Rukia and byakuya relationship counseling

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rukia and byakuya relationship counseling

Byakuya Kuchiki is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite One year later, during Rukia's time at the academy, Byakuya found her and immediately adopted her into the Kuchiki clan. By adopting her. Byakuya was many things, but no one had ever even bothered to . He could sense Rukia on the other side, but she didn't appear to be moving. The Shihoin princess had once been considered as a potential marriage. However, Rukia followed him and saw him becoming possessed by what Jūshirō Ukitake talking about is Ichigo's appearance in relation to.

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I need a hard worker who can take this job seriously. Her ice zanpaktou will also be an asset to me. Hers is the only other ice element able to stand up against mine. I will train her well. Hyorinmaro gets along well with Sorde no Shiroyuki. I believe it a good match. It will make my life much easier and I will personally see to her safety. Rukia was promoted and several weeks had passed.

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Busier then normal she didn't find much time to spend with her friends. The last time she went out with them was to celebrate her promotion. They had laughed so hard and got so drunk. Renji was teasing her about her admiration for her brother. He would pretend to be Bayakuya and Matsumoto would pretend to be Rukia. He did it so well you couldn't tell the difference. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss" Matsumoto said mocking Rukia.

They all laughed so hard Hisagi fell on the floor. Rukia had missed spending time with them. But it didn't stop them from calling her every time they went out without her. At first it was funny but Rukia was starting to get pissed at the constant interruptions. I'm so hot tonight. Where are you right now? He kind of liked it and forgot what he called her for.

Rukia are you alright? I bet you would look even sexier out of it. I'm wearing that light blue robe you bought me Renji bought it for her and she was wearing it in the manner stated. I should have worn something underneath. I'm afraid if I bend over one might see too much. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. Its going to hurt when you slide it in. Will you go easy on me?

His mouth hanging so far open his jaw was at risk of falling off. Does that mean I have been naughty? I'm getting on all fours. Would you like to spank me? Rukia had surely gone mad, that had to be it. She had never been that bold before but for some reason he couldn't hang up.

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Rukia thought she was getting back at Renji really well, and silenced her laughter. She could keep this up all night. Renji wouldn't be able to look her in the face the next day for sure without blushing like mad she thought, proud of herself. Byakuya thought he would loose it hearing her say his name like that. What can I do for you? She would have loved to have said those things to her brother but knew it would be impossible. I don't know what got into you this evening but you've driven me insane for too long.

I will have you now.

Rukia Kuchiki

She sat up and he put his hands on her legs and split them apart. Positioning himself between her legs, he undid her bow and exposed her naked skin.

I'll have to spank you later. It wasn't Renji she was talking to and tried to confirm her theory. He had even counted himself proficient in the distasteful activity, much as it secretly dismayed him, and quietly thought of himself as second only to Ise Nanao in terms administrative ability.

Byakuya Kuchiki

However there was nothing, not single handedly managing the paperwork of an entire division, not keeping track of the welfare of an entire clan spanning generations, nor managing his own estates that could have prepared him for the overwhelming task of trying to rebuild the shattered ranks of the shinigami.

Long experience, however, dictated that she would only become more distracting until he was forced to acknowledge her, thus taking him away from his paperwork even longer.

Somehow his ex-shunpo instructor managed to convey an expression of irritation through her morphed features.

rukia and byakuya relationship counseling

How many times have I ordered you to not call me that? What happened to Mr. And I am no longer young, sensei. I might just…" Yoruichi stopped in midsentence and perked her ears up as a half-intelligible mumble could be suddenly heard coming from the personal quarters of Byakuya's office. Byakuya's slight grimace became less slight as Yoruichi easily slid through the cracked doorway leading to his personal quarters. He quickly followed after her. Byakuya resisted the urge massage his temples.

Ichigo Kurosaki was passed out in an unsightly sprawl on the small sleeping mat he kept in his office for when the hours became so long it wasn't even worth going home. The former substitute shinigami, hero of the Arrancar War and captain of the reconstituted fifth division didn't look sick so much as completely and utterly wretched. The young man, boy really, was still dressed in his worn duty uniform which reeked of alcohol and body odor while the ridiculous hair he was so famous for looked like some vermin had been nesting in it.

Fortunately for Ichigo's much needed beauty rest, Yoruichi was caught in mid-lunge by Byakuya. Yoruichi spat out whatever she'd taken from her bite and returned his glare with one of her own, fire to ice, while Byakuya carried her out of the room and closed the door completely before setting her down none too gently.

I've had enough pointless drama today. The Shihoin were nothing if not perceptive. While he wished it was otherwise, Byakuya held little hope of satisfying his second uninvited guest with any timeliness.

He might as well get started on his work in the mean time. I also believe she might have been somewhat…harsh…in order to discourage him from further attempts. When Byakuya answered, there was no physical hint of his annoyance.

They both knew she knew otherwise, but it was important that the mask be maintained. He'd gone outside his normal bounds enough for the day.

rukia and byakuya relationship counseling

I found Captain Kurosaki while he waited and moved him. This, of course, was how he had intended it. He knew what the general consensus of him was and how the Kurosaki boy might derive the same conclusion from his current actions his foot squarely on Ichigo's neck. And he did not care. Because he was right and knew it. I haven't got the time to-" Ichigo was cut off in mid-rant by a very timid looking aid poking his head through the door.

She said it was urgent," he almost gasped out, nearly strangled by the loose reiatsu Ichigo radiated in his fury. He watched as he watched the underling gratefully disappeared before turning to address Ichigo, but the former ryoka had gone pale as the hollow which dwelt within his inmost spirit.

He also appeared to be trying to grind his own teeth into dust. Byakuya arced a refined eyebrow before gliding past the frozen captain and out into the hallway. He could sense Rukia on the other side, but she didn't appear to be moving. He found her standing in the hallway, looking exceedingly nervous.

She looked slightly panicked. Byakuya walked back into the office and found Ichigo looking through him with an expression of nervous agony.