Ross lynch and maia mitchell relationship problems

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ross lynch and maia mitchell relationship problems

Mitchell rose to tween superstar status at the age of 18 when she landed a lead role alongside Ross Lynch in Disney's Teen Beach Movie. 'Teen Beach 2': Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell Reveal Unscripted Kiss — Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) continue their relationship, and. Teen Beach Movie 2: Maia Mitchell, Ross Lynch, Mollee Gray Grace Phipps, has begun Brady (Ross Lynch) and Mack's (Maia Mitchell) relationship seems headed for a TB2 was sad and dealt with the issue of breaking up.

After, Mack and Brady are invited by surfers to come to a party at Big Momma's later that night. Suddenly, their clothing is changed to fit the film and Mack's surfboard appears nearby.

That evening during a dance, Mack and Brady are arguing while the film's female lead, Lela one of the biker girlsis singing on stage. Tanner, the male lead one of the surfer boysfalls in love with Mack after she bumps into him, and Brady catches Lela when she falls off the stage.

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This interferes with the film's plot, in which Lela falls into Tanner's arms, not Brady's. They decide to make Tanner and Lela fall in love to fix things. Brady also tells Mack about the villains of the film, Les Camembert and Dr. Fusion, who are going to use a machine to affect the weather to make the surfers and bikers leave so they can control Big Momma's and turn it into a beach resort. Lela and Tanner express their love for Brady and Mack, who subtly suggest to them that there may be someone else they are really meant to be with.

That night Mack joins Lela and the other biker girls for a sleepover, while Brady hangs out with Tanner and the surfer boys at Big Momma's. While talking about love, their modern relationship views conflict with the s views.

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Mack and Brady do not make any progress with Lela and Tanner. The next night, Lela tells Mack that she would like to surf. Mack and Brady realize that they are morphing into the film when Mack falls into water and her hair does not get wet.

They then begin singing and are unable to stop. Fusion and taken to the villains' lighthouse lair. Lela and Tanner fall in love with each other and soon realize that their friends have been kidnapped. They convince the bikers and surfers to team up and save Mack and Brady.

ross lynch and maia mitchell relationship problems

Meanwhile, Mack admits that she is glad that she ended up in the film and does not have to attend private school. When Mack says she thinks Lela is braver than her, Brady denies that, saying that Mack is the bravest girl he knows. But while trying to find their way back to the real world, Mack and Brady unwittingly interfere with the movie's star-crossed plot, one that would pair a surfer, Tanner, and a biker, Lela, but instead pairs them with Mack and Brady.

ross lynch and maia mitchell relationship problems

By the end of Mack and Brady's journey, Mack learns that she doesn't want to leave Brady and go to boarding school, in fact she'd be completely fine with staying in the movie as long as she's with him. In Teen Beach 2Brady takes Mack to the place they first met three months ago. He suprised her with the Wet Side Story playing on a projector screen.

While they were watching the movie Brady gave Mack sunglasses.

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When Brady and Mack start school they hit a rough patch. Mack is upset that Brady won't tell her what he's working while Brady is upset that Mack dosen't seam to have time for him anymore. For a duration of the movie both Mack and Brady are upset with each other and hardly talk.

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At the end of the movie Brady shows Mack what he's been working on and tells her that he was just worried that she would not respect it but Mack tells Brady that she is very proud of him and the agree to not kep secrets from each other.

After they sing Meant to Be Reprise 3Mack and Brady get Lela and Tanner back home the movie changed which means Mack and Brady no longer knew each other but they soon meet again during That's How We Do and slow dance at the end of the song.