Relationship walls and windows

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relationship walls and windows

Affair Repair: Turn Walls into Windows partner has to work hard at making his/ her spouse feel safe and loved in the relationship again. Still, by careful positioning and maintenance of the “walls and windows” in our relationships, it is possible to build a strong shelter that. NOT 'Just Friends': Protect Your Relationship from Infidelity and Heal the .. This arrangement of walls and windows nurtures your marriage and protects it from.

Affair Repair: Turn Walls into Windows

The weather was perfect,with the sun shining brightly and yet it was comfortable. The line above, for me, hung in the air. As a marriage therapist who works with couples in distress, I know how the days ahead for this couple, as with any couple, will inevitably face some dark days where there will be a moment of choice involved. This line is no mere pleasant tradition. At various points in their lives, over the years of marriage, each spouse will have various moments where they will have to make a decision.

The line above, spoke in one form or another, will be in almost every wedding ceremony. It is spoken in the ceremony blithely, as part of the normal routine of a ceremony…but those words are powerful ones which spouses can choose to enforce…or not.

Dr. Shirley Glass - Introduction - NOT "Just Friends"

A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. We can adjust the windows as needed as necessary to control our environment inside. Walls are errected strong and tall to protect us, separate us from the outside In a safe relationship there must be doors and windows and walls.

They are created to keep a relationship safe and all couples would benefit immensely if they could define those doors, walls and windows. The DOOR - As a couple the door is used to welcome or invivite people into our relationship that are considered safe and loving and will enhance the couples relationship or are not welcomed in.

Those that enter the door must be welcomed and shared between the couple.

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They could be friends or relatives but they are equally shared and considered safe for the couple. If both are not comfortable with the person then they are not allowed to enter through the 'door'. They are outsiders and kept at bay by the walls. Only if both in the couple feel safe with the peson are they allowed through the door. Windows - Windows are semi-walls and are fluid. A couple decides and agrees who and to what degree a person is allowed to enter their building relationship.

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For example, you may have a neighbor that you both like and are friendly with but they are only allowed into your relationship through a window of a determined amount.

From that she helped us see the resulting behavior patterns and the cycles that followed. She gave us the right setting, taught us the right tools, and made sure that our approach with each other was always loving and respectful. It required a commitment on both our parts.

relationship walls and windows

We learned how to build a foundation for a healthy marriage that is long lasting. We didn't have major problems. We just weren't communicating. Kim helped us look at ourselves in a safe, non-threatening way. Both of us have already recommended her to family members we know who are struggling. You were indeed a God send, when all was lost, you were injected into our lives. Even in tough sessions, your tender heart and true compassion shown through.

I will be forever grateful for all you did under the true guidance of the Lord. Words cannot say enough or the right thing that would express my appreciation.

relationship walls and windows

Thank you for new life and a renewed marriage. We were referred to you by our school counselor because our son had severe anxiety. Before he started therapy, he was having a lot of stomach issues and was often throwing up. You worked with him for about 6 months and he is doing so much better.

relationship walls and windows

I just have to tell you it is an added bonus how much better he gets along with his brother. It is so nice to have peace in the house again.

It was obvious you loved our child and helped him so much. We are still figuring this out but I really do think we are going to make it.