayev is firmly aware that diplomatic overtures with anti-Russian leaders cannot evolve into real alliances.

Putin's recent attempts to restrict Ukraine-Kazakhstan trade illustrate this unwritten constraint on Kazakh conduct.

russia and kazakhstan a special relationship

EurAsEC contained five member states: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The Eurasian Customs Union followed in Januarybetween Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, within which trade restrictions and borders would progressively be removed.

It came into force this month, with Armenia joining almost immediately after.

Turkey and Kazakhstan: A relationship to cherish

Plans have also been announced for Kyrgyzstan to join later in the year. The five EEU country leaders meeting recently: EPA The main goal of the EEU is the creation of a single market for the free movement of goods, services, capital and people, with the option of using a common currency in the future. The members also intend to create a single electricity and energy market by Kazakhstan occupies a special position in this Russian-led process of economic integration.

Its president, Nursultan Nazarbayevsuggested this idea some 20 years ago.

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The great Russian-Kazakh love-in Over the past two decades, the two countries have developed close, multi-faceted ties. It has helped that their political and economic elites enjoy close relations dating back to the Soviet era — and that a quarter of the Kazakh population is ethnically Russian.

russia and kazakhstan a special relationship

As Kazakhstan aims to become one of the top 30 economies in the world over the next ten years, it will need to diversify its economic resources and global markets. TANAP should be completed in The fact that Kazakhstan has to perform a balancing act between Russia and China on the one hand, and Europe and the U.

Kazakhstan can maintain good economic relations with Russia and China without turning its back to European markets. The same holds true for its special relationship with Russia. At any rate, Nazarbayev understands the subtleties of Russian politics more than any other Central Asian leader.

Besides the necessities of geography and economics, Kazakhstan is also a country of multiple religious and ethnic identities.

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The Kazakh leadership has managed to embrace this multiplicity with a reasonable degree of pluralism without giving in to either ultra-nationalism or xenophobia. About one quarter of Kazakhstan's population is Russian, though many of them have integrated into Kazakh society.

As Kazakhstan moves closer to the 25th anniversary of its independence, its national identity gains clarity with a strong economy and growing population. Many elements unite Turkey and Kazakhstan. The two countries see each other as political allies, and they cooperate on numerous regional and global issues from the group of Central Asian Turkish republics to the U.