Relationship breakdown and schizophrenia - Nervous Breakdown and Schizophrenia or Paranoid Schizophrenia

relationship breakdown and schizophrenia

Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? In conclusion - yes, it is possible for someone to develop schizophrenia after a breakup but this. Schizophrenia is a fairly common and debilitating mental illness. problems functioning in society, at work, at school, and in relationships. The relationship between marriage and mental illness is very complicated and this issue commonly arises in psychotic illnesses. Psychosis is usually diagnosed .

relationship breakdown and schizophrenia

The clinic prescribed medication but it has not been as easy as taking medication and everything is fine. It has been a difficult journey for everyone who loves and cares for him.

I am still learning about schizophrenia We now live together in our own home and sometimes when we are struggling it can feel lonely. I think that I cope with his Schizophrenia moderately well but I am still learning and it has been a very short time to fully understand. As it stands it has been equally bad and good.

As time goes on I am learning how to deal with the situation and how to take control of situations that are getting out of hand, I still have my moments where I shout at him but I believe that it's only natural and I try to keep as calm as I can. The help from the mental health clinic is amazing I believe strongly that things will get better, the treatment and help that my boyfriend receives from the mental health clinic is amazing and I cannot thank those nurses and doctors enough.

It gives me hope that one day I will have back the man that I met. I know that all this has been about me and not so much about my partner but I wanted to write this for all those people who are the ones who are in a relationship with someone who has mental health issuesbecause sometimes it is not easy.

Effect of marriage on pre-existing psychoses

One of the hardest things I've found is watching someone who I love with all my heart struggling to cope. Thankfully, I do work for a company which is compassionate. After explaining my situation to the right people in management, I was able to obtain a transfer back to where we came from. Here I was hoping to get proper medical treatment for my wife.

relationship breakdown and schizophrenia

I was eventually able to, but it took another two years of living in hell to do it. The only reason she went with me to see a doctor was because I had started divorce proceedings.

What’s the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia?

She is now taking 10mg. What advice can I give? Not much I'm afraid. Love your wife with all you have. Try everything, no matter how small of a chance of success, to get her the help she needs.

I tried everything from being overly loving, to having her arrested under a "Mental Health Warrant". When I applied for a divorce, I could honestly say to my self, "I have tried everything, every idea, every avenue, every suggestion that came my way, and I can do no more nor take no more". If you can look in the mirror in the morning and say that, then there is nothing left to do. One thing that I didn't do was tell my children soon enough what was happening with mom.

I was, frankly, afraid to. When I finally did, it made it a little easier to deal with them because they now knew that mom had a problem and dad was doing his best.

Life with a schizophrenic wife will never be easy. It will not be like other couples that you know. But with Love, Patience, Caring, and proper medical help, life will go on in a reasonable fashion.

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My boyfriend was diagnosed with schizophrenia

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment, making any changes to existing treatment, or altering in any way your current exercise or diet regimen. In the presence of mental illness, if marriage is done under pressure, it may lead to deterioration of mental condition.

Female psychotic patients have multifold psycho-socio-economic problems than males because in an Indian setting, male dominates and he is the deciding person for selection of partner. Female patient undergoes tremendous stress in getting married, and if she is having pre-existing mental illness, then the situation worsens.

Almost all females face many of the following problems in getting married and sustaining married life. Firstly, at the time of proposal, when a girl is shown to the male partner, it is a stress due to the uncertainty of fixing up of marriage. Secondly, the question of dowry hampers and causes stress. Fourthly, she goes to a new house where she has to cope up with new family members of different temperaments. Fifthly, if she is on drugs for maintenance of improvement from psychoses, she has to face difficulties such as her in-laws may ask for the reason of taking drugs and she may stop taking because of impending risk of questioning and may lead to relapse.

Sixthly, she has to undergo first sexual experience which may be traumatic to her. Seventhly comes pregnancy, which itself is a stress wanted or unwanted. Eighthly, she undergoes the stress of having a male or female baby because male babies are socially much more accepted and preferred over female babies. And finally, child birth. Because of the above-mentioned stressors, female psychotic patients may have more episodes of exacerbation of symptoms or relapse of psychotic illness.

If this is endangered or broken by mental illness like psychoses, the lives of these women are shattered beyond repair. Married mentally ill women are more likely to be sent back to their parental homes, abandoned, deserted, or divorced.

More females face broken marriages as compared to males who remain single. In India, it is popular belief that marriage is a cure for different forms of mental disorders ranging from hysteria to psychoses.

Break-Ups Don’t Have to Leave You Broken - Gary Lewandowski - TEDxNavesink

Marriage may reduce mental health problems through its effects on social support and intimate connection. On the other hand, marriage can theoretically impose some harm on the mental health of a person.

Many studies confirmed the finding that there is a higher percentage of marital discord, separation, and divorce among psychiatric patients.

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