Rin and archer relationship help

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rin and archer relationship help

Born as Sakura Tohsaka, she is the biological sister of Rin Tohsaka and .. In Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, Sakura appears briefly to help Shirou after he is. Shirou's affection for her in turn, wound up saving her (and Archer, at least Shirou and Rin's relationship with one another wasn't as overt or. Rin was very supportive of Shirou's relationship with Saber in the Fate route. . At Saber's urging, Shirou and Rin leave; in the anime, Archer arrives to help.

rin and archer relationship help

Сьюзан отказывалась понимать. Не появится.

rin and archer relationship help

- Но вы же позвонили… Стратмор позволил себе наконец засмеяться. - Трюк, старый как мир.

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