Raj and ivy relationship problems

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raj and ivy relationship problems

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Couple photos, Je t'aime and Relationships. See more. ivy and raj Ivy , Ivy Sullivan, Manish Dayal, Tv Couples, Ade's "problems" during her fame crack me up every time. Find this Pin. -Ivy and Raj get married, although he doesn't have long to live. -Naomi and Max get married, she breaks up his relationship with his business partner, they. There are plenty of other issues, of course, including Annie taking a shocking new turn with her relationship with Patrick. by dealing with his addiction and feelings for Adrianna head on, and Ivy and Raj, receive good news.

It's not like she had tried to contact him in the last few weeks anyway. But then he'd seen her as she was leaving the bar last night and despite the fact that she had left him, he still wanted her. At first she had just looked confused to see him and after Vanessa had kissed him she had looked hurt and pissed off. He'd gone after her, but by the time he got to the parking lot, she was gone. The words kept repeating themselves over and over in his head and every time he got more pissed off.

She does not get to spew her venom at me and just walk away" he bang his fist on the counter "And by she" Dixon said trying to hold back his laughter, Ade had told him what had gone down the night before between his sister and his friend, but he was trying to be neutral, "I'm guessing you mean Annie?

I've been trying to reach her all morning and I went by the house earlier but no one was there" "she's gone…" Dixon started "What do you mean gone" "Can I finish my sentence man?

She's gone on a little road trip with Naomi and Ivy" "Ahh, so once again, Annie is running away, why am I surprised, it's her freaking MO" "Alright dude, calm down and tell me what's going on" He told Dixon everything, from the beginning.

Dixon was puzzled by the time Liam was finished "What? And the whole time we were gone she kept complaining that you weren't answering your phone. I mean she couldn't wait to get back to talk to you, we ended up coming back a couple days early just for that" Dixon shrugged.

Liam sat down on the stool next to Dixon "I swear man, I didn't get a message, I mean I went to find her and ran into Ade who told me that you guys were going to Paris, I checked then, but there were no messages, so I went the bar where I met Vanessa. I checked again the next morning, but nothing, not even a miss call.

The funny thing is, I thought I heard my phone ring that morning, but when I got out of the shower, Vanessa said it didn't" Dixon raised his brows thoughtfully, "you think she lied? I wouldn't put it past Vanessa to do all of those things, she knew who you were when you met, I heard her tell one of her friends that. I didn't say anything before because you seemed so sad after Annie left and you actually smiled once in a while when she-devil was around so I figured it couldn't hurt for you to have a little bit of fun.

But after hearing the whole story and seeing Annie last night, I guarantee you that Vanessa did it. Oh no, it wasn't me this time" Dixon wisely stepped back from Ade and retook his seat "It's the she-devil bitch" Adrianna spat out "Oh, Vanessa, what did she do now?

You guys have had reservations for the last few weeks and nobody told me" "Well Liam, you're not exactly receptive to advice…" Silver trialed off hesitantly "Right, and you seemed kinda of content…?

raj and ivy relationship problems

You and your little Scooby gang out there have been talking shit about me and coming to stupid conclusions? You'd just met me and according to you didn't even know who I was, but wait, that was a lie too wasn't it" "Liam, please I love you" she started to cry "You love me Vanessa?

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Or do you love what I can do for you? And what do you get in return" he smirked "I get to be the woman behind the man; I get to share in the benefits of your success. Don't hold your breath, I saw her last night, and she is not going to give you another chance" "I'll take my chances" he walked out "Remind me again why this was a good idea? We just drove eight hours round trip, I'm tired" Annie moan "Yes" Ivy laughed "but we just witnessed that love conquers all, I mean Naomi got her happy ending, so I'm choosing to look at the bright side" "Who are you?

Are you sick" Annie frowned and laid her hand on her friend's forehead.

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She walked into her room and collapsed on her bed "its ok baby, I've missed you too, don't worry we will spend all night and all day tomorrow together" "I hope that invitation extends to me too" she heard his voice from across the room "Liam! Seriously breaking and entering? She looked down at her captured wrist and then back up at him "Better yet, I'll just murder you and that should solve all of my problems" "You think? She struggled for a second before melting into him.

Liam softened his lips and pulled her closer to enfold her in his arms. Annie wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him even closer. I don't want anything to do with you" "I heard you loud and clear Annie, but we need to talk" he continued before she could interrupt him "really talk".

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That's absurd" Annie started pacing the room "That's what I thought at first too, but we put it together and when I confronted her, she admitted it" "She… wait, we? Is that the point? We do this all the time and it sucks and I'm tired" "You're right, we hurt each other" he came to sit beside her "but that's because we love each other. Annie no one affects me like you. That night I thought you had rejected me and all I wanted to do was forget, forget you existed, forget anything that had to do with us because to think about it hurt.

I didn't want to face the fact that I had poured my heart out and you'd walked away" "I didn't" she touched his hand "I know that now, but at the time it was too painful" he turned his hand over so that theirs was linked. I love you, Annie Wilson, you're my heart, it doesn't matter how far I try to run from what we have or who I'm with, my heart always wants you.

raj and ivy relationship problems

So I'm going to ask you to give us another chance because we belong together" he tucked her hair behind her ear. I wish that they would put Lannie together for real and stop messing with the fans. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. An earthquake hit Beverly Hills in the premiere. TVLine revealed that a major character would find out that she was pregnant in the finale.

Cast[ edit ] I finished my stint there and the show is kind of off on its own, and I'm happy to walk away. It was fun, there's a lot of energy.

raj and ivy relationship problems

My friend was producing the first season of the new show, and so that was kind of my motivation to be a part of it.

And then he left and it just kind of got a little wonky, so I was happy to be a part of it in the beginning. It was also announced that Trevor Donovanwho plays Teddy Montgomerywas upgraded to series regular. Online"This is Rob's last season on He's a talented actor and we couldn't have asked for a better Harry Wilson.

I am looking forward to spending time with my kids and exploring other opportunities. They revealed he would move in with Ivy and her mother. She portrayed Annie and Dixon's cousin, Emily, who came to Beverly Hills with the purpose of stealing everything and everybody in Annie's life.